4 Important Things To Know Before Undergoing Asian Eyelid Surgery

A lot of people have heard of eyelid surgery, but a majority of them have never heard of the term “Asian eyelid surgery”. So what is it? How it can be defined? Namely, it represents any type of surgery that can be done to the Asian eyelid.

But the question is, why only Asian? Well, it’s because these people have quite unusual characteristics, and certainly, one of the most essential features on their face is precisely their eyelids.

It is safe to say that their eyelid anatomy is truly special and unique. So if you’re Asian, and you would love to enhance the appearance of your eyelids, then maybe you should consider this procedure, however, before you make any decisions, first check out these informative facts below.

4 Important Things To Know Before Undergoing Asian Eyelid Surgery

Essential Facts About Asian Eyelid Surgery

What Does It Include?

Asian eyelid surgeries normally involve these procedures below:

  • Double eyelid surgery
  • Lateral canthoplasty
  • Epicanthoplasty
  • Lower tarsal fullness creation
  • Lower eyelid surgery

What is an epicanthoplasty? It represents a procedure that opens up the inner corner of the eye. Approximately fifty percent of East Asians are known for having an epicanthal fold, which is actually surplus skin in the inner areas of the eyes.

Besides that, there’s also a strained fibrous banding that hinders eyelid opening. That’s why performing epicanthoplasty is going to make the inner corner of the eye look much bigger, and it’s going to open much better.

When it comes to lateral canthoplasty, it represents a treatment that, on the other hand, opens the outer segment of the eye. Additionally, this procedure is going to extend the lateral aspect of the eye, too!

Furthermore, a lot of people opt for Asian eyelid surgery because they find it to be very beneficial for them. Treatments that address undereye bags, as well as eyelid drooping, are called blepharoplasty and ptosis surgery.

Namely, blepharoptosis and eyelid ptosis can be defined as the weakness of the eyelid lifting muscle. This muscle is known as the levator muscle. What’s interesting is the fact that Asian people generally are more prone to eyelid ptosis than any other race.

The Price Of Asian Eyelid Surgery

4 Important Things To Know Before Undergoing Asian Eyelid Surgery

Now, here’s one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to this topic. Namely, the cost of the surgery is usually somewhere between $2,500 and $3,000, however, sometimes the price can vary depending on various factors. What does it include?

Well, it includes how much fat sculpting is required, the complexity of the overall procedure, whether, or not a muscular repair is essential, etc. That’s why it’s always recommendable to first schedule a consultation before making any further steps. Only then you’ll be able to get all the necessary information.

Is There Anything Else That Hasn’t Been Mentioned?

Problems Fixed

Below, we will talk about the issues that can be solved with this procedure. They include:

  1. Monolid – It is an eyelid that is slick and doesn’t have a fold. Only Asian people have monolids and East Asians are generally more prone to monolids than any other Asian race.
  2. Double eyelid – The procedure that turns a monolid into a double lid is known as double eyelid surgery and is certainly the most popular type of Asian eyelid surgery. There are two types: non-incision suture technique and the other one includes creating an incision on the eyelid to develop the double eyelid fold.
  3. Hooding eyelid – A lot of Asians, of all ages, decide to undergo Asian eyelid surgery because they want to either look much younger or to get rid of sagging eyelid skin.
  4. Aging eyelid – For older people that have a pre-existing double fold, the hooding eyelid skin is going to either change the shape of their eyes or is going to disrupt the fold. Namely, these issues can be fixed by either making higher folds, or by excessing useless eyelid skin.
  5. Sleepy eyes – This surgery can either be executed at the same time as double eyelid surgery or be done all by itself.
  6. Small eyes – A lot of Asian people opt for this because they have smaller eyes in comparison to other facial features.
  7. Narrow eyes – This procedure is an omnipotent method that expands the outer aspect of the eyes.
  8. Lower eyelid bags- People usually opt for this when they want a more youthful appearance.

Is It Safe?

The answer is yes, as long as you have an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon by your side!

4 Important Things To Know Before Undergoing Asian Eyelid Surgery

Just like with any other type of surgery, people deserve to get high-quality, detailed information before they make any decisions. That’s why we’ve created this article, to help you better understand everything.