NetJets On Why Private Aviation Is On The Rise For Business Trips

In an increasingly globalized economy, more and more businesses are relying on air travel to get their employees to far-flung destinations in a timely and efficient manner. While commercial airlines have long been the go-to option for business travellers, an increasing number of companies are turning to private aviation for their air travel needs.

There are a number of obvious reasons for this shift. First, private aviation offers a much higher level of comfort and convenience than commercial airlines. Business travellers can avoid the hassles of security lines and crowded terminals by flying on a private jet, and they can arrive at their destination refreshed and ready to work.

In addition, private jets can often land at smaller airports that are closer to the traveller’s final destination, saving valuable time.

Finally, private aviation is becoming more affordable as the industry grows and becomes more competitive. As a result, it’s no wonder that private aviation is on the rise for business trips.

But, as with most things, there is always more to the story. So, we sat down with NetJets to talk about the world of private aviation for business and why it is on the rise.

What are the benefits of private aviation for business trips?

If you are a regular flyer, you will know that flexibility, efficiency and reliability are paramount when it comes to travelling for business. Our Owners rely on our extensive experience to provide all these qualities for their air travel alongside the guarantee of absolute privacy. Flying privately means that you can be confident every aspect and detail of your travel is taken care of, meaning you can focus on work commitments or relax with an absolute peace of mind.

How does private aviation compare to commercial air travel?

Perhaps the most underrated advantage of flying private is the degree of autonomy and flexibility that is given back to Owners.

Rather than being bound to scheduled departure times and destinations, our Owners have full flexibility to fly from any location to any destination at their utmost convenience. NetJets offers unparalleled flexibility and peace of mind as we run the largest fleet in private aviation globally with over 800+ aircraft available at any time with guaranteed short notice availability.

Flights are generally direct, even to traditionally hard-to-reach locations, minimising our Owners’ travel time and saving on time and fuel accordingly.

Why do some businesses prefer to use private jets instead of commercial airlines?

Alongside the autonomy, privacy and direct nature of flights, many of our Owners like to take advantage of their time onboard and utilise the aircraft amenities to continue their workday whilst in the sky.

Wi-Fi is available on all our aircraft, meaning Owners can be as connected, or indeed, disconnected as they choose – it can often be the case that flights offer the opportunity to focus without distraction.

What is the average cost of a private jet for a business trip?

Unlike traditional charters, NetJets’ programmes are bespoke to the individual requirements of our Owners. Our shared ownership model provides the immediacy and luxury of whole aircraft ownership without the operational complexities and hidden overhead costs, such as positioning fees and surge charges that are rife across the charter market.

Additionally, investing in shared ownership guarantees a true reflection of our Owners’ flight demand while giving access to an entire fleet of best-in-class private jets with the fleet size of a large airline.

Which type of aircraft is the most popular with most businesses and why?

The Embraer Phenom 300 is the most requested aircraft across our global fleet. Despite being within our light jet category of aircraft, it is among the most comfortable with significant baggage capacity perfect for a business trip or a daily commute.

Have you found short or long-haul charters to be the most popular?

This depends on individual Owners and often varies. We have a variety of aircraft sizes which bring numerous benefits based on individual requirements and preferences.

What are the benefits of having a dedicated flight crew onboard?

As the longest-standing and market-leading private aviation company globally, we pride ourselves on providing unparalleled levels of customer service. Every aspect of travel is planned, coordinated, and confirmed by a dedicated team, available 24/7.

With a dedicated flight crew on hand throughout your journey, we’re able to cater for any bespoke requests from arranging on-board celebrations for special occasions to providing the perfect peaceful working environment.

How has the demand for sustainable travel affected business travel within private aviation?

NetJets recognises the challenges facing the aviation industry and is proud to have been carbon-neutral since 2012. We continue to expand the development and availability of sustainable fuels through our investment in WasteFuel®, a next-generation waste-to-fuel business that converts municipal waste into SAF. Our multi-tiered sustainability programme called Blue Skies offers Owners a way to purchase an equivalent amount of carbon credits to ensure their flights are carbon neutral. Over the past several months, we have seen a 61% increase in our Blue Skies enrolment by Owners and have offset nearly 39,000 metric tons of CO2.

How do you see the future of private aviation within the business sector?

Since the pandemic, business travel has fundamentally changed and while there has been a rise in remote working, business leaders understand that there is no substitute for meeting clients and colleagues face to face.

Those travelling for a business look towards private aviation for greater autonomy, flexibility, speed and reliability for their travel plans. In recent years NetJets Ownership has steadily, and sustainably, increased which is reflected in our incredible fleet expansion.

What are some things to keep in mind when booking a private jet for business travel?

Whether travelling for business or leisure, when a flight request is received, our Owner Services Teams are on hand 24/7 to ensure every aspect of your flight is planned, coordinated, and confirmed, providing a seamless travel experience.

How does the process of reserving a private jet for business work?

Through shared ownership, customers purchase a portion, or share, of their chosen aircraft that equals a specific number of hours they can fly on that aircraft type.

Owners can then utilise the NetJets fleet with minimal notice by contacting their dedicated Owner Services Team or by using the NetJets mobile app. Once a flight is confirmed, Owners receive a travel summary, including departure time, passenger count, and ground transportation details.

Images: NetJets

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