Sustainability Celebration: Mijenta & Althaus Yachts at Monaco Yacht Show

Mijenta, the acclaimed tequila brand known for its additive-free, sustainable ethos, recently announced that they have joined forces with Althaus Yachts in hosting a remarkable cocktail party that celebrates sustainability.

This exclusive gathering, scheduled for the 28th of September at the Monaco Yacht Show, promises to be a highlight of the event for yachting enthusiasts worldwide. Amidst the glitz and glamour, attendees can look forward to indulging in innovative Mijenta cocktails at Althaus Yachts’ stand (Quai l’Hirondelle QH 26) in the Port of Monaco, while being serenaded by the renowned DJ, Sylvain Luka.

Sustainability Celebration: Mijenta & Althaus Yachts at Monaco Yacht Show

Mijenta Tequila’s Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability takes centre stage at the Monaco Yacht Show, which runs from the 27th to the 30th of September 2023. In collaboration with the Water Revolution Foundation, the event features a dedicated Sustainability Hub, where the latest eco-friendly yacht technology innovations will be showcased.

Mijenta Tequila’s Co-Founder and Lead Investor, Michael Dolan, shares his excitement about this partnership: “From its inception, Mijenta has been steadfast in its commitment to crafting exceptional tequila in an environmentally responsible manner. We are thrilled to collaborate with Althaus, who shares our unwavering dedication to quality and sustainability. In the world of luxury goods, be it spirits, yachts, watches, fashion, or any other, every detail plays a pivotal role in building brand prestige and cultivating customer loyalty. We firmly believe that the same level of attention to detail is crucial when it comes to sustainability. We eagerly anticipate the convergence of these two worlds at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show.”

Sustainability Celebration: Mijenta & Althaus Yachts at Monaco Yacht Show

Althaus Yachts: Pioneering Eco-Friendly Yachting Solutions

As engineers, designers, and shipyards unite to advance sustainability within yacht technology, Althaus Yachts is at the forefront of innovation in eco-friendly solutions across its portfolio. Recognizing the urgency of climate change, Althaus Yachts is leading the yachting community in the adoption of these advancements to ensure the preservation of a healthy marine ecosystem.

An excellent example of this commitment can be seen at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show, where Althaus Yachts is partnering with FUTUR-E, a cutting-edge, sustainable, and innovative tender boat that seamlessly integrates technology from the boating industry, automotive design, and aviation, featuring an integrated kinematic system inspired by Formula 1 car suspension.

Sustainability Celebration: Mijenta & Althaus Yachts at Monaco Yacht Show

Marco Ramundo, CEO of Althaus Yachts, articulates their vision: “Climate change has been a paramount concern across all industries for several years now, compelling every sector to explore eco-friendly solutions whenever possible. The yachting industry is no exception. At Althaus Yachts, we place tremendous emphasis on pioneering new eco-friendly practices and staying abreast of the latest sustainable technologies. Our mission is to elevate our clients’ yachting experiences by guiding them towards greener solutions.”

Mijenta Tequila: A Model of Sustainability

Mijenta Tequila proudly holds the distinction of being the first tequila to attain B Corp certification. The brand is not only fully carbon neutral but also adopts a holistic approach to sustainability that strives to positively impact every stage of the product lifecycle. This commitment is evident in the eco-friendly packaging, including locally sourced labels made from agave waste and bottles crafted from recycled glass.

Sustainability Celebration: Mijenta & Althaus Yachts at Monaco Yacht Show

Mijenta is unwavering in its support for responsible agricultural practices, never resorting to pesticides or herbicides. Furthermore, the brand collaborates with like-minded organizations to amplify its impact, such as its support for the Women’s Earth Alliance’s initiative in Mexico, which empowers women in leadership, entrepreneurship, and environmental stewardship within the agriculture sector.

In conclusion, the partnership between Mijenta Tequila and Althaus Yachts at the Monaco Yacht Show exemplifies a harmonious blend of luxury, sustainability, and innovation. These two industry leaders are not only raising the bar in their respective fields but are also charting a course towards a greener and more sustainable future for yachting enthusiasts and the planet as a whole.

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