Monumental Sculptures for Sale at Christie’s Summer Exhibition

This summer, Christie’s Private Sales is hosting a monumental sculpture exhibition titled “DREAM BIG.”

The event features significant works by both modern and contemporary artists, offering collectors a unique opportunity to acquire these masterpieces.

The sculptures will be available for purchase starting from 14 June, with prices ranging between £300,000 and £13,000,000.

The exhibition includes works from renowned artists such as Marc Quinn, Louise Bourgeois, Richard Serra, Manolo Valdés, Magdalena Abakanowicz, and Jacques Lipchitz. Each artist brings a distinct style and perspective, contributing to the diverse array of monumental sculptures on display.

Marc Quinn: Light into Life Series

Among the highlights are three large-scale sculptures by Marc Quinn: Singularity (Sabal) (2024), Light into Life (Photosynthetic Form) (2023), and Light into Life (Evolution of Forms) (2024).

Monumental Sculptures for Sale at Christie’s Summer Exhibition
Marc Quinn, Light into Life (Photosynthetic Form)

These pieces are part of Quinn’s ongoing exhibition “Light into Life” at Kew Gardens, London, which runs until 29 September 2024. Quinn’s works explore themes of nature and human interaction, with an emphasis on the transformation and evolution of forms.

Louise Bourgeois: Eye Benches III

Louise Bourgeois’s Eye Benches III (1996-1997) is another significant inclusion. Inspired by the artist’s fascination with people watching and the interactions between strangers, these sculptures are part of a notable edition.

Other works from this series are housed in prestigious public collections, including the Seattle Art Museum, where they are displayed in the Olympic Sculpture Park.

Jacques Lipchitz: Benediction II

Jacques Lipchitz’s Benediction II, conceived and cast between 1943-1945, stands out as a unique work in the exhibition.

Monumental Sculptures for Sale at Christie’s Summer Exhibition
Jacques Lipchitz, Benediction II, Conceived and Cast Between 1943-1945

Lipchitz’s sculpture reflects his deep engagement with themes of blessing and protection during a turbulent period in history. This piece exemplifies Lipchitz’s ability to convey profound emotions through abstract forms.

Manolo Valdés: Reina Mariana

Manolo Valdés’s Reina Mariana (2005) is part of one of the artist’s most recognised bodies of work, inspired by the Spanish artist Diego Velázquez’s depiction of Queen Mariana.

A large-scale installation titled Las Meninas a San Marco, featuring thirteen Reina Marianas, is currently on view in St Mark’s Square in Venice, showcasing Valdés’s ability to reinterpret classical themes in contemporary contexts.

Magdalena Abakanowicz: Walking Figures

Magdalena Abakanowicz’s contribution to the exhibition is a group of five monumental cast iron walking figures from 2005.

Monumental Sculptures for Sale at Christie’s Summer Exhibition
Magdalena Abakanowicz, Walking Figures, Executed in 2005

Abakanowicz is celebrated for her exploration of the human condition and collective experience through her sculptures. These figures, with their imposing presence and textured surfaces, evoke a sense of both strength and vulnerability.

Significance of the Exhibition

The “DREAM BIG” exhibition at Christie’s Private Sales is more than just a selling event; it is a celebration of artistic ingenuity and monumental sculpture. Each piece on display offers a glimpse into the artists’ creative processes and their reflections on society, nature, and human interaction.

The market for monumental sculptures has seen significant growth in recent years. Collectors are increasingly drawn to large-scale works for their ability to transform spaces and create a lasting visual impact.

The pieces in this exhibition, with their varying styles and themes, cater to this growing demand, providing collectors with an opportunity to acquire artworks that are both significant and impactful.

The curation of the “DREAM BIG” exhibition reflects a deep understanding of both the art market and the artists’ legacies. By bringing together works from different periods and styles, the exhibition highlights the evolution of monumental sculpture and its relevance in contemporary art.

Public Engagement and Cultural Impact

For collectors, this exhibition represents a unique opportunity to acquire works that are not only aesthetically striking but also rich in historical and cultural significance. The inclusion of works from established artists like Bourgeois and emerging talents like Quinn underscores the breadth and depth of the collection.

Monumental Sculptures for Sale at Christie’s Summer Exhibition
Marc Quinn, Singularity (Sabal), 2024

The public display of these sculptures, particularly in locations like Kew Gardens and St Mark’s Square, enhances their cultural impact. These settings allow a wider audience to engage with the artworks, fostering a greater appreciation for monumental sculpture and its role in contemporary art.


“DREAM BIG” is a testament to the power of monumental sculpture to inspire and captivate.

Christie’s Private Sales has curated an exhibition that not only showcases the technical prowess and creativity of the artists but also offers collectors a chance to acquire works that are truly extraordinary.

This summer, “DREAM BIG” promises to be a landmark event in the art world, celebrating the enduring appeal and significance of monumental sculptures.

Images: Christie’s

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