Onsite Coworking Bliss: NYC Condos for Modern Professionals

In anticipation of International Coworking Day on August 9th, let’s explore a selection of opulent condominium buildings in the heart of New York City that boast dedicated onsite coworking facilities for their esteemed residents.

As the landscape of work continues to evolve, with hybrid and remote schedules becoming integral to modern life, these luxurious residences provide a seamless blend of comfort, convenience, and productivity.

547 West 47th Street: Where Luxury Meets Productivity

Nestled within the vibrant pulse of Manhattan’s West Side, 547 West 47th Street stands as a testament to luxurious urban living. Crafted inside and out by the renowned Dutch-based firm Concrete, this transformative 12-story luxury condominium offers a range of studio to two-bedroom residences.

Onsite Coworking Bliss: NYC Condos for Modern Professionals
Image: Ewout Huibers

The remarkable feature that sets this building apart is its expansive 30,000-square-foot indoor/outdoor amenity space, aptly named “The West Residence Club.” Designed to foster a sense of community and connection, the shared amenities provide an array of conveniences, including a dedicated coworking haven.

Residents seeking an inspiring workspace can avail themselves of a sophisticated coworking space and a conference room thoughtfully designed to enhance productivity. This dynamic environment allows residents to seamlessly transition between work and leisure, all within the comforts of their abode.

SELENE: Elevating Work and Living Spaces

In the heart of Midtown Manhattan, SELENE emerges as a fully realized contemporary landmark. Conceived by the ingenious minds of Foster + Partners and acclaimed AD100 recipient William T. Georgis, SELENE offers an immediate embodiment of sophistication. The residences, with no more than three per floor, provide captivating vistas of New York’s iconic landmarks, transitioning from day to night in a mesmerizing dance of light.

Onsite Coworking Bliss: NYC Condos for Modern Professionals
Image: Williams New York

The Atlas Club & Library, a hub of refinement spanning the third and fourth floors, is a haven for focused work and meetings. This curated space encompasses private meeting rooms, including an Executive Board Room, as well as a meticulously curated library. Here, residents can seamlessly merge work and relaxation in an environment defined by elegance.

One United Nations Park: A Fusion of Elegance and Functionality

Rising majestically above the East River, One United Nations Park presents an assemblage of 148 exquisite condominium residences, each an ode to contemporary living. Beginning from the 28th floor, these residences, ranging from one to four bedrooms, offer spacious layouts and expansive floor-to-ceiling windows.

Onsite Coworking Bliss: NYC Condos for Modern Professionals
Image: One United Nations

The allure of duplexes with outdoor terraces on the 28th and 29th floors further enriches the living experience, with select units boasting double-height great room spaces and private internal elevators. The allure, however, extends beyond the residences themselves. An extensive suite of services and amenities awaits, including a resident lounge seamlessly integrated with a private co-working haven. This harmonious blend of work and leisure transforms the way residents perceive their living spaces.

110 North 1st Street: Redefining Work-Life Balance

At the heart of Brooklyn’s coveted Williamsburg neighbourhood, 110 North 1st Street stands as a beacon of modern luxury. Conceived through a collaboration between EDRE Development and DXA Studio, this development redefines the concept of work-from-home comfort. The ground floor welcomes residents with a trifecta of spaces: The Lobby, The Library, and The Lounge.

Onsite Coworking Bliss: NYC Condos for Modern Professionals

Adorned with double-height ceilings featuring textured mashrabiya, the lobby exudes an aura of grandeur. Within this space, suspended seating, a fireplace, and a bar create an ideal setting for remote work and gatherings, imbued with an air of sophistication.

Brooklyn Point: A Fusion of Artistry and Utility

Perched above City Point in Downtown Brooklyn, Brooklyn Point stands as a 720-foot masterpiece. Designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox with interiors by Katherine Newman Design, this tower boasts 483 luxury residences. The culmination of Upper East Side refinement and Brooklyn’s vibrant energy, Brooklyn Point marries diverse design influences to create a space that is both industrial chic and artistically inspired.

Onsite Coworking Bliss: NYC Condos for Modern Professionals

The pinnacle of this artistic haven is the Park Lounge, a triple-height sanctuary featuring a signature bar, salon, fireplace, and co-working enclave. Here, residents can immerse themselves in an ambience that blends Scandinavian influences with an industrial edge, forging a space that effortlessly nurtures creativity and productivity.

Front & York: Fostering Connectivity and Focus

Embodying the essence of luxury in DUMBO, Front & York stands as a beacon of modern living. The meticulously designed coworking lounge, a creation of Morris Adjmi Architects, epitomizes the perfect fusion of work and leisure. This inviting space offers an array of seating options, along with private and collaborative workspaces.

Onsite Coworking Bliss: NYC Condos for Modern Professionals
Image: Colin Miller

To further enhance the work experience, residents are treated to the delights of Devoción Café downstairs, ensuring that both caffeine and creativity flow freely. It’s no wonder that the residents of Front & York readily embrace this haven of productivity, making it an integral part of their daily routines.

In conclusion, these exceptional luxury condo buildings redefine the concept of remote work, transforming residences into dynamic spaces where work and leisure coexist harmoniously. As International Coworking Day approaches, these havens of productivity serve as a testament to the evolving landscape of modern living, embodying a synergy between luxury, convenience, and professional growth.

Featured Image: One United Nations

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