Meaning And Power Of Magical Blue Sapphire

With its celestial beauty, blue sapphire brings royalty, divinity, and wisdom to its possessors. This gemstone has always been associated with divine influences as it is deeply rooted in various cultures and beliefs. As a symbol of strength and kindness, it bestows power and compassion on people affected by mortal afflictions.

Throughout the history of humankind, blue sapphire gemstones have been symbolic of spiritual enlightenment and protective instincts. Many cultures deem it to be a magical crystal that draws its powers from celestial beings.

The literal meaning of the word sapphire is blue in Latin. It is derived from the word saphirus in Latin and sapheiros in Greek. Some astrologers also believe that the name sapphire relates to the association of this gemstone with the planet Saturn.

The Significance Of Blue Sapphire Throughout The History

Meaning And Power Of Magical Blue Sapphire

Since 800 BC, blue sapphire has been prized as a precious gemstone in varied cultures. You can find mentions of this gemstone in ancient Hebrew lores, Greek legends, Buddhists scriptures, and Hindu beliefs.

In every culture or legend, Blue Sapphire is described as a great stone of protection that can align spiritual forces and astrological influences to manifest your deepest desires. Ancient Persian rulers believed in its power to color the sky with its reflection.

According to Christian believes, the tablets having Ten Commandments written on them were made of sapphire. Royals and sailors carried this gemstone as a talisman against negative forces and protection against witchcraft in many cultures.

Even today, blue sapphire gemstone holds deep spiritual and metaphysical meanings for royals and commoners alike.

Understanding The Mystical Powers Of Blue Sapphire

Meaning And Power Of Magical Blue Sapphire

For centuries, blue sapphire gemstones have been coveted as the bringer of joy, prosperity, beauty, and inner peace. In the middle ages, people started wearing this gemstone to ward off negative thoughts and influences.

Eventually, many civilizations discovered the healing capabilities of blue sapphire. In Russia, Ivan the Terrible promoted this gemstone’s ability to cure the ailments of muscles and heart. Gradually, it became prominent as an elixir to heal all parts of the human body. Sapphire water became a potent drug to purify the blood and heal seasonal allergies.

But the most significant benefit of blue sapphire gemstones is to calm and focus the mind. It can release mental trauma and open your mind to intuition and lightness. If a person strays from their spiritual path, wearing blue sapphire jewelry can bring self-discipline to their normal routine.

The mystical powers of blue sapphire enable it to protect against sorcery. It can banish negative spills and evil spirits from a person’s life. Sapphires can also guard against poisonous and dangerous creatures. They have a unique transformative energy that connects you to the universe and opens your internal self to mystical powers. It is also believed to increase your connection with angels or spirit guides.

With this power, blue sapphires can manifest your life purpose and grow your soul with positivity. It maintains your inner peace and sustains a healthy mental state by calming nerves and promoting focus.

Ability To Stimulate Chakras

According to astrologers, the blue rays emitted by sapphires can bring absolute peace and tranquility to your mind. The gemstone is an exceptional stimulator for various chakras in your body. It is specifically effective to promote healing of third-eye and throat chakras to gain a better understanding of your consciousness and inner-self.

The throat chakra is the core of your body’s voice. It allows the energy of other chakras to flow freely and keep you light from inside. If this chakra is blocked, it can misalign all other chakras and impede your thought process. Hence, you need to unblock and stimulate it to allow free expression of your ideas and emotions. Blue sapphire facilitates the same. It opens the throat chakra to stimulate the power of truth and balance.

If you choose the deep blue color and velvety texture in blue sapphire, it can even stimulate the third-eye chakra that serves as the center of your awareness and perception. This chakra controls your consciousness and inner feelings. If it gets affected or misaligned, you will feel constricted within your mind with no outlet to share your dreams and visions.

Meaning And Power Of Magical Blue Sapphire

Healing Powers of Blue Sapphire

The ability of blue sapphire gemstones to treat physical ailments hails from its angelic connection. It is believed to channelize its healing powers from higher domains into the physical healer. Whether you suffer from headaches, ear infections, vertigo, or fever, you can wear this gemstone to heal any condition. It relieves the symptoms and works as a curative for various infections.

Blue sapphire is specifically useful for curing the problems of speech, thyroid, and swollen glands. It can treat blood disorders, nervous issues, and dementia. In terms of emotional healing, it relieves the person from their inner entanglements.

The stone can reduce psychological influences and enable psychic healing in many cases. Blue sapphire is also known to reduce depression, calm the mind, and lighten the mood.

With its comprehensive powers and mystical properties, blue sapphire can bring prosperity and fulfill dreams. However, buying this gemstone can be tricky if you really want to bask in its metaphysical glory. You need to place your trust in a reliable seller like GemPundit that deals with pure and unadulterated stones only. At such stores, you can find a wide variety of untreated and natural blue sapphires available with a lab certification. The blue sapphire price will be affordable, and you will also get a guarantee of high quality by trusting reputed sellers.

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