Origin City: A Culinary Journey from Farm to Plate in West Smithfield

Origin City, a brand-new restaurant, recently opened its doors and it is a delightful addition to the West Smithfield dining scene.

Operated by the same team behind the successful 56 West Smithfield Wine Bar & Shop, which made its debut last year, this family-run establishment promises a unique and unforgettable dining experience.

A Farm-to-Plate Culinary Adventure

At its core, Origin City embodies the family’s deep-rooted passions, seamlessly blending them to create an authentic pasture-to-plate dining adventure. From the delectable food and beverages to the meticulously designed interiors, Origin City brings together the elegance of British fine dining, cherished family traditions, a hint of rugged Scottish charm, and the art de vivre of Provence.

Origin City: A Culinary Journey from Farm to Plate in West Smithfield

One of the standout features of Origin City is its commitment to sourcing ingredients locally, ensuring an exceptional dining experience. All of the restaurant’s meat hails from the family’s sprawling 600-acre organic farm in Argyll, Scotland. Here, traditional heritage breeds such as Black Aberdeen Angus, Large Black, and Tamworth outdoor-reared pigs, alongside Texel Lamb, are lovingly raised.

For seafood enthusiasts, Origin City boasts an aquafarm connection—Loch Fyne Oyster. This aligns perfectly with their philosophy of sustainability. To complement the exquisite cuisine, Origin City offers an extensive wine list that showcases numerous award-winning wines from their organic family vineyard, Château De La Cômbe, in the heart of Provence.

Meet the Culinary Genius: Executive Chef Graham Chatham

Executive Chef Graham Chatham, with over 35 years of fine dining expertise, including stints at renowned establishments like Rules and The Langham, leads the kitchen at Origin City. He approaches his craft with a ‘no waste, great taste’ philosophy, creating dishes that celebrate every aspect of the animal.

Origin City: A Culinary Journey from Farm to Plate in West Smithfield

With in-house butchery facilities and state-of-the-art ageing methods, Origin City effortlessly provides a nose-to-tail dining experience that champions the finest of British cuisine. Graham’s culinary prowess shines as he reimagines British classics with a nod to the family’s heritage, resulting in an intriguing twist on familiar favourites.

Seasonal Delights and Timeless Classics

Origin City’s menu changes daily, ensuring guests enjoy the best of seasonal produce from the farm. Anticipate tantalizing dishes such as house-made charcuterie and pickles, Black Angus steak tartare, Deviled Ox Tongue, Tamworth Pork Tonnato, Aged Black pig cutlet with savoy cabbage and sauce charcutière, halibut Anchoïade, Grilled Texel Lamb with sweetbread, merguez, and salsa verde, alongside timeless classics like dry-aged Black Angus sirloin and ribeye.

The beverage offerings at Origin City are equally remarkable. Complementing the family’s wines, mixologist Giacomo has meticulously curated a special drinks menu. It features a selection of enticing apéritifs, handcrafted cocktails, and exquisite digestives. Expect to be captivated by punchy vermouths, the rich warmth of Scottish whisky, and the charm of amaro liqueurs.

Origin City: A Culinary Journey from Farm to Plate in West Smithfield

Elegance in Every Detail

Origin City provides an elegant yet intimate atmosphere. With tweed-backed banquettes, burgundy and emerald chairs, secluded booths, and long sharing tables adorned with crisp white tablecloths, the setting exudes style. Captivating murals grace the walls, while dark wood panelling, reclaimed oak floors, and low-hanging lights add to the ambience. An open kitchen at the rear of the restaurant allows guests to observe the chefs masterfully preparing dishes over the fire grill, adding a captivating culinary spectacle to their dining experience.

For those seeking an outdoor experience, Origin City offers a charming terrace—a Provençal haven in the heart of London. It’s the ideal spot to savour a pre-dinner apéritif or a crafted cocktail, surrounded by the allure of the city.

Origin City promises to be a culinary destination like no other, where every aspect of the dining experience is crafted with passion, precision, and a commitment to excellence. From the farm to your plate, this is a culinary journey you won’t want to miss.

In the heart of West Smithfield, Origin City is poised to make its mark as a must-visit destination for food connoisseurs and those seeking a memorable dining adventure.

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