Mondrian Hong Kong: Redefining Hospitality in the City

Mondrian Hong Kong recently made a grand entrance to the final quarter of 2023, perfectly timed to coincide with the city’s remarkable revival.

This new standard of hospitality is poised to leave an indelible mark on Hong Kong’s cultural landscape, beckoning the culturally curious to partake in its offerings.

With a lineage that traces back to the original MONDRIAN in the heart of Los Angeles, followed by successful establishments in New York, Miami, London, Cannes, Doha, and Seoul, the brand has consistently redefined and revitalized the neighbourhoods it inhabits, driven by a deep commitment to creativity, art, and the unexpected.

The Hong Kong incarnation, true to its heritage, arrives with a promise to disrupt the status quo.

Mondrian Hong Kong: Redefining Hospitality in the City

Inspiration from the City and Its People

Mondrian Hong Kong, born from this unique moment in time, is poised to bring the vibrant culture of its surroundings to life. This celebration of the people and progressive ideas that define the city’s past and present is at the core of its mission. The result is an undeniably authentic and relevant experience, a hallmark of the MONDRIAN brand. This authenticity is cultivated through collaborations with a roster of iconic dreamers and visionary designers.

Chadi Farhat, Brand COO for Mondrian at Ennismore, remarks, “Entering the Chinese market is an incredible milestone in our expansion journey, and as with all Mondrian locations globally, community and culture will be paramount. Introducing the brand through personal narratives and diverse perspectives is a potent way to establish a meaningful connection with the local community and captivate travellers with an inspiring experience.”

Mondrian Hong Kong: Redefining Hospitality in the City

Diversity and Inclusion as the Cornerstones

Diversity and inclusion form the very fabric of Mondrian Hong Kong. At the helm, Dirk Dalichau, weaves a mesmerizing tapestry of diverse human potential into forward-thinking strategies, embracing disruption as his signature approach.

“‘Inspired. By People’ is not merely a sentiment for us; it is a promise and an ethos we wholeheartedly embrace. I have no doubt that diversity in all its forms—race, culture, sexual orientation, gender, and religion—strengthens teams. It’s a profound philosophy for us. I find boundless inspiration in people and their stories,” says Dalichau.

A Modern Cultural Wonderland

The journey begins with an impeccable location. Mondrian Hong Kong strategically positions itself in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui, offering immediate access to the city’s pulse through the MTR and proximity to the vibrant arts and culture scene. Its interiors, reminiscent of an immersive gallery, are a testament to the creative genius of Karin Krautgartner. Each of the 324 rooms serves as a personal sanctuary, perched high above the bustling waters of Victoria Harbor.

Mondrian Hong Kong: Redefining Hospitality in the City

Creativity thrives in every corner, with a Joyce Wang-designed, upscale steakhouse curated by Italian culinary philosopher Dario Cecchini, showcasing the artistry of cuisine. The bar, a pioneer in Asia, employs the cutting-edge Tayer cocktail workstation system, a creation of two award-winning bartenders, offering unparalleled cocktail craft. Art, mirroring the city’s life, adorns the premises, while the 40th-floor rooftop transforms into a space for cultural events, performances, and unexpected collaborations.

Dirk Dalichau shares his vision, stating, “The hotel embodies a progressive and imaginative community—a place to connect, have fun, be challenged, experiment, and leave inspired. I couldn’t be more excited about the timing. Travel and business are once again thriving, Hong Kong is abuzz, Kowloon is undergoing a transformation, and the nightlife is truly 24-7.”

Mondrian Hong Kong: Redefining Hospitality in the City

Tony Yeung, Chief Executive Officer of Peterson Group, adds, “With the completion of multiple landmark projects in West Kowloon, Hong Kong’s cultural scene is poised for a renaissance. To align with this exciting future, MONDRIAN aims to create a hospitality experience rich in culture and surprises for global travellers. Collaborating with local and international designers, artists, and chefs, Mondrian Hong Kong seeks to tantalize the senses, providing a fresh perspective on this dynamic city.”

Dalichau concludes, “It is a privilege to introduce such an iconic lifestyle brand to this part of the world and shape the MONDRIAN brand for a predominantly Asian audience.”


Mondrian Hong Kong’s imminent arrival marks a pivotal moment in the city’s hospitality landscape. With a commitment to diversity, culture, and unparalleled creativity, it promises to be a beacon for both locals and global travellers alike. As the final quarter of 2023 approaches, the anticipation grows, and the excitement in Hong Kong’s vibrant heart is palpable.

The Mondrian brand’s dedication to crafting immersive, authentic experiences, and fostering meaningful connections with communities shines through, and it is poised to leave an enduring imprint on the city’s cultural tapestry. So, prepare to be inspired, challenged, and captivated by Mondrian Hong Kong—a true modern cultural wonderland on the verge of unveiling its wonders.