Nova Maldives Champions Environmental Stewardship

Nova Maldives is joining the global #GenerationRestoration theme for World Environment Day.

Recognising the intrinsic connection between healthy ecosystems and the sustenance of island communities, the resort is set to make a significant environmental contribution.

This year, Nova Maldives will donate 75 coconut trees to Dhangethi, a local island. Accompanying this initiative is an educational presentation by the resort’s marine biologist, targeting school pupils and parents to enhance the reforestation efforts with knowledge and awareness.

Commitment to the Local Community

This donation of coconut trees underscores Nova Maldives’ dedication to giving back to the local community. The coconut palm, indigenous to the region, thrives in the island’s tropical climate.

Planting these trees not only preserves the island’s aesthetic allure but also restores ecological balance by supporting local wildlife habitats. Furthermore, the robust root systems of these trees play a crucial role in soil stabilization, mitigating erosion caused by wind and water during the monsoon season, and enhancing the island’s resilience against extreme weather conditions.

Educational Outreach on Marine Conservation

In addition to the tree donation, Nova’s resident Marine Biologist will deliver a presentation focused on the marine environment of the South Ari Atoll. This session will highlight ongoing conservation efforts, aiming to inspire the younger generation with a deeper understanding and appreciation of their vibrant marine surroundings.

Nova Maldives Champions Environmental Stewardship

By fostering community engagement and spreading knowledge about marine conservation, Nova aspires to nurture a collective sense of responsibility towards environmental preservation and equip young individuals with the tools to protect their island’s natural assets.

“World Environment Day is an important occasion for us to reflect on our relationship with nature and the steps we can take to protect it,” remarked Abdulla Aboobakuru, General Manager of Nova Maldives. “Through these activities, we aim to create soulful experiences that highlight our inextricable connection to the natural world, and cultivate a sense of stewardship within our community.”

Sustainable Tourism Initiatives

These initiatives are part of a broader effort by Nova Maldives to promote sustainable tourism. Notable among these is the coral nursery scheme, which invites travellers to sponsor the planting of new coral frames in the house reefs.

This project not only aids in reef restoration but also engages guests in meaningful conservation work. Nova also maintains a close partnership with the Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme, ensuring guests are well informed about the latest conservation research and developments.

Nova Maldives is also recognised as a Responsible Manta Tour Operator, a status that reflects its adherence to stringent industry guidelines and protocols for diving and snorkelling excursions. This commitment ensures that tourism activities have minimal impact on marine life, promoting the sustainability of underwater ecosystems.

Eco-Conscious Retreats

Situated in the South Ari Atoll, Nova Maldives offers private, eco-conscious retreats designed to help guests reconnect with themselves, others, and nature in a luxurious yet environmentally friendly setting. This serene oasis invites guests to experience a unique bond with the ocean, facilitating harmonious interactions with whale sharks and manta rays.

Nova Maldives Champions Environmental Stewardship

The resort’s initiatives extend beyond environmental conservation, aiming to strengthen community involvement. By educating the local population about sustainable practices and conservation efforts, Nova Maldives encourages a culture of environmental responsibility.

This holistic approach not only benefits the island’s ecosystem but also empowers the community to take active roles in safeguarding their environment.

Marine Biodiversity Preservation

The presentation by the marine biologist is particularly significant as it addresses the preservation of marine biodiversity.

By imparting knowledge on the importance of marine ecosystems and the threats they face, the presentation seeks to inspire proactive measures among the community members. This educational outreach is a testament to Nova Maldives’ commitment to fostering environmental consciousness.

Through these educational initiatives, Nova Maldives hopes to enhance environmental awareness among the younger generation. By instilling a sense of appreciation and responsibility towards their natural surroundings, the resort aims to cultivate future environmental stewards who will continue to protect and preserve the island’s rich biodiversity.

Promoting Ecological Balance

The reforestation effort, with the planting of 75 coconut trees, is a strategic move to promote ecological balance on Dhangethi. These trees will provide vital habitats for local wildlife, contributing to the island’s biodiversity. Additionally, the coconut trees’ ability to anchor soil helps prevent erosion, ensuring the island remains resilient against environmental changes.

Nova Maldives’ environmental initiatives are part of a long-term strategy to achieve sustainability. By continuously introducing and supporting projects that benefit both the environment and the community, the resort aims to create a lasting positive impact.

These efforts are aligned with global sustainability goals, reinforcing Nova Maldives’ position as a leader in eco-friendly tourism.

Encouraging Sustainable Practices

The resort’s efforts to educate the local community on sustainable practices are crucial for long-term environmental health. By promoting practices such as reforestation and marine conservation, Nova Maldives is helping to build a more sustainable future for the island and its inhabitants.

Nova Maldives Champions Environmental Stewardship

Nova Maldives’ initiatives highlight the importance of building a sustainable future through collective efforts. By engaging the local community, educating the younger generation, and implementing eco-friendly practices, the resort is setting a benchmark for sustainable tourism in the Maldives.


Nova Maldives stands out as a model for sustainable tourism, demonstrating how resorts can contribute to environmental conservation while providing exceptional guest experiences.

Through its holistic initiatives, the resort not only enhances the island’s natural beauty but also fosters a culture of environmental stewardship among the local community.

As Nova Maldives continues to champion these efforts, it sets a powerful example for others in the industry to follow.

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