Meliá’s Global Luxury Expansion: Milan to Mexico 2023

Meliá Hotels International, a stalwart in the Spanish hospitality scene and Europe’s third-largest hotel group is poised for a sweeping global expansion of its luxury brands.

This article delves into the intricacies of Meliá’s strategic vision, exploring recent openings, future projects, and the underlying commitment to sustainability and cultural immersion that defines the brand’s approach.

Meliá’s Luxury Expansion Worldwide

At the heart of Meliá’s global strategy is the expansion of Gran Meliá Hotels & Resorts, a brand dedicated to cultural enrichment. The upcoming Palazzo Cordusio Gran Meliá in Milan stands as a testament to this commitment.

Meliá's Global Luxury Expansion: Milan to Mexico 2023

Nestled in the historic Palazzo Venezia, a 19th-century Renaissance building, this grand hotel promises not only a luxurious stay but also a journey through Milan’s cultural heritage. With a chic patisserie, bistro, and rooftop bar offering spectacular Duomo views, Palazzo Cordusio exemplifies the fusion of Italian flair and Meliá’s renowned Spanish hospitality.

Southeast Asia also beckons with the opening of Gran Meliá Nha Trang in Vietnam, seamlessly blending Mediterranean hospitality with Vietnamese charm. This all-villa resort, situated on an unspoiled beach amidst the tropical beauty of Fairy Mountain, adds a new dimension to Meliá’s exclusive urban resorts.

Discovering Milan’s Cultural Heritage

Palazzo Cordusio Gran Meliá, scheduled to open its doors in December 2023, is more than a luxurious hotel; it’s a cultural haven. Positioned in the historic heart of Milan, this landmark establishment is situated in the lovingly restored Palazzo Venezia, a 19th-Century Renaissance gem.

The hotel’s gastronomic offerings, including a chic patisserie, bistro, and a rooftop bar, promise a haven for gourmands seeking an immersive experience.

Meliá's Global Luxury Expansion: Milan to Mexico 2023

This grand opening marks a significant milestone as it’s the first Gran Meliá property in Milan. The restoration of the iconic Palazzo Venezia, once the headquarters of Assicurazioni Generali, underscores Meliá’s commitment to preserving and celebrating cultural heritage.

Guests are invited to delve into Milan’s rich history through curated experiences, from shopping in the famous Vittorio Emanuele galleries to experiencing opera at La Scala or witnessing da Vinci’s The Last Supper firsthand.

Southeast Asia Beckons with Gran Meliá Nha Trang

Meliá’s expansion into Southeast Asia is epitomized by Gran Meliá Nha Trang in Vietnam. This all-villa resort seamlessly combines the allure of Mediterranean hospitality with the charm of Vietnamese landscapes. Set against the backdrop of Fairy Mountain, with spectacular views of Turtle Island, the resort promises an exclusive luxury experience on an unspoiled beach.

Meliá's Global Luxury Expansion: Milan to Mexico 2023

Effortlessly blending cultural influences, Gran Meliá Nha Trang embodies Meliá’s dedication to providing unique and immersive experiences. Guests can explore the surrounding area, characterized by its natural beauty and charming villages, offering a harmonious blend of luxury and cultural discovery.

Tanzania’s Breathtaking Ngorongoro Lodge

In July 2023, Meliá Hotels International expanded its footprint in Africa with the inauguration of the Ngorongoro Lodge Meliá Collection in Tanzania. This design-led lodge, nestled in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, immerses guests in a distinctive journey through the country’s diverse cultural pockets, from Arusha to Serengeti and Zanzibar.

Meliá's Global Luxury Expansion: Milan to Mexico 2023

The lodge, strategically crafted with a deep respect for the environment, reflects Meliá’s commitment to responsible tourism. Positioned within a UNESCO World Heritage Site housing the world’s largest volcanic crater, Ngorongoro Lodge is not just a luxury retreat; it’s a custodian of the natural ecosystem and the local Massai tribe’s culture.

Through sustainable practices, such as sourcing 95% of products from nearby villages and operating a water bottling plant, the lodge aims to protect and preserve the region’s cultural and environmental integrity.

ME by Meliá Expands to Mexico, Malta, and Lisbon

ME by Meliá, known for its dynamic, stylish, and culturally rooted offerings, is poised for expansion with new properties in Mexico, Malta, and Lisbon in 2024. Each property within this avant-garde brand is designed to seamlessly blend destination, design, and service, promising guests personal and enriching experiences.

Opening in 2024 in the heart of Lisbon, ME Lisbon is set to showcase the brand’s signature avant-garde design and high-quality services. The hotel will feature top-notch gastronomic concepts, a Radio Rooftop Bar with panoramic views, and over 600m² of meeting and event space.

Meliá's Global Luxury Expansion: Milan to Mexico 2023

Similarly, ME Malta, designed by the renowned architect Zaha Hadid, will become a social and cultural epicentre in the coastal town of St Julians. These openings align with Meliá’s commitment to providing distinctive experiences in global cultural epicentres.

Destination Inclusive Concept in Europe

Paradisus by Meliá, renowned for its Destination Inclusive concept, is expanding its footprint in Europe with new openings in Lanzarote and Gran Canaria. These hotels redefine the all-inclusive concept by placing the destination at the heart of the guest experience.

Paradisus Gran Canaria opened in 2023, offers a luxurious blend of local culture and nature on San Agustín Beach, with immersive experiences included as part of the innovative Destination Inclusive concept.

Meliá's Global Luxury Expansion: Milan to Mexico 2023

The recently opened Paradisus Salinas Lanzarote is a true architectural gem, designed by the acclaimed Spanish architect, Fernando Higueras. Surrounded by the breathtaking beaches of Costa Teguise, this hotel invites guests to explore the island’s biosphere reserve, featuring lunar landscapes, volcanoes, unspoiled beaches, and picturesque villages.

Openings from ZEL: A Mediterranean-inspired Lifestyle Brand

ZEL, a new lifestyle brand born in collaboration with tennis legend Rafael Nadal, made its debut in Mallorca in the summer of 2023. Inspired by the welcoming homes, outdoor culture, and lifestyle of the Mediterranean, ZEL is set for an ambitious growth plan. The forthcoming ZEL Sayulita in Mexico, projected to open in 2025, embodies the brand’s commitment to avant-garde luxury experiences.

Meliá's Global Luxury Expansion: Milan to Mexico 2023

This expansion aligns with Meliá Hotels International’s broader strategy in Mexico, where it aims to double its presence in the next two years. ZEL Sayulita will join the ranks of luxury lifestyle brand hotels, including ME Cabo and the future ME Guadalajara, reinforcing Meliá’s position in the Mexican hospitality landscape.

Sustainability Initiatives

Meliá’s commitment to sustainability is deeply ingrained in its ethos, with corporate responsibility and responsible tourism at the forefront of its luxury portfolio development. The opening of Villa Le Blanc Gran Meliá in 2022 marked a pivotal moment, unveiling the group’s prototype in efficiency and environmental responsibility.

Villa Le Blanc Gran Meliá, located in Menorca, has garnered multiple awards and contributed significantly to Meliá’s recognition as the most sustainable hotel company in Spain and Europe by S&P. This grand luxe hotel sets a benchmark for sustainable hospitality, emphasizing environmental responsibility and efficiency.

Meliá's Global Luxury Expansion: Milan to Mexico 2023

Meliá has also embarked on a new sustainable event initiative named “Road to Net Zero Events.” This project, developed in collaboration with Creast, a company specializing in measuring, reducing, and offsetting the environmental impact of events, aims to achieve carbon neutrality in events.

Tested at Meliá Barcelona Sarriá and Meliá Berlin, this initiative responds to the growing demand for sustainable practices in the events industry.

Industry Recognition and Positive Outlook

Meliá Hotels International’s commitment to innovation and brand positioning has been acknowledged through prestigious industry awards. The group was honoured with the “Best Hotelier of the Year” award in the Beyond Luxury Awards 2023.

Gran Meliá properties, including Palacio de Isora in Tenerife, Hotel de Mar in Mallorca, and Villa Le Blanc in Menorca, received accolades in various categories. Villa Le Blanc was further distinguished as the “Best New Hotel of the Year” in the renowned Condé Nast Traveller Awards.

André Gerondeau, Chief Operating Officer of Meliá Hotels International, expressed excitement about the company’s ambitious expansion plans, emphasizing the grand opening of Palazzo Cordusio in Milan and the restoration of historic buildings.

Meliá's Global Luxury Expansion: Milan to Mexico 2023

These developments, coupled with the opening of Ngorongoro Lodge, reinforce Meliá’s preeminent position in the luxury sector. With an optimistic outlook for 2024, Meliá aims to extend its signature Spanish hospitality to discerning travellers worldwide.

In conclusion, Meliá Hotels International’s grand luxury expansion signifies a commitment to providing unique and culturally immersive experiences. From Milan to Mexico, the group’s strategic openings, sustainable initiatives, and industry recognition position Meliá as a trailblazer in the global luxury hotel landscape, poised for continued success in 2024 and beyond.

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