New Details On The Mysterious Lurssen Project Shu Superyacht

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For many of us, a yacht isn’t simply a useful vehicle for navigating the seas, it is instead a status symbol and is the epitome of luxury and decadence. For those of you who have a passion for being on open waters, you simply cannot compare anything to the experience that a luxury superyacht has to offer. With so many on the market however, it can be tough to decide where to begin your search for the ultimate sea vehicle. Well, with a reputation for providing some of the most decadent and opulent superyachts ever created, Lurssen yachts has been a go-to company for many. Lately there has been a great deal of buzz surrounding the mysterious Project Shu Superyacht.


We’re hardly talking small proportions here, the 136 meter Project Shu Superyacht will offer her new owners nothing short than a floating palace. One key reason for the exceptional interest in this superyacht is the fact that details about this stunning piece of nautical engineering are few and far between. The superyacht is shrouded in mystery and in all honesty, nobody knows for certain what the yacht contains or what her interiors looks like.

Project Shu Superyacht

What we do know however, is that she just completed her sea trials with no issues in the slightest and that lucky owners will get their hands on her in just a few months’ time when she will be delivered to her owners in the Autumn of 2018. The yacht features an incredibly large swimming pool, 5 decks, swim platforms, sea terraces, two helipads, and the fact that she is currently one of the largest yachts in production. Project Shu Superyacht is vast in size, is said to be crammed full of luxurious touches and finishes and is also said to be incredibly fuel efficient for her size.

Based in Northern Germany, Lurssen Yachts have a reputation for creating high-quality, incredibly efficient boats and yachts, which many believe is thanks in part to the trademark German engineering that goes into creating each boat that comes from their shipyard. The striking exterior has been created by the legendary Naval Architect Espen Oeino. With stunning interiors created by renowned designer Mark Berryman, the interiors are said to be spacious, neutral and calming. It is rumored that there is nothing radical that has gone into the interiors, instead Berryman has gone with neutral tones and colours that one might expect of such a luxurious vessel. We are expecting plenty of creams, brilliant whites and what many would refer to as beach-tones throughout the superyacht.

Project Shu Superyacht

Yacht lovers from around the globe are keeping their eyes peeled for more info about this vast superyacht as more details become available over the next few weeks and months.

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