Mommy Makeovers: 8 Things To Consider

Mommy makeovers have become popular in the last few years, thanks to celebrities who have seemed to bounce back from their pregnancy days. The attention these celebrities garner during their post-pregnancy days has caused an increase in women seeking out consultations over mommy makeovers with plastic surgeons like Hill Country.

To get one of these surgeries done, a consultation is required from a facility such as Hill Country Plastic Surgery. Consulting with a plastic surgeon will allow you to ask any questions you have regarding this procedure and address any concerns that you may also have.

Surgery can be intimidating and overwhelming and a mommy makeover, usually requires multiple surgeries done at once. It can be stressful and scary, but mommy makeovers are sometimes necessary to help women reclaim their bodies and gain their confidence back.

Mommy Makeovers: 8 Things To Consider

Of course, you need to keep in mind that having surgery after giving birth will have to wait for at least six months as your body has already gone to hell and back during the pregnancy and birthing process. Having surgery too soon after giving birth can do more harm than not and can cause serious damage to your body.

With that being said, there are several other things to consider before you say yes to getting a mommy makeover. Let’s go over some of the most important ones now.

Do You Plan On More Pregnancies?

If the answer is yes, then it’s best to wait on getting your mommy makeover until you’ve finished having children. If you get the procedure done only to end up getting pregnant again, the results of your makeover will be for nothing as any future pregnancy will just leave your body with imperfections again.

Not only will that be a waste of time but it will also be a waste of money since these procedures are pretty expensive.

Make Sure To Budget

Budgeting will be very important, especially since you’re likely to be off work for a few weeks. Since mommy makeovers consist of several different operations, it’s more expensive than other cosmetic surgeries and can cost, on average, anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000.

The good news is that some plastic surgeons will offer payment plans so that the cost can be split between several different months.

Mommy Makeovers: 8 Things To Consider

Get To Your Ideal Weight

It’s important that you get to, or at least very close, to your ideal weight before having the surgery. If you don’t and you lose a significant amount of additional weight, you risk having more excess skin and being unhappy with your body again. Mommy makeovers aren’t for weight loss, so you’ll have to do this work on your own.

Get Healthy

Overall, your health should be in good shape. Since these operations include more than one and are pretty invasive, it’s critical that your body be healthy and strong so that your recovery process can be a smooth one. If you smoke, you’ll have to give it up at least three weeks in advance. Any underlying conditions will need to be addressed and managed.

Also, discuss with your doctor the medications you are taking as these can sometimes affect surgery as well.

Have A Support System In Place

Support is important in everyday situations but especially when having surgery. Your activity during your recovery time will be restricted and you won’t be able to do the things you could do pre-surgery for up to six weeks. Remember, you’re about to have multiple surgeries done, so you need to stick to your recovery time and bedrest instructions.

If you do not follow the instructions your doctor gives you regarding these restrictions, you could risk ending up in the hospital and having an even longer recovery period.

Be Mentally Prepared

Mommy Makeovers: 8 Things To Consider

Mental health is just as important as physical health. Make sure that you are in a strong mental state of mind before going through with a mommy makeover procedure. As mentioned before, recovery can take up to six weeks and because you’ll be on bed rest, you may start feeling depressed.

These blue feelings will pass but give them time and be mentally prepared beforehand so that it doesn’t pile on.

Prepare Your Family

Another factor to consider is your family. They will need certain preparations as well. If you have a significant other, discuss the duties they will have to take over while you’re recovering.

Talk with your children, too, and make sure that they realize mommy will have to heal for a few weeks before she can play with them or lift them up. You’ll want to make sure that they understand that you need your rest and to be gentle with you during this delicate time. If you have another family, or even friends, around, discuss how they can help during your recovery time, too.

Perhaps you have a sister who can cook dinner for you and the kids, or maybe you have a mom who can help with house chores. Whatever the case may be, everyone around you will need to be ready for a change in routine for the next six weeks.

Consider Splitting The Operation

You don’t necessarily have to have all the surgeries done in one go. Some will prefer to get it all over within one take, but you’re allowed to split it up into different procedures if it suits you better that way. If you do choose to split the operation into more than one visit, make sure you are targeting your biggest concerns first.


There is a lot to consider when thinking about having any cosmetic surgery but even more so when the surgery consists of multiple different procedures done at once. The abovementioned are some of the biggest worries you will face in regards to your pre-and post-operation.

Just make sure to discuss your concerns with your family and your surgeon so that you know what will be happening going into the procedure and coming out of it.

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