Nova Maldives Celebrates World Ocean Day with Eco-Friendly Activities

Nova Maldives is an environmentally-friendly island resort that strives to maintain nature’s subtlest – the ocean ecosystem.

On this World Ocean Day, Nova Maldives will be conducting a number of activities with one of the very few female diving instructors in the Maldives, a PADI Professional who is renowned for her passion for female empowerment, conservation and the environment. This initiative highlights Nova’s efforts in advocating sustainable actions and spreading environmental knowledge.

Nova Maldives, a remote island resort located in South Ari Atoll invites you to escape into nature, and enrich precious moments with loved ones amidst a rich underwater ecosystem, in an intimate and eco-conscious luxury setting.

The resort is especially famous for its splendid marine life, and guests can enjoy unique encounters with whale sharks and manta rays at more than 30 spotting points.

Marine Conservation and Education Initiatives

Nova Maldives’ efforts in preserving nature can be seen in its partnership with the Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme. Guests are informed of the research works that the local community is doing to conserve the ocean. Nova also gives its guests the opportunity to help the growth of corals with its coral nursery project.

Nova Maldives promotes these activities to further enhance the knowledge and appreciation of the guests towards the underwater world.

Nova Maldives Celebrates World Ocean Day with Eco-Friendly Activities

For this year’s World Ocean Day on the 6th until 9th of June, a series of topical briefings and lectures concerning current environmental concerns will be conducted daily at Nova Maldives. The topics include the biology of whale sharks and manta rays, coral bleaching and conservation, and safe snorkelling practices.

Guests will be enlightened on local marine concerns by Nova’s very own marine biologist, and be encouraged to adopt responsible actions towards nature.

Guided Snorkelling and Reef Cleaning

Daily snorkelling trips and reef cleaning activities will be conducted during the duration of the event. Guests can get up close with whale sharks and corals as they participate in cleaning the reef.

This interactive method of learning about the surroundings and its adverse effects encourages direct participation in conservation efforts. Through these trips, guests play a significant role in preserving the reef’s ecosystem.

For the advanced divers, Nova opens its world-class dive locations in the South Ari Atoll to those who wish to dive in without the instructor. These independent dives allow seasoned explorers to marvel at the beauty and wonders of the underwater world of the South Ari Atoll, and further appreciate the intricacies of marine biodiversity.

Nova Maldives Celebrates World Ocean Day with Eco-Friendly Activities

Promoting Female Empowerment in Diving

To co-host the World Ocean Day activities, Nova Maldives invites 22-year-old Afaa Abdulla, a female diving instructor and conservationist. Afaa was trained by Zoona Naseem, the first female PADI Course Director in the Maldives, and is a significant figure in the effort of empowering females in the diving industry.

Her presence at Nova underscores the resort’s efforts in promoting equality between genders and empowering women to venture into male-dominated work.

Afaa’s passion for the ocean and conservation stems from her childhood spent on an island in the northern part of the Maldives. She hopes that like her, other travellers will develop a passion for the ocean and explore its wonders and beauty, and in the process, gain a greater appreciation towards marine biodiversity.

Exclusive Offers and Experiences

Nova Maldives celebrates World Ocean Day by offering a 50% discount for direct online bookings through the website for the stays during the period.

With rates from £410 per night, including all taxes and green tax on Full Board Basis, this offer also includes three complimentary experiences per stay.

Guests who opt for direct bookings will be able to enrich precious moments with their loved ones with the added value and unforgettable experiences provided by Nova Maldives.

The complimentary experiences include a Group Sunset Cruise, 30-minute spa treatment for two, and 30-minute photoshoot. Plus, a 20% discount on à-la-carte dining and 15% off selected watersports and yoga.

Understanding Coral Bleaching and Safe Snorkelling Practices

Coral bleaching is one of the major concerns faced by the marine ecosystems around the world. Nova Maldives tackles this issue through presentations and interactive activities.

Guests are informed of the causes and effects of coral bleaching, and they also have the opportunity to aid the growth of corals through the resort’s very own coral nursery project. These sessions help increase awareness and encourage proactive actions for the conservation of corals.

Nova Maldives Celebrates World Ocean Day with Eco-Friendly Activities

Safety is of utmost importance in Nova Maldives, and the resort offers comprehensive briefings on safe snorkelling practices. This ensures that guests enjoy their time in the ocean responsibly without causing harm to themselves and the surrounding nature.

The guidelines include steps that guests must take to ensure their safety while exploring the underwater world. These practices also ensure that snorkellers do not harm themselves and the subtle nature during their ocean adventure.

Whale Shark Biology and Conservation

Among the most spectacular creatures to inhabit the ocean are the whale sharks.

Nova Maldives conducts presentations on the biology and conservation of whale sharks, allowing guests to learn more about these magnificent beings of the sea. Participants can learn about their behaviour, habitat, and the efforts being made to protect them.

This educational session enhances the experience of seeing whale sharks in their natural environment, and makes it an exciting and informative activity.

Presentations are led by Nova’s very own marine biologist, who is part of the resort’s extensive educational programme. The biologist also conducts the snorkelling trips and reef cleaning activities, allowing guests to gain extensive knowledge of the marine ecosystem from an expert. This enriches the overall experience and further appreciates the importance of marine conservation efforts.

The guided snorkelling and reef cleaning trips include learning how to conserve the fragile nature and observing marine biodiversity. Guests can enjoy the pristine reef, coral, and fish in their natural splendour.

Spa, Wellness, and Culinary Delights

Other than the ocean adventures, Nova Maldives provides spa and wellness experiences that enhance the overall wellness of the guests.

The complimentary 30-minute spa treatment for two is definitely needed after a tiring day of ocean explorations. The yoga sessions at discounted rate offer guests relaxing moments in a tranquil setting, which promotes physical and psychological wellness.

Meals in Nova Maldives are also a joy to indulge in. With 20% discount on à-la-carte dining, guests can enjoy a wide variety of delicious dishes made with fresh and local ingredients.

This culinary adventure is the perfect add-on to the adventurous and educational activities that the resort provides. It ensures that guests’ experience is a well-rounded and memorable one.

Photography and Watersports

To enable guests to cherish their memorable moments, Nova Maldives offers a free 30-minute photo-shoot. From a stunning sunset to an exhilarating marine safari, these professional captured moments would make great souvenirs of a fantastic holiday. This special service would ensure guests take home and share their happy memories.

For the more adventurous guests, Nova Maldives offers selected watersports at a discounted price. From kayaking to paddle boarding and jet-skiing, these exciting outdoor activities are a fun way to explore the gorgeous waters around the island.

Nova Maldives Celebrates World Ocean Day with Eco-Friendly Activities

From the adrenaline thrill, these experiences would both excite and enable guests to appreciate the marine life around them.


Nova Maldives would be celebrating World Ocean Day by engaging guests in a week-long marine adventure and learning. This rare chance to explore the wonders of the ocean and to learn about marine conservation should not be missed.

Guests can join and become Earth guardians by protecting and preserving the ocean and its inhabitants for the next generation. As a unique luxury resort, Nova Maldives offers a memorable and luxurious holiday amidst breathtaking surroundings.

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