Nikki Beach Global Unveils Lucia: A New Luxury Dining Experience

Nikki Beach Global, the esteemed international luxury lifestyle and hospitality group renowned for its exquisite resorts and beach clubs worldwide, has exciting news to share.

The company has announced the forthcoming launch of its innovative brand concept, Lucia. This marks a significant milestone for Nikki Beach Global, which has enjoyed twenty-five years of prosperous operations.

The introduction of Lucia heralds a thrilling expansion journey, promising patrons an entirely fresh experience encompassing design, ambience, and culinary offerings.

Moreover, this venture signifies an evolution for the brand, extending its influence beyond the confines of summer and coastal locales to embrace potential metropolitan and winter destinations.

Embracing the Essence of Light: The Birth of Lucia

Derived from the Latin word “lux,” meaning light, the name “Lucia” resonates across diverse cultures and languages globally, perfectly encapsulating the luminous essence of the brand.

The forthcoming establishment will embody this radiant spirit through its design, embracing maximalism, vibrant hues, intricate motifs, and elements inspired by the sun.

Lucia promises to redefine the culinary landscape with its relaxed yet sophisticated dining environment, offering patrons a premium gastronomic experience centred on Cuisine du Soleil.

Under the culinary stewardship of Nikki Beach Global’s Corporate Executive Chef, Alessandro Pizza, Lucia’s menu will showcase Mediterranean ingredients kissed by the sun. The menu will evolve with the changing seasons, introducing new dishes and decor throughout the year.

Inspired by the various phases of sunlight, the restaurant will curate an immersive experience, transitioning seamlessly from day to night, offering guests diverse atmospheres to savour.

A Vision of Positivity: Lucia’s Mission

Lucia Penrod, CEO of Nikki Beach Global, shares insights into the mission behind this ambitious project: “Our mission with this new project is to create a dining experience that provides a haven of light, positivity, and culinary excellence similar to what we’ve done with Nikki Beach, but with a completely new look and feel that we can also bring to metropolitan or winter destinations.”

Penrod expresses the desire to cultivate an inviting atmosphere for families and friends to gather, celebrate, and forge enduring memories. At the core of this endeavour lies a profound commitment to nurturing positivity, a cornerstone of the global brand for over 25 years.

Artistic Expression: Chiara Perano’s Collaboration with Lucia

To materialise the visual identity of “Lucia,” the brand has joined forces with esteemed artist Chiara Perano, celebrated for her captivating artwork celebrating life’s simple joys, familial bonds, and our connection to the world.

Perano draws inspiration from her Italian heritage and the La Dolce Vita lifestyle, aligning seamlessly with Lucia’s essence. Her creative input in designing the brand’s logo and visual assets promises to imbue the restaurant with a distinctive and enchanting identity.

Cannes: The Perfect Canvas for Lucia’s Debut

The choice of Cannes as the inaugural location for Lucia holds significance due to its timeless allure and the iconic Croisette. Nikki Beach Global’s strong association with Cannes, evidenced by numerous pop-ups during the Cannes Film Festival over the years, makes it a fitting setting for this new venture.

Positioned between the brand’s renowned Saint Tropez and Monte Carlo beach clubs, Cannes serves as an ideal intermediary point for this exciting endeavour.

In addition to the introduction of Lucia, Nikki Beach Global remains committed to expanding its flagship brand. Several resorts and beach clubs are currently in development in key destinations including Muscat, Oman; Antigua, Caribbean; Baku, Azerbaijan, and Ras Al Khaimah, UAE.

These forthcoming establishments further underscore Nikki Beach Global’s dedication to providing unparalleled luxury experiences worldwide.

As Nikki Beach Global prepares to unveil Lucia, patrons can anticipate a transformative dining experience infused with light, positivity, and culinary excellence.

With its unique concept and commitment to fostering memorable moments, Lucia promises to redefine luxury dining, setting a new standard for hospitality in Cannes and beyond.

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