The Ways That Online Casinos Have Impacted The Gaming Market

As the rest of the world increasingly moves online, it was only a matter of time before casinos went digital too.

A trend that has blurred the lines between casinos and the gaming market.

Growth In Online Casinos

The Ways That Online Casinos Have Impacted The Gaming Market

With better internet penetration and more sophisticated technology available at our fingertips today, online casinos have grown fast. And the growth is nowhere close to ebbing.

Consider this. Between 2021 and 2028, stakes-driven online gaming is expected to grow by 13.7%. It is expected to be a US$ 144.7 billion industry by the end of this forecast period.

This of course implies that the number of people playing casino games is rising too. According to one estimate, 40 million people in the UK alone participate in online casinos. This is more than half the population of the country!

Blurring Lines Between Online Casinos And The Gaming Market

With their widespread growth, online casinos are now available through mobile apps, tablets or on personal computers. In a sense, they are no longer any different from any other online gaming. This is unlike earlier times when video game parlours were separate from brick-and-mortar casinos. 

A number of developments have made it possible for online casinos to essentially come under the ambit of the gaming industry. Some of these are:

  • Technology – The most obvious of these is the advancements in technology. Improved internet connection and faster speeds have enabled the growth of digital gaming apps.
  • Payments Infrastructure – Better online payments infrastructure has also helped by making more secure and smoother transactions for both gaming and casinos. Third-party enablers from PayPal to Visa have significantly supported the process.
  • Cryptocurrencies – The rise of cryptocurrencies is another factor that has helped in closing the gap between casinos and the broader gaming market. Both gaming sites and apps as well as online casinos allow payment in cryptocurrencies.
The Ways That Online Casinos Have Impacted The Gaming Market

While Bitcoin is the most recognised digital currency, others are permitted as well. On gaming platforms, games can be bought using them. And online casinos allow them for both holding deposits and making stakes.

  • Online security – There are also widespread security measures for both to ensure both safety and ease of mind while playing. Security providers not only make sure to protect private data they also remind players not to disclose sensitive information during in-game chats.

Traditional Games Combine Casino Games

But perhaps the most interesting development intertwining the casino and gaming industries is the option for putting stakes in regular games. An example is Witcher games, which has a mini-game of dice poker, which is a lot like real poker.

On the other hand, some casino games can be played for free, like regular games. Demo versions also offer an opportunity to play them for free. These can help beginners to learn the ropes of the game while enjoying them at the same time.

Popular Games In 2022

With a wide variety of options available, games continue to be a recreational activity of choice in 2022. The most played casino games this year are:

  • Slingo – This is one example of a popular game in 2022 for which free versions are available. The game combines the thrill of popular Slot games and the grid-based Bingo.
  • Bingo – The game on which the Slingo layout is based has continued to be popular too. Monopoly Casino is just one of the many online casinos offering casino bingo games.
The Ways That Online Casinos Have Impacted The Gaming Market

Engaging features fuel the popularity of these games. Online Bingo chatrooms create a social atmosphere and can help in resolving players’ queries.

Monopoly casino even has a welcome offer where for just £10, a player can get up to £50 worth of free Bingo tickets. The £20,000 daily jackpot offered for some varieties of Bingo provides the excitement of winning big too.

  • Slots – Unsurprisingly, Slots also continue to stay popular in 2022. They are possibly the simplest game around which makes them easy for newbies.
  • Poker – Games like Texas hold ‘em, Omaha and 7-Card stud are also evergreen. These online versions are a take on the original game, which is as much about luck as reading the opponent.
  • BlackJack – Another all-time favourite remains popular in 2022 too. From the casinos of Las Vegas to online casinos, it is actively played by gamers.

Merging Casino Games In The Gaming Market

The Ways That Online Casinos Have Impacted The Gaming Market

With continued expected growth in online gaming, and indeed online casinos, there’s little doubt that the gaming market will keep thriving. The coming together of casino games with regular ones is a fascinating development, enabled by a host of factors.

Rapid infrastructure creation over the past decades has enabled continuous access to high-speed internet. And a growing digital payment network has made it easy and secure to transact online. Even rising online security by gaming providers and the rise of cryptocurrencies has pushed online gaming forward.

An interesting development is how casino games can now be built into regular games. And casino games are available to play for free, much like traditional games as well.

Games like Slingo remain in high demand in 2022. But Bingo and Slots, on which the game is based, are widely played too in many variations. Poker and BlackJack are two other evergreen favourites too.

It is clear that casinos’ transition online is changing the gaming market already. Maybe in the next stage of evolution casino games and regular games will not be different from each other at all!

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