Men’s Swimwear Trends – The Most Stylish Swimsuits This Season

Which Swimming Suit To Choose?

It is difficult to imagine a vacation by the sea without clothes for swimming. Swimming trunks for the sea should dry quickly, have a mesh insert and a fix by an elastic band. So, in this case, you will move freely and feel comfortable. You can choose the color that you like, for example, black with bright stripes on the sides, or a swimsuit with an unusual print in the form of pineapples and birds.

Properly selected men’s swimwear will not only help you look fashionable in 2022 on the beach or in the pool but also allow you to feel confident. This wardrobe item plays an important role in making a stylish look, as it usually acts as the only element of clothing. From today’s article, you will learn about all the current trends, news of the season, and the most successful models.

What Men’s Swimming Trunks Are In Fashion In 2022?

Men's Swimwear Trends - The Most Stylish Swimsuits This Season

Designers offer a large number of various types of trunks, so every man will be able to choose the best option. Various models and color solutions are on-trend. The most popular in 2022 will be short types. Moreover, designers offer to use them for various occasions, to wear them to the pool and the beach. As for the cut, it is better to give preference to not too tight models. Particular attention should be paid to trunks that resemble short shorts. This model will be irreplaceable for the beach.

The most trending types are distinguished by catchy colors and are also complemented by patch pockets on the side and back. They are convenient not only for swimming but also for active leisure on the beach. Having complimented such beach shorts with a T-shirt, you can go for a walk around the resort town. Another accent was made by experts on convenience, practicality, and wear resistance.

Only high-quality and durable fabrics are used in sewing trend models. They are do not deform with numerous wetting and resistant to sunlight. Moreover, they are not afraid of often washing and contact with salt or chlorinated water.

Now we are going to speak about the most popular models.


Boxers are considered to be one of the most comfortable types – they fit perfectly on the figure, so they will easily take root in any man’s wardrobe. A unique feature of such swimming trunks is the cut. They resemble small shorts that effectively emphasize all the advantages of the male figure.

In 2022, designers advise paying attention to models with unusual and contrasting finishes and the boxers with hidden seams, that will allow you to choose your perfect swimming trunks.


It is something in between boxers and briefs. Such men’s swimming trunks also turned out to be the fashion trend of 2022. They are known for a comfortable and anatomical fit, so they are extremely in demand among males all over the world. Hipsters are sewn from high-quality elastic fabrics, so they sit perfectly on the figure.

Most of the types have an understated fit and an additional insert on the front.

Men's Swimwear Trends - The Most Stylish Swimsuits This Season


This is another popular and actual model. It is practical and very comfortable, has a classic cut. In 2022, both classic briefs and low-waisted types will be on-trend. The cut can be tight and loose. Take notice, that briefs are perfect for men of all physiques.


Lovers of long swimming trunks can take a closer look at bermuda or hydro shorts. The first ones are suitable for men who want to cover their figure as much as possible. By the way, they make the silhouette more slender. Hydro shorts are indispensable for a long stay in the water. They are ideal for swimming.

For The Pool

Models for visiting the pool are sewn from a fabric that can endure the harmful effects of alkali and chlorine, does not lose color and shape with regular contact with water. Preference should be given to polyester ones or combined polyamide and elastane swimming trunks.

Trending Colors

Men's Swimwear Trends - The Most Stylish Swimsuits This Season

In 2022, designers offered to men various fashionable color solutions for the swimming trunks. Almost all shades will be appropriate. Models with letterings, original drawings, stylish prints, and logos of famous brands are also appropriate. Stylists have focused on the colors, while the finish is quite simple and uncomplicated. So, if you want something restrained, pay attention to the models in a traditional black or white palette.

This is a classic that will always look stylish.  In 2022 especially popular will be models of azure, turquoise or blue colors. They contrast perfectly with tanned skin. A restrained palette with contrasting details is also perfect for a summer vacation. By the way, models in camouflage colors and Hawaiian style will not lose popularity. Main fashionistas should pay attention to models in small cages.

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