Nirjhara Bali – The Hotel That Is Redefining Barefoot Luxury

Conveniently situated yet completely hidden, Nirjhara is the ultimate Bali getaway where you can completely unwind whilst indulging in a truly “barefoot luxury” environment.

For decades, Bali was a hidden gem that only a few in the know really knew about. A hidden sanctuary of tranquillity, peace and a place to indulge in un-diluted local culture. It was a place where you could go and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But, with its spectacular scenic beauty and endless stretches of powdered beaches, the island grew in popularity and soon resorts, hotels, holiday rentals and even hostels started popping up seemingly weekly.

The problem with popularity is that it comes with, yes, people. Now, instead of the feeling of escapism and space, the island is starting to take on a different shape entirely. What once made this topical sanctuary truly special is slowly slipping away.

But, all is not lost! There are a few gems dotted on the island that not only still captures what made this the ultimate island destination but presents the best of what Bali has to offer in every aspect. One of these is the Nirjhara.

Despite the hotel being a few minutes away from Tanah Lot temple and only one hour from Ngurah Rai International Airport, it might as well be a world away from everything else.

Nirjhara lies hidden amongst ancient forests and seemingly endless rice paddies. A tranquil oasis where you can escape life, its restrictions and pressure whilst not giving up the ultimate in luxury.

Upon arrival, you are met with landscaped pathways and buildings that seem to be nestled within the environment rather than on it. It is an ethos that gives the hotel and immersive experience and sets it apart from all other hotels on the island.

Commenting on this, the hotel’s founders added: “Nirjhara’s approach to sustainable luxury centres on 3 core pillars: Community, Land and Climate. We acknowledge that Bali’s constantly growing popularity threatens the island’s environment and we firmly believe that treating our natural surroundings with the utmost respect is the only way of preserving the aura that has made this place so special, to begin with. The property was conceived to limit its impact on the environment and our team strives to reduce our footprint on this planet every day by extending this mindset through mindful and considerate management.

“At Nirjhara, guests are encouraged to take part in this approach to sustainable tourism through a variety of proactive and passive initiatives. Nirjhara’s scope of action towards a greener future extends from its immediate neighbouring community to the broader ecosystem of Bali and its oceans, and to our planet as a whole.”

Further building on this, the hotel’s founders soon realised that for a truly relaxing break, they needed to redefine luxury.

Let’s be honest, too much luxury can be taxing! With everything around you so perfect, it’s hard to just unwind, drop your shoulders and just let go. Keeping this in mind, the hotel has created an atmosphere of “barefoot luxury”. It is an unpretentious atmosphere you can unwind and switch off completely, whilst still enjoying the best that luxury holidaymaking has to offer.

To further ensure that you enjoy the most out of your holiday and that the resort fits your exact requirements, Nirjhara offers six very different types of suites and villas.

The fabulous Canopy Suites is what we all wished our treehouses as kids would actually be like. Perched high amongst the treetops, these luxury units offer unobstructed views over lush vegetation and to the crystal blue of the ocean a short walk away.

The River Pavilion Suites are set within private gardens and offers a total living space of 200 sqm. But what makes this spacious suite truly wonderful is the large outdoor deck that looks out onto the river below. This large space is great as an outdoor dining room in those balmy Balinese evenings.

For those looking for a bit more privacy, not that this is a problem anywhere in the resort, Nirjhara also offers both a Two Bedroom Pool Villa as well as a Two Bedroom Jungle Pool Villa. The Two Bedroom Pool Villa is set in lush private gardens and boasts with two large bedrooms, a sitting and dining room as well as a private swimming pool. The Two Bedroom Jungle Pool Villa, on the other hand, has the same features as the Pool Villa with the addition of a private infinity-edge pool that enjoys some spectacular local scenery at the water’s edge.

The River Pool Pavilion is a one-bedroom villa nestled in lush private gardens and offers picturesque views over the rice paddies. The 250 sqm villa enjoys exquisite decor and boasts with a private infinity pool perched above the meandering stream below allowing for incredible sunset views.

The sprawling two-level 600 sqm The Residence is for the most decerning of travellers and offers everything you want in both privacy and luxury. The villa boasts with two en-suite bedrooms, a dining and sitting room, elevated terrace as well as floor to ceiling windows that look out over the tranquil scenery. The villa also has a 14m infinity-edge pool that has sunbeds as well as a poolside cabana.

The Nirjhara is many things. It is a place where nature and design marry. A space where relaxation meets luxury, design meets function and attention to detail is paramount. But perhaps above all, it is a place where you can feel at one with nature. Where you can kick off your shoes, take a deep breath and find calm, relaxation and inner peace.

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