Martin Katz & Andrea Roggi’s Energy of Life Art Installation

In a captivating artistic alliance, Beverly Hills jeweller Martin Katz has joined forces with Italian sculptor Andrea Roggi to unveil their latest creation: the ‘Energy of Life’ sculpture in Venice.

This breathtaking installation, showcased from December 21, 2023, to January 8, 2024, in the historic Scuola Grande di San Rocco, marks a unique fusion of Katz’s jewellery expertise and Roggi’s sculptural prowess.

The inauguration, graced by a piano concert by Letizia Michielon, heralds a new chapter in artistic collaborations.

The Essence of the Exhibition

At the core of this exhibition lies a singular vision shared by a Hollywood jeweller and a Tuscan sculptor.

Martin Katz & Andrea Roggi's Energy of Life Art Installation

Their paths crossed, leading to a collaborative endeavour that gave birth to the ‘Energy of Life’ sculpture, a symbolic blend of humanity and a shared artistic mission.

Initially presented in Florence, this exhibition in Venice underlines the unity of two diverse art forms.

The Creation: A Symbolic Representation

The exhibition’s centrepiece, a jewelled sphere designed by Katz, is a marvel of craftsmanship.

Articulating the concept of Mother Earth, this 18K white gold sphere, adorned with over 2000 gemstones, including sapphires, tourmalines, garnets, and diamonds, embodies the energy source for Roggi’s ‘Tree of Life’ sculpture.

This piece is not just an artistic statement but a testament to Katz’s and Roggi’s harmonious collaboration.

Martin Katz’s Vision

Martin Katz’s enthusiasm for this collaboration with Andrea Roggi shines through in his words.

He describes the artistic journey as both challenging and fulfilling, emphasizing the freedom and creative autonomy he enjoyed.

The resulting sculpture, a fusion of high jewellery and sculptural art, signifies not only a convergence of artistic mediums but also a deep-rooted friendship.

Andrea Roggi’s Artistic Journey

Andrea Roggi expresses profound gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate with Martin Katz.

He highlights the enriching experience and the deep artistic and human connections fostered through this collaboration.

Martin Katz & Andrea Roggi's Energy of Life Art Installation

Roggi views the ‘Energy of Life’ as a complete artwork that captures the human soul’s complexity and our responsibility towards Earth.

Martin Katz: A Redefinition of Luxury

Martin Katz has been a defining figure in Beverly Hills luxury and red-carpet glamour for over three decades.

His designs, often inspired by vintage jewellery and the Art Deco style, are synonymous with “contemporary jewellery with an old soul.”

Katz’s pieces, unique or limited in edition, have adorned over 500 celebrities, marking him as a prominent figure in the world of luxury jewellery.

Philanthropy and Beyond

Martin Katz, alongside his wife, Kelly Fisher Katz, is deeply involved in philanthropy, particularly in education and women’s issues.

Kelly’s role in the National Committee of The Performing Arts at the Kennedy Center further underscores their commitment to the arts.

Martin Katz’s influence extends beyond his Beverly Hills boutique to impactful contributions to art and philanthropy.

The Sculpture: A Sensory Experience

The ‘Energy of Life’ sculpture, located at the heart of the Tree of Life, captivates viewers with its intricate design and profound symbolism.

Martin Katz & Andrea Roggi's Energy of Life Art Installation

The sphere, representing Mother Earth, is a stunning visual interplay of light and shadow, crafted in 18K white gold and embellished with precious gemstones.

This piece challenges traditional perceptions of reality, urging viewers to explore new worlds of empathy and care.

Andrea Roggi: A Sculptor’s Odyssey

Andrea Roggi, born in Tuscany in 1962, has been a pivotal figure in the art world since establishing his workshop in 1991.

Renowned for his bronze sculptures, Roggi has expanded his repertoire to include marble and stainless steel creations.

His patented dynamic casting technique and his commitment to inspiring young people through art have made him a significant figure in the art community.

His public artworks, both in Italy and internationally, alongside his participation in global exhibitions, underscore his artistic prowess and influence.

A Commemoration of Peace

Roggi’s ‘Albero della Pace’ (Tree of Peace), installed in Florence, serves as a poignant reminder of the 1993 massacre’s victims.

Martin Katz & Andrea Roggi's Energy of Life Art Installation

His sculptures, often monumental in scale, have graced numerous Italian cities, showcasing his ability to capture the essence of life and peace through his art.

This collaboration between Martin Katz and Andrea Roggi in Venice is not just an exhibition of extraordinary art; it’s a symphony of creative minds and a celebration of the harmonious blend of jewellery and sculpture.

As spectators walk through the Scuola Grande di San Rocco, they witness a convergence of talent and vision, a testament to the enduring power of collaborative art.

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