The Gurkhas: Experience the Finest Nepalese Cuisine in London

The Gurkhas, a contemporary Nepalese restaurant named after Nepal’s finest soldiers, has made its grand entrance into London’s thriving food scene.

Founded by the renowned restaurateur and Nepal-born Shrabaneswor Rai, the restaurant offers a kaleidoscope of vibrant dishes from the Himalayan region, promising a delightful culinary adventure for London food enthusiasts.

Embracing Nepal’s Culinary Heritage

With a heartfelt connection to his Gurkha roots, Rai envisioned bringing the authentic flavours of Nepalese cuisine to the capital city. Collaborating with Head Chef Joe Allen, they embarked on creating a unique dining experience that celebrates the rich diversity of Nepal’s over 100 castes and ethnicities. The Gurkhas prides itself on incorporating recipes from different regions of the country, offering a true taste of Nepal’s gastronomic tapestry.

The Gurkhas: Experience the Finest Nepalese Cuisine in London

Chef Allen, who shares a close bond with Nepal through his Nepalese wife and Gurkha father-in-law, undertook an immersive journey across Kathmandu, Chitwan, and Pokhara. During his travels, he delved into the heart of Nepalese culture, sampling various delicacies and even mastering the art of wild boar butchery. This profound experience provided the foundation for The Gurkhas’ exceptional culinary offerings.

An Exquisite Tasting Experience

The menu at The Gurkhas is ingeniously divided into three seasonal tasting menus: a four-course option priced at £45, a six-course option at £65, and a nine-course extravaganza priced at £85. Each tasting menu promises to take diners on an unforgettable gastronomic journey, elevated by the attentive service of waiters adorned in traditional Nepalese attire.

The Gurkhas: Experience the Finest Nepalese Cuisine in London

Guests are treated to a delightful range of dishes that capture the essence of Nepalese cuisine. The culinary adventure begins with Jimbu focaccia paired with Himalayan chives and gundruk butter, setting the tone for the delightful experience ahead. The ever-popular Kukhura ko Jhol Momo, tender steamed chicken dumplings in a tomato sauce, is a must-try.

For those seeking a traditional spiced potato curry, the Aloo Nimki is a tantalizing choice. The menu also boasts larger plates, such as the Spicy Lamb Kachila, complemented by the crispy bitter gourd, and the Stone Bass Sekuwa, accompanied by a delightful heritage tomato achar.

The Gurkhas: Experience the Finest Nepalese Cuisine in London

Sweet Culmination

A perfectly balanced Kuwa crème caramel with sorrel awaits diners as the ideal dessert to conclude their culinary expedition. Additionally, The Gurkhas also caters to vegetarians with specially curated tasting menus, ensuring that every palate is indulged.

Chef Allen’s expertise in Nepalese cuisine was showcased when he appeared on BBC’s My Million Pound Menu, where he garnered investment from renowned restaurateur Jamie Barber. The investment paved the way for Kitycow, a successful three-month pop-up at Hush Mayfair in collaboration with his then-business partner.

The Gurkhas: Experience the Finest Nepalese Cuisine in London

The Gurkhas is now open on the vibrant Great Portland Street, inviting Londoners to embark on an enchanting culinary journey. With its dedication to preserving and showcasing Nepal’s diverse culinary heritage, this modern Nepalese restaurant promises an unparalleled dining experience that leaves a lasting impression on food enthusiasts and cultural explorers alike. Step into The Gurkhas and savour the finest of Nepalese cuisine amidst the bustling metropolis of London.