5 Outfit Ideas Inspired By These Celebrity Fashionistas 

The seasons are changing and with it comes an array of new fashions to welcome Autumn and give our wardrobes new inspiration. We aren’t all lucky enough to have an amazing celebrity stylist, but we can gain some inspiration for new looks through our favourite fashionistas. 

Here are 5 looks we are loving by the talented celebrity stylists behind these celebrity fashionistas, and how you can recreate your own version.

Zendaya In Her Business Casual

Zendaya has an amazing array of looks and, let’s be honest, we love them all. She rocks anything from elegant to vibrant colours, to the perfect casual outfit. That’s why when we spotted her in this we knew it would give the perfect outfit inspiration. It is easy to replicate and is the perfect thing to wear for an evening out to dinner, or even if you just want to look good at the grocery store. 

To replicate this look, start with some low-rise, boot-cut jeans – any light wash will do. Pair with an oversized button-down shirt and a dress jacket that is fitted yet long. Finally, top it off with a simple black boot and a low pony and you have created the perfect casual, low-maintenance, yet classy look. 

Lorde And Her Golden Chic 

Lorde is normally one of the most free-spirited and original fashionistas out there and we love her for it. But she recently surprised us in the best way – by donning a chic Prada outfit that was truly perfection. This outfit is the perfect thing to wear to a fancy dinner party or show, to look elegant without being overdone. 

Start with any turtleneck maxi dress. If you can find one with a bit of shimmer, even better. Then pair it with a classic overcoat and some simple heels. Tie it all together with a shiny clutch and you are ready to hit the town. 

Hannah Crosskey and Her Beautiful Black on Brown 

Hannah Crosskey is not only an amazingly styled woman, but she’s also one of our favourite stylish moms. She adds comfort to style in a way that looks put together, while also comfortable and elegant all in one. This look is versatile and could be worn to the office, or even if you just need to run to the grocery store. 

Replicate this outfit by starting with black, wide-legged dress pants and again an oversized button-down shirt. Throw on a brown oversized sweater and a chunky scarf and tie everything together with a fun patterned flat.  

Storm Reid And Her Pop Of Colours

If you have watched Euphoria, you know that their style can be a little out there, but it’s fun and playful and everyone needs a little of that in their lives. Storm Reid recently donned a simple, yet perfect vibrant outfit, that is the best inspiration if you want to spice up your wardrobe. 

To get this look find yourself a long-sleeved bright-coloured romper and pair it with an equally bright clutch and some platform sandals. This outfit is perfect for when the sun peeks out to say hi during those colder Autumn months.

Rihanna And Her Goddess Jumpsuit 

Our fashionista inspiration wouldn’t be complete without the amazingly talented, soon-to-be-mom goddess Rihanna. She recently rocked an aqua jumpsuit that would be perfect for a night of clubbing, or let’s be honest, pretty much any outing if you look that good. 

This look can be replicated by finding yourself the perfect fitted jumpsuit with some matching stilettos and pairing it with a loose hoodie and parka. You can look relaxed and put together all in one.

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