Manzi’s Returns: A Fresh Wave of Seafood in Soho

In the vibrant heart of Soho, an exciting new chapter is set to begin in the summer of 2023.

The highly-anticipated reimagining of the beloved London institution, Manzi’s, is making its grand return under the expert hands of The Wolseley Hospitality Group.

An Enthralling Homage to the Culinary Past

With an inspired reinterpretation of its past glory, the renewed Manzi’s will be a culinary beacon, standing tall in Soho, presenting seafood and fish of unparalleled quality. The modern Manzi’s will strike a harmonious balance, echoing the spirit of its predecessor, renowned for delighting the palates of Londoners near Leicester Square for more than five decades.

Manzi's Returns: A Fresh Wave of Seafood in Soho

Tempting, Time-Honoured Menu Offerings

The menu at Manzi’s will rekindle memories of its acclaimed dishes, serving up everything from classic moules marinière, a diverse assortment of crustaceans, and a tantalising ‘catch of the day’ to the traditional Dover sole.

The à la carte selection is set to tantalise taste buds, featuring dishes such as Calamari stuffed with tomato sauce, fried Violet artichokes with sauce gribiche, Severn & Wye smoked eel on a bed of horseradish cream, scrumptious seafood cocktails, and an innovative New York Shrimp Burger accompanied by spiced mayonnaise.

Manzi’s Signature Dishes: A Display of Culinary Expertise

Embodying the vibrant energy of Soho, Manzi’s specialities are a showcase of the kitchen’s expertise and creativity. The heart-warming dishes designed to be savoured among friends and family include the Monkfish Wellington, a beautifully prepared monkfish encased in flaky, golden pastry served with prawn mousse and dill beurre blanc, and the Cioppino Fish Stew.

Manzi's Returns: A Fresh Wave of Seafood in Soho

The stew is a harmonious blend of the finest seafood and lightly poached fish and calamari in a robust tomato sauce, served on an extravagant platter with grilled sourdough and rouille.

A Journey in Libations: Reflecting the Past and Present

The drinks list is expertly crafted to evoke Manzi’s storied past while mirroring the freshness of its contemporary menu and the spirit of 2023. The Retro’s Revisited cocktail list will reincarnate Manzi’s classics, while Manzi’s Signatures selection introduces an array of enticing new concoctions.

A Mesmerising Atmosphere: Where Past and Present Unite

Conceptualised by Fabled Studio, the decor of Manzi’s will be a modern interpretation of the original restaurant’s hedonistic escapism. Immersing guests in a nautical wonderland, the design features a soothing colour palette, drawing inspiration from the hues of the sea.

An Integral Part of the Soho Fabric

Manzi's Returns: A Fresh Wave of Seafood in Soho

Nestled within Bateman’s Buildings, an expansive alleyway south of Soho Square, the revitalised Manzi’s will embody the fashionable and creative spirit of the Soho district. As it opens its doors in early summer 2023, it aims to become an inviting retreat for the surrounding community.

Whether you’re a fan of traditional seafood fare or are eager to try innovative dishes, the revamped Manzi’s in Soho is set to cater to every palette, making it a must-visit destination in the culinary map of London.