Cyber Security Bootcamp- Now Get Into Cyber Security Easily

Cybersecurity is an interesting field, and online courses make it easier to build a career in it. Simplilearn’s Bootcamp cyber security will offer you high-learning experiences and knowledge about real-world applications.

The Bootcamp increases your expertise in offensive and defensive cybersecurity, ethical hacking, application security, malware analysis, and more.

Keep reading to derive in-depth knowledge about the highly beneficial online Bootcamp in cyber security.

Overview Of The Cyber Security Bootcamp

Cyber Security Bootcamp- Now Get Into Cyber Security Easily

The online Bootcamp in cyber security is based on the innovative, practical, and highly-valued learning experiences from UCI, and DCE. It follows the style of self-paced online videos, hands-on projects, live virtual classes, and integrated labs. You will enjoy the following by attending the cyber security Bootcamp:

  • CEUs from UCI DCE showing your commitment to ongoing learning
  • Masterclasses taught by UCI DCE instructors
  • UCI DCE Alumni Chapter membership and program completion certificate 

After an orientation session, the cyber security Bootcamp focuses on enterprise infrastructure and application security. It also provides knowledge about ransomware and malware analysis, and ethical hacking. The cyber security Bootcamp also allows you to work on capstone projects. 

Career Opportunities In Cyber Security

The cyber security Bootcamp equips you with multiple skills, including cryptography, threat hunting, and web application penetration testing. Around 68% of businesses believe that cyber security risks are only increasing. Therefore, the demand for cybersecurity professionals is also increasing. The top cyber security roles that you can pursue in 2022 are as follows:

1. Cyber Security Analyst

Cybersecurity analysts are responsible for planning, executing, and upgrading security controls and measures. They must constantly track security access and perform security audits to eliminate loopholes and security lapses. They will also conduct risk analyses, security assessments, and vulnerability testing to manage the network. A cyber security analyst also remains responsible for training employees in security procedures. They must ensure that the employees know the best security practices to avoid breaches.

2. Chief Information Security Manager

The CISO works as a senior-level executive inside an organization. They need to ensure that the cyber security plan of an organization is aligned with the operations, technologies, and business visions. The CISO also works with the employees in an organization to detect, develop, execute, and manage processes inside an organization to avoid security breaches. 

CISOs need to respond to security incidents and set appropriate standards for mitigating security risks without interrupting business operations. They also oversee the implementation of security policies across the organization. CISO is one of the most high-paying jobs in cyber security.

Cyber Security Bootcamp- Now Get Into Cyber Security Easily

3. Cyber Security Consultant

A cyber security consultant needs to be a tech-savvy and flexible individual. They help protect the data and capital of an organization. They have deep knowledge of security systems and need to perform a thorough analysis of the security systems in different fields. Cybersecurity consultants also need to provide technical guidance whenever required.

4. Network Security Engineer

The role of a network security engineer is quite critical in every organization. They ensure that the security systems inside an organization are implemented to prevent and counter threats. Their primary responsibility involves managing network systems, enhancing automation, and spotting vulnerabilities. They also need to look after the maintenance of routers, VPNs, firewalls, switches, and other components in a network system.

5. Cyber Security Manager

A cyber security manager looks after implementing security protocols throughout the organization. They develop strategies to broaden internet and network security associated with different projects. They must also guide and manage a team of IT professionals responsible for ensuring the highest security standards. 

Cybersecurity managers also review existing security policies from time to time to ensure that they are capable enough to tackle new threats. They also need to check all the switches, servers, routers regularly, and connected devices to eliminate loopholes in the security system.

6. Penetration Tester

A penetration tester detects loopholes and weaknesses in systems that can be leveraged by hackers. Penetration testers are also addressed as ethical hackers. The online cyber security Bootcamp has a separate module on ethical hacking and will be extremely beneficial for securing a career in this field. 

Penetration testers or ethical hackers have intuitive knowledge to understand hackers’ logic. They perform in-depth testing regularly to spot vulnerabilities in systems, networks, and applications. The frequency of the penetration tests usually depends on the specific needs of the organization. 

7. Application Security Engineer

Application security engineers look after the stability of the internal and external applications of an organization. They need detailed knowledge and skills to tackle the compliance and privacy aspects of third-party applications. Organizations willing to add software like AWS or Azure into their daily operations need application security engineers. These professionals can stop cyber security threats that can hamper the integrity of the whole application infrastructure.

Cyber Security Bootcamp- Now Get Into Cyber Security Easily

8. Cloud Security Engineer

They are responsible for developing, maintaining, and improving the cloud-based systems of an organization. They tackle the cloud computing environments, core platforms, infrastructure, and software of an organization. Cloud security engineers must also offer security recommendations for application development and service design.

9. Incident Manager

Incident managers find suitable resources for dealing with security incidents inside an organization. They work in teams when something goes wrong in the security aspects of an organization and bears full ownership of the outcomes. It is an executive-level role and demands problem-solving skills and leadership aptitude. 

10. Cryptographer

Cryptographers are responsible for writing code that can’t be cracked by hackers. The role involves encrypting and decrypting data with cryptography techniques. The primary purpose of hiring cryptographers is to secure data from hackers. It is a mid-senior level role perfect for individuals who love coding.

Parting Words

Since cyber security roles are on the rise, it is one of the most stable careers in the current scenario. Cybersecurity roles are available in every industry, including entertainment and healthcare. There are many things to focus on from skills to information management. But, there are many innovations and systems to help you do just that. Having an Active directory management system that keeps critical data, user permissions, and privileged access under control or a digital task manager, and there are a plethora of systems to help you in your career not just survive but thrive.

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