TJB Super Yachts Opens New Office in Palm Beach

TJB Super Yachts, the renowned boutique yacht brokerage, marks a significant milestone with the inauguration of its latest office in Palm Beach, Florida.

This expansion into the heart of the global superyacht hub highlights TJB’s commitment to serving its elite clientele. Established in London ten years ago by the visionary Tim Johnson, TJB Super Yachts has grown into a world-leading entity, with additional offices strategically located in the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Greece, Sweden, India, Australia, and now the United States.

TJB Super Yachts Opens New Office in Palm Beach

Palm Beach, the wealthiest region in Florida, boasts a concentration of ultra-high-net-worth individuals who possess substantial disposable incomes. Recognizing the importance of this area within the superyacht community, TJB Super Yachts has chosen Palm Beach as the perfect destination for its new office.

The recent USD$40 million transformation of the Town of Palm Beach Marina, offering 84 state-of-the-art superyacht slips, further solidifies the region’s reputation. Moreover, with its close proximity to the renowned Palm Beach International Yachting Show and the popular Caribbean charter destinations, Palm Beach was an organic choice for TJB Super Yachts’ expansion plans.

TJB Super Yachts Opens New Office in Palm Beach

Personalized and Expert Yacht Brokering Services

At the core of TJB Super Yachts lies a distinctive, personalised, and passionate approach to yacht brokering. The company’s expert team dedicates ample time to understanding the unique preferences of its clients, ensuring unparalleled service.

Clients benefit from exclusive access to the most breathtaking vessels available for acquisition and charter, including an extensive selection of off-market yachts not found elsewhere.

“Our US yacht brokers possess years of invaluable experience in the yachting industry, earning them a strong reputation for their expertise and professionalism,” remarks Tim, the visionary behind TJB Super Yachts. “With our presence in Palm Beach, we can better comprehend our clients’ needs and preferences, offer tailored solutions, and provide exceptional service throughout the buying or chartering process. We are elated to be part of this dynamic and thrilling yachting community, eagerly anticipating continued growth and success in this realm.”

Capturing the Essence of the Dynamic Yachting Community

TJB Super Yachts Opens New Office in Palm Beach

TJB Super Yachts continues to elevate the standards of client service by embracing innovative technology and assembling a close-knit team of industry experts. This strategic expansion into Palm Beach reinforces their commitment to being at the forefront of the global yachting industry.

By combining their extensive experience, deep-rooted passion, and dedication to excellence, TJB Super Yachts ensures that every client receives a bespoke and unforgettable yachting experience.

TJB Super Yachts: A Global Presence for Exceptional Client Service

With its unwavering focus on delivering world-class client service, TJB Super Yachts continues to expand its global footprint. By establishing offices in strategic locations worldwide, the company stays true to its mission of providing unparalleled yachting experiences.

Through their personalised approach, cutting-edge technology, and a team of seasoned professionals, TJB Super Yachts secures its position as a global leader in the yacht brokerage industry.