Mallucci London Introduces Face ID Tech – Is This The Future Of The Aesthetics Industry?

When you consider the fact that social media and society in general, are placing so much pressure upon people of all ages, to look “perfect” as if there was such a thing, it’s easy to see why the aesthetics industry is currently thriving.

Now, don’t get us wrong, it’s perfectly fine to take pride in your appearance, and there is certainly no harm in a little vanity. The problem, however, is that men and women are taking things to the extreme and are having so many cosmetics treatments performed that they’re altering the way they look drastically.

Because of the wonders of modern technology, we can now unlock our phones with facial recognition biometric software, which is great for security purposes and for saving time in general. The issue with the cosmetics industry, however, is the fact that people are having so many treatments that they’re altering their appearances so much that their own phones aren’t recognizing them.

How One London Aesthetic Clinic Is Tackling This Issue

Mallucci London Introduces Face ID Tech – Is This The Future Of The Aesthetics Industry?

Revered aesthetic clinic Mallucci London recently pledged to address the issue of people taking their cosmetics treatments too far, by pledging to introduce an innovative new ‘Face ID Guarantee’.

The idea behind this guarantee is to emphasize how treatments shouldn’t drastically alter a person’s face to such an extent that it would result in facial recognition tech failing to recognize the face after treatments.

This Face ID Guarantee has been turning heads for all of the right reasons, as it is highlighting the toxic side of the aesthetics industry, with some clinics willingly and knowingly “butchering” patients’ faces and permanently changing the way they look.

Mallucci believes that no treatment should ever alter a person’s face to such an extent that their phone’s facial recognition tech fails to recognize them. So committed to this cause are they, that they have stated that any client who does not pass the face ID test, will receive a complimentary consultation and treatment.

Is The Face Of The Aesthetics Industry Changing?

Mallucci London Introduces Face ID Tech – Is This The Future Of The Aesthetics Industry?

Thanks in part to social media and so-called “influencers”, not to mention society in general, we’ve seen increasing amounts of younger adults having treatments such as Botox, dermal fillers, and other augmenting treatments which have certainly altered the way they look.

While these cosmetic enhancements are designed to bring confidence and happiness, there has been an influx of patients taking things too far and having so much work done that their own phones have not been able to recognize them when using their facial recognition software.

Mallucci is essentially making a commitment to patients with their Face ID Guarantee, to provide subtle treatments, rather than extreme enhancements that can change the way a patient looks.

The results should be subtle enough that the patient’s facial recognition software should not struggle to recognize. The idea is to help ensure that people have subtle treatments and make small changes, rather than extreme and highly noticeable ones.

This guarantee is being praised by many and, it is hoped, it will help people to see their true beauty and to opt for a more natural look to enhance their natural beauty, rather than alter their appearance beyond recognition.