Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park Launches ‘Lucho’

Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London has launched its new dining concept ‘Lucho’.

This new foodie experience offers an immersive adventure for food lovers, with a menu full of authentic Chilean flavours. The menu features empanadas, pisco sours and the famous Chilean punch, ponchera.

Located in The Rosebery, the hotel’s stylish and modern all-day dining venue, ‘Lucho’ will be a lively addition to Knightsbridge’s already impressive food scene.

‘Lucho’ will transport you to the heart of Chile through its carefully crafted dishes and atmosphere. The Rosebery is the perfect setting with its sophisticated yet laid-back vibe, ideal for everyday dining or special occasions.

As you enter ‘Lucho’ you are enveloped in a warm and cosy space that celebrates Chilean culture, a culinary adventure awaits.

The Vision Behind Lucho

The brainchild of Executive Chef Francisco Hernandez, aka ‘Cisco’ amongst his friends. Chef Francisco is passionate about his Chilean heritage and this is his tribute.

Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park Launches ‘Lucho’

Every dish at ‘Lucho’ is made with love and care, passed down through his family for generations.

Cisco’s vision for ‘Lucho’ is not just about serving food, he wants to tell a story. His connection to the dishes and the inspiration from his heritage makes ‘Lucho’ a destination.

By using traditional Chilean cooking methods and ingredients, Chef Francisco will transport you to the streets of Chile with every bite, an authentic and enriching experience.

A Legacy of Culinary Excellence

At the heart of ‘Lucho’ is the legacy of Chef Francisco’s grandfather, Luis, aka ‘Lucho’. Luis was not just a grocer but a legendary host, loved for his food and community.

He had a small grocery store in Chile where he would host the most popular gatherings in town. These events were famous for his home cooking, board games, creative cocktails and love of life.

Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park Launches ‘Lucho’

Luis’s gatherings were more than just meals, they were experiences that brought people together and made them feel part of a community and happy. This sense of warmth and hospitality is what Francisco wants to recreate at ‘Lucho’.

By sharing his grandfather’s story and recipes, Francisco keeps those special gatherings alive and invites you to be part of a culinary tradition that celebrates family, and friends sharing a meal.

Menu Highlights: A Tribute to Lucho

The menu at ‘Lucho’ is a love letter to Luis’s cooking and features traditional Chilean dishes. From the crispy empanadas to the seafood dishes, every item is made with love. The churros con Manjar are a special favourite of Chef Francisco’s children.

Every dish on the menu tells a story and brings a piece of Chile to the table. Fresh and high-quality ingredients mean the flavours are real and alive.

Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park Launches ‘Lucho’

The empanadas are filled with seasoned meats and vegetables and wrapped in a golden flaky pastry that’s comforting and satisfying. These traditional dishes will please your palate and bring back memories of family gatherings and Chilean heritage.

Signature Dishes

Among the highlights at ‘Lucho’ is Palta Cardenal, an avocado and prawn dish inspired by Chef Francisco’s childhood beachside meals. The creamy avocado and prawns with a zesty dressing make this a refreshing and lovely starter.

Also, the British Seafood Tiraditos, a fusion of fresh British seafood and the tangy flavours of traditional ceviche is a must-try. A perfect balance of tradition and innovation.

Pastel de Choclo, a corn pie, is another must-have. Made with sweetcorn, ground meat and spices this is Chilean home cooking at its best.

Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park Launches ‘Lucho’

Abuelo Luis’s favourite, Pescado al Horno, is a baked fish dish that has been in the family for generations. Simple yet flavourful ingredients let the fish shine through, a classic on the menu.

The Beverage Experience

To accompany the food ‘Lucho’ has an impressive drink list that’s part of the Chilean experience.

You can have a glass of punch from the traditional ‘Ponchera’, a communal bowl of punch to share. This fruity and refreshing drink adds to the experience.

Also the ‘Cisco Sour’, a special cocktail named after Chef Francisco. This drink with pisco, lemon juice and a splash of sweetness is a nod to the Chilean pisco sour.

These drinks not only complement the food but also bring you closer to Chilean culture, so the experience at ‘Lucho’ is truly unforgettable.


Lucho’ at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park is more than just a restaurant; it is a celebration of Chilean heritage and culinary excellence.

Chef Francisco Hernandez has poured his heart and soul into this venture, ensuring that every dish tells a story and pays tribute to his family’s legacy. Through ‘Lucho’, guests are invited to embark on a culinary journey that celebrates tradition, innovation, and the joy of sharing a meal with loved ones.

By offering a unique blend of authentic Chilean flavours and contemporary dining, ‘Lucho’ promises to be a standout destination in London’s vibrant culinary landscape.

Whether you are a seasoned food enthusiast or someone looking to explore new flavours, ‘Lucho’ offers an experience that is both enriching and delightful. This heartfelt homage to a rich culinary tradition ensures that ‘Lucho’ is not just a meal, but a memorable experience that resonates with the spirit of Chile.

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