This Season’s Fashion Trends For Women

You have to admit it – 2021 has been quite a year in the fashion world so far. This season has unveiled some of the most stylish and seriously bold designs yet. If you are into fashion, you have probably followed Fashion Weeks from Paris to Milan these days. Fashion Weeks are a great place to find inspiration for your outfits and predict the hottest trends. 

Various decades have influenced this season’s looks and fashion experts are amazed. Bold blue bags, interesting blazers, and numerous fancy face masks are just some of the examples. Still, it’s important to choose outfits that are easy to wear in your everyday life. Whether you need a new look for dinners, dates, or work occasions, it’s important to have clothes that make you feel comfortable and self-confident. The good news is that many designers were inspired by street style, social media, and youth culture this season, which makes most designs extremely wearable. 

To wrap it up, here is everything you need to know about fashion trends for women this season. Follow this simple guide and you will look your best in 2021. Let’s dive in!


This doesn’t come as a surprise – jumpsuits have been extremely popular over the last few years. They are versatile, they look effortless and you can combine them with numerous pieces from your wardrobe. A good, high-quality jumpsuit is a classic and a must-have for every woman. It’s trendy, eye-catching, and perfect for many occasions. 
Let’s imagine you have been invited to a wedding or glamorous party. Stylists recommend jumpsuits as a great, stylish option. JOVANI Wedding Guest Dresses proudly present chic jumpsuits as a part of their collection and the most popular colours are blue, white, and pink. By adding some jewellery or an extravagant pair of shoes, you will certainly be the centre of attention at any event.

Jumpsuits are also super comfortable. Made of cotton, polyester, or other soft fabrics, they will make you feel light and free to move around (unlike many maxi dresses). Make sure the fabric is stretchy and breathable when you go shopping for your perfect jumpsuit.

They are also very flattering on most body types. They enhance your shape easily and make you look thinner and taller.

Oversized Shoulder Pad Boyfriend Jackets

This look is inspired by the 80s and it plays with shapes, creating a long silhouette. If you don’t already own one, an oversized boyfriend blazer is a piece you must invest in this 2021. Many ladies don’t like shoulder pads, but they can really help you accent your waist and elongate your gorgeous legs. 

The most popular blazer colours this season are neutral, blue, and charcoal. You can pair it with leather shorts, or straight-leg pants to get the best effect. Make sure you try out this amazing trend. It looks effortless, yet chic.

Bucket Hats

Putting together the ultimate summer wardrobe can be challenging sometimes. Yet, this fashion trend can change your whole look in no time. If you enjoy your baseball cap, you will be disappointed. Bucket hats are everywhere these days. Even fashion icons such as Bella Hadid and Rihanna are wearing them. This trend became popular in 2020 but it’s still rocking the fashion world. Whether you choose floral print, leopard print, or a vintage leather hat, you will definitely get noticed this summer.

Head Scarfs

Another era that inspired today’s trends is the 60s. Head scarfs are coming back in a big way. These sleek accessories add a finishing touch to any outfit while protecting your hair from sun and wind. Depending on your personal style, you can choose simple patterns but bold colours or floral motives. Intricate patterns are also very popular, as well as block letters. Leave your scarf hanging off the back of your head, wrap it under the chin, or just place it around your neck.

Scarves can also be a great accessory for your handbag. Make sure you pair a bold scarf with a more classic bag. That way you won’t overdo it and you will certainly look more elegant and chic. After all, a fashion icon Grace Kelly was known for her headscarves. You can look her up online and find a lot of inspiration.

White Knee High Boots

Let’s go back to the 60s again and appreciate this iconic, sexy trend – white knee-high boots. Many ladies think this item is difficult to pull off and they often feel insecure about it. Not knowing how to style them is the biggest problem. Experts suggest wearing them with a cool pair of leggings or a funky, patterned mini skirt. If you need some inspiration, check out Nancy Sinatra’s outfits from the mid-century. If styled correctly, these boots can be your staple piece. They look very sexy but still effortless and comfortable.

Hoodies Under Blazers

This Season's Fashion Trends For Women |
Kendall Jenner wearing a Gucci hoodie with a red blazer from Magda Butrym at Paris Fashion Week | Image: Magda Butrym

This is one of the most popular styles for women this season. Everybody loves their cosy hoodie, but this one comes with a special twist. Wearing a blazer over your hoodie used to be very bald but now it’s practically mainstream. 

Still, designers recommend looking for a slimmer, darker hoodie, without too much graphic. When you pair it with denim or a slack blazer you will probably become a fashion inspiration to many.

Cropped Cardigans

A high-quality cropped cardigan can give you an extra cute look. Gucci, Prada, and Bethany Williams have really set this trend up this season during Fashion Week. They recommend pairing it with midi skirts or even sweatpants if you are bold enough. 

This vintage-inspired trend has been accepted by Forever 21 and Zara in no time and now it’s more popular than ever, especially amongst younger girls. High-waisted jeans are a great solution for you if you are wearing a cropped cardigan but you don’t want to show too much skin. But the most important thing is that you will feel super comfortable all day long. 

Compared to the mostly neutral looks of 2020, this 2021 has brought us much bolder designs that feel fresh, youthful, and edgy. This may be a consequence of the global lockdown. People feel that they need to start living again and fashion trends mirror their emotions. Following trends can be a lot of fun, but make sure you choose the ones that suit your personality. Enjoy fashion, your beauty, and your life!

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