Online Casino Customer Service: An Operator’s Perspective

In an age where competition is so fierce, operators should put customer service at the top of their agenda if they’re serious about attracting new customers, retaining existing ones and maintaining a solid brand reputation.

Irrespective of whether an operator is the ‘new kid on the block’ or one who’s been on the scene since the industry’s start, customer care is something which should never be neglected.

And, if you thought that this aspect offered by providers is only considered by potential or existing players, think again. Affiliate marketing sites always look into what customers have said (or are saying) about new online casinos and sportsbooks – the good, bad and ugly. Industry specialists deem this as one of the main criteria to be ticked from their checklist.

Why Prioritizing Customer Service Can Be A Game-Changer

When customer service is given its due priority, operators are more likely to have a loyal customer base.

Here’s why customer service should be at the centre of a casino’s operations.

#1. Enhances Player Experience

When a gambling site’s support team efficiently resolves players’ issues and is available 24/7, the player actually feels supported. Moreover, when customer service is personalized, such as when recommendations on games or promotions are suggested based on the particular player’s interests, the player’s experience would be even more enjoyable. Customer service can also be used proactively, with the player being reminded, for instance, of upcoming promotions or bonuses.

#2. Makes For A Great USP

While game selections and payment methods are similar among operators, one aspect that sets a casino apart is the quality of customer service provided by its staff. Top-notch customer service can be a casino’s unique selling proposition, which essentially offers a quality that’s not easily replicated by competitors, taking customer experience to the next level.

#3. Can Be Used As A Responsible Gambling Tool

Customer service can serve as a means of providing information on responsible gambling practices and available resources, such as deposit and session time limits as well as self-exclusion options.

It can also be used to identify signs of problem gambling, with representatives intervening as needed.  Operators can also help individuals who may be struggling with gambling-related problems, by referring them to problem gambling services such as helplines, support groups, and counselling services.

How To Leverage Great Customer Service To Optimize Players’ Experience

To understand better how to optimize players’ experience, you just need to wear the hat of a customer, as you actually are in your private life. How would you want to be treated by a customer representative?

What would it take for you to be able to enjoy your game with the peace of mind that you’ll be supported whenever, wherever? What would an ideal user interface look like?

#1. Well-trained and Carefully Selected Customer Representatives

Hiring the best talent and providing exceptional training and working conditions is key. You want your customer support team to actually be supportive, which translates into representatives

  • treating customers with politeness and respect;
  • communicating a ‘can-do’ attitude that immediately earns customers’ trust;
  • creating the right conditions for customers to feel heard, validated and respected whatever the situation at hand might be.

The approach of a customer representative can really make or break the deal. If the right approach is fostered, it could strengthen clients’ connection with your casino, enhance customer loyalty, and maintain your reputation as a customer-centric platform.

This may very well turn your customers into your greatest marketers, and we all know that word-of-mouth is the most effective (and economical!) type of marketing.

#2. Service Available Around The Clock

The relationship between a player and their online casino is built on grounds that are similar to those of any other relationship.

A player is not only concerned with getting a bang for their buck, but they also want to be reassured that whenever they have a question to ask or a concern to clarify, they’ll be efficiently and effectively assisted regardless of the time of day, especially if they happen to be playing from a different time zone or during odd hours.

#3. Well-Designed And User-Friendly Interface

An operator that is serious about providing the best support service should invest in an interface that’s easy to use so that players can quickly navigate their way around and find the support options they need.

A streamlined and professional design is also useful because it makes the casino look more reliable and trustworthy, which is the key to building a strong relationship with players.

In the end, earning players’ trust is the basis of a loyal customer base, which really and truly, is the goal of every casino out there, and the best evidence of a customer support team that is doing its job well.

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