Montara Hospitality Group Excels in MICHELIN Guide Thailand

Montara Hospitality Group’s outstanding culinary achievements took the spotlight at the recent MICHELIN Guide Thailand Revelation event in Bangkok.

The group, led by Dutch chef Jimmy Ophorst, demonstrated its commitment to sustainability and excellence in dining, garnering prestigious MICHELIN stars for its renowned venues in Phuket.

This article explores the accolades received by PRU and JAMPA, shedding light on their unique culinary philosophies and sustainable practices.

PRU: Sustaining Excellence in Community-to-Fork Dining

Montara Hospitality Group’s PRU, nestled in the exclusive Trisara resort in Phuket, maintained its MICHELIN red star and Green Star for the sixth consecutive year.

Dutch maestro Jimmy Ophorst, at the helm of PRU, expressed gratitude for the recognition. He highlighted PRU’s dedication to crafting a distinctive dining experience by drawing inspiration from Thailand’s diverse culinary landscape.

Montara Hospitality Group Excels in MICHELIN Guide Thailand

A Culinary Haven in Phuket

PRU, renowned as Phuket’s only MICHELIN red star restaurant, recently unveiled its purpose-built venue. This new space epitomizes the “Inside-Out” dining experience, breaking down barriers between the kitchen and the dining room.

The theatre kitchen promotes transparency, allowing diners to witness the meticulous preparation of each dish.

Ophorst sees this innovation as a gateway to attracting global connoisseurs to Phuket, aiming to elevate PRU to new heights.

JAMPA: A Culinary Journey Rooted in Sustainability

Tri Vananda, a US$182 million wellness community in northern Phuket, is home to JAMPA, another culinary gem under Montara Hospitality Group.

Rick Dingen, the visionary behind JAMPA, retained the MICHELIN Green Star, underscoring the venue’s commitment to “locally-grown ingredients, live fire, and zero waste cuisine.”

Montara Hospitality Group Excels in MICHELIN Guide Thailand

Beyond Culinary Boundaries

JAMPA’s culinary philosophy centres around live-fire cooking, showcasing the artistry of zero-waste, farm-to-table cuisine.

Dingen’s innovative approach transforms local ingredients into culinary masterpieces, emphasizing health and balance. The accolade of the MICHELIN Green Star solidifies JAMPA’s position as a beacon for sustainable culinary artistry in Phuket.

Recognition and Reflection

Chef Ophorst expressed his team’s honour in receiving MICHELIN accolades, attributing it to their collective effort and culinary philosophy.

Dingen, proud of JAMPA’s stringent standards, sees the Green Star as recognition for their dedication to innovative, healthy, and soul-nourishing cuisine.

In conclusion, Montara Hospitality Group’s culinary stars, PRU and JAMPA, shine brightly on the MICHELIN stage.

Montara Hospitality Group Excels in MICHELIN Guide Thailand

Their dedication to sustainable practices and culinary excellence not only sets high standards for fine dining in Phuket but also positions them as beacons of innovation and gastronomic artistry on the global culinary map.

As they continue to push boundaries, attracting diners from around the world, the future looks promising for Montara Hospitality Group and its commitment to redefining the culinary landscape.

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