Oscar de la Renta Spring Summer 2020 Collection

We take a closer look at the new Oscar de la Renta Spring Summer 2020 Ready-to-wear collection.

What, arguably, draws us the most to fashion is the world it creates. As soon as we see a specific look, we are immediately drawn to it. The idea that that is what we would look like the moment we wear it. The Oscar de la Renta Spring Summer 2020 ready-to-wear collection, however, made us dream of a better life! A life of cocktails, exotic destinations and lounging around elegant pools.

Over the past few seasons, designers Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim have explored looks and influences from exotic destinations. These have ranged from as wide as Morocco to India. For the Spring Summer 2020 collection, however, the brand looked inward to its founder’s homeland, the Dominican Republic. Not necessarily to the specific location itself but rather to a broader abstract idea of what Latin American influence looks like. Or perhaps rather how it makes us feel.

It is a light and summery collection that certainly celebrates less is more, but with a touch of elegance. Littered with micro-skirts, high hems and loose silhouettes, the collection is all about tropical comfort and movement. Perhaps most importantly it’s about freedom. Freedom from constraint and from structured silhouettes.

Although there are numerous pieces that either feature or is based on tailoring, the Oscar de la Renta Spring Summer 2020 collection uses these more as accessories as opposed to main elements of the look.

The colours are light, bright and flirty with a generous dollop of the usage of Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim‘s patchwork-prints that adds a tropical-resort feel to it. Another prevalent silhouette used throughout is the short in the front, long in the back dress. While creating a more formal and elegant feel, the higher line in the front still keeps that fun and summer feel.

Although the collection is very much about the Latin American feel, it is a surprisingly versatile collection that will look as at home around a pool in the Dominican Republic, at a summer party in the Hamptons or even a work-lunch in the city.

Isabella Alexander

Fashion Editor

Having been in the Fashion Industry for over 25 years, Isabella Alexander currently serves as the Fashion Editor at Salon Prive Magazine. She and her team will bring you the latest news, campaigns, releases and shows from around the world.

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