Montara Hospitality Group: Leading the Sustainable Dining Movement in Phuket

Montara Hospitality Group stands as a beacon of innovation and sustainability within the local culinary landscape.

As the visionary owner of the prestigious Trisara Resort, Montara Hospitality Group has undertaken a transformative journey towards sustainable dining practices. Their commitment extends beyond mere culinary excellence, embracing environmental consciousness and community engagement.

Culinary Excellence with a Sustainable Twist

At the core of Montara Hospitality Group’s culinary philosophy lies a deep-rooted commitment to excellence. This commitment is not solely confined to creating exceptional dishes but also encompasses a profound respect for the environment and local communities.

Montara Hospitality Group: Leading the Sustainable Dining Movement in Phuket

Through their collection of acclaimed dining establishments, such as PRU and JAMPA, Montara Hospitality Group has set a new standard for sustainable gastronomy in Phuket. By prioritising sustainably grown, locally sourced artisanal produce, they have coined the term “human-centric hospitality,” encapsulating their dedication to both guests and the planet.

A Focus on Sustainability

Montara Hospitality Group’s dedication to sustainability is not merely rhetoric; it is ingrained in every aspect of their operations. A significant proportion of the produce served in their food and beverage outlets is sourced directly from the Pru Jampa organic farm, a sprawling expanse of 16,000 square meters nestled within the Tri Vananda boundaries. This farm-to-table approach not only ensures the freshest ingredients but also reduces carbon footprint and supports local farmers.

Executive Chef Jimmy Ophorst of PRU articulates this commitment succinctly, stating, “Culinary excellence becomes truly enriching when it harmonizes with the planet.”

At PRU, guests are treated to a culinary journey that celebrates the vibrant flavours of Thailand while honouring sustainable practices. This dedication has earned PRU the distinction of being the only MICHELIN Red Star restaurant in Phuket, a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence and sustainability.

Embracing Transparency and Innovation

Transparency is a cornerstone of Montara Hospitality Group’s culinary ethos, exemplified by the recent relocation of PRU within Trisara. This move not only enhances the dining experience but also fosters open interaction between chefs and guests, providing insight into the origins of each dish.

By championing transparency, Montara Hospitality Group seeks to demystify the world of fine dining, inviting guests to become active participants in the culinary journey.

Another shining example of innovation and sustainability within the Montara Hospitality Group portfolio is JAMPA, located within the Tri Vananda wellness community. Led by Chef Rick Dingen, JAMPA has garnered acclaim for its zero-waste, farm-to-table cuisine, earning a prestigious MICHELIN Green Star.

Montara Hospitality Group: Leading the Sustainable Dining Movement in Phuket

By utilising live fire cooking techniques and sourcing ingredients exclusively from the Pru Jampa organic farm, JAMPA showcases the potential of sustainable gastronomy to both tantalise the taste buds and preserve the planet.

Expanding Horizons with New Concepts

In their quest to redefine the culinary landscape of Phuket, Montara Hospitality Group continues to push boundaries with new and exciting concepts. CIELO, a Mediterranean-inspired beachside venue, is a testament to their commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Executive Chef Worawit “Notty” Rattanachoochoke curates a menu that celebrates the richness of Mediterranean cuisine, using locally sourced ingredients to showcase the bounty of Asia’s diverse culinary heritage.

Preserving Tradition with Seafood at Trisara (SaT)

Seafood at Trisara (SaT) embodies Montara Hospitality Group’s reverence for tradition and sustainability. This refined Thai homestyle dining experience pays homage to Southern Thai recipes passed down through generations.

By utilising the finest locally sourced ingredients, SaT showcases the exceptional seasonal bounty of Phuket and Thailand, both on land and sea. Each dish is a tribute to the region’s rich culinary heritage, served with a side of environmental consciousness.

DALA, named after the torch ginger flower indigenous to Phuket, offers guests a sensory journey through Thai flavours. This innovative concept blends traditional Thai ingredients with contemporary flair, crafting cocktails and coffee infused with local terpenes.

Against the backdrop of breathtaking sunset views, guests can witness the artistry of bartenders and baristas as they transform local ingredients into exquisite beverages.

A Vision for the Future

Montara Hospitality Group is poised to elevate Phuket’s culinary reputation on a global scale. Through their diverse range of dining concepts, they aim to attract conscientious gourmands from around the world.

With a steadfast commitment to sustainability and ethical dining, Montara Hospitality Group invites guests to embark on an immersive journey into the future of sustainable gastronomy.

In conclusion, Montara Hospitality Group’s pioneering efforts in sustainable dining are reshaping the culinary landscape of Phuket. With a focus on excellence, transparency, and innovation, they have set a new standard for gastronomic experiences that are both environmentally conscious and culturally rich.

As they continue to expand their culinary horizons, Montara Hospitality Group remains committed to their ethos of “Dine Good Do Good,” inviting guests to savour the flavours of sustainability while preserving the planet for future generations.

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