Passeport Tranquillité: For The Bugatti Ownership Journey That Offers Total Peace Of Mind

New Bugatti Passeport Tranquillité service program launches worldwide for Veyron and Chiron owners, giving Bugatti drivers peace of mind to enjoy their hyper sports car all the time.

The heart and soul of any Bugatti model is its engine and signature power delivery. At the core of the Bugatti Veyron and Chiron1 is an evolution of groundbreaking engineering: an 8.0-liter, quad-turbocharged W16 engine that can deliver a power output well over 1,000hp. Such finely a tuned, high-tech masterpiece of a powertrain is assured of the distinctive Bugatti character and performance, but only with regular care and attention for servicing and maintenance.

Passeport Tranquillité: For The Bugatti Ownership Journey That Offers Total Peace Of Mind

Bugatti ownership is now easier than ever, with the launch of the Passeport Tranquillité service program. Now Veyron and Chiron owners can choose complete peace of mind with the new service program which includes one service per year with an official Bugatti service partner. Additional planned elements will be the premium roadside recovery service and a Bugatti-branded car care kit featuring a wide range of cleaning and detailing materials.

The Passeport Tranquillité is designed to cover vehicle life after the end of the Bugatti-provided standard warranty period. Customers can be assured that they will continue to have access to the services that will keep their Veyron and Chiron models well maintained and in peak condition. This means that Bugatti drivers can continue to enjoy the certainty of maintenance and upkeep of their unique hyper sports car, happy knowing that a team of highly qualified and dedicated technicians know how to ensure their Bugatti’s optimum performance.

Tailored plans for Veyron and Chiron owners

The Passeport Tranquillité Veyron service program can be split over a two- or four-year plan to best suit the customer and their own unique requirements. Both options include one service per year performed by officially trained Bugatti technicians, covering the requirement for the Veyron to undergo a biennial service, estimated at around 14 hours, and a service taking around 32 hours to complete in alternating years.

What is more, the Veyron customers’ plan provides the choice of ‘Active’ or ‘Collector’ plans, with the program tailored to meet the needs of their driving habits. Bugatti recognizes that the highly designed, era-defining Veyron model might now form part of a collection, rather than being driven regularly. But even hyper sports cars that record a minimal distance every year require servicing, in order to deliver that incredible Bugatti performance whenever required. The ‘Collector’ option provides high-quality service and maintenance for Veyron models that do not exceed 200km a year, a plan tailored for reduced activity, while the ‘Active’ profile caters to frequent drivers. Both options ensure Bugatti drivers can turn the key and enjoy their prized Veyron at any time.

The Passeport Tranquillité Chiron program is set for four years, designed to reflect the Chiron’s specific service intervals. The Chiron plan includes a service every year, taking into account the requirement for an annual ‘Low’ service, taking up to 14 hours of workshop time, then a ‘Major’ service every four years, completed in around 72 hours by highly skilled and officially trained Bugatti technicians.

Owners of multiple Bugatti models can tailor a Passeport Tranquillité package to meet their needs.

Exclusive Bugatti service plan extras

In the unlikely event of a Veyron or Chiron having a mechanical fault, an additional future planned feature is, the customer being able to arrange for their Bugatti to be transported to an authorized Bugatti Service Partner in just one call. This service is planned to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, anywhere in the world. The premium recovery service will be exclusive to Bugatti owners and will provide onward personal travel for the customer while organizing for their Veyron or Chiron to be taken care of by a service partner.

Customers are not fixed to a specific Bugatti Service Partner for the life of the Passeport Tranquillité plan. The new service plan has launched at all official Bugatti Service Partners in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, with a planned roll-out to cover North America in the summer of 2021.

Trevor Hodgson-Phillips, Global Aftersales Business Manager at Bugatti Automobiles, said: “This exclusive new program provides our customers with a complete sense of ‘peace of mind’ when it comes to the care and maintenance of their prized Bugatti Veyron or Chiron. We are designing this plan with our customers at the forefront. We are tailoring the program with the flexibility of plans and additional valued components, such as roadside recovery, providing the customer with the certainty of service and maintenance, and in doing so providing the utmost peace of mind and tranquillité.

Passeport Tranquillité: For The Bugatti Ownership Journey That Offers Total Peace Of Mind

The Passeport Tranquillité is assigned to the Bugatti vehicle, rather than the customer, so the plan will pass onto the new driver if ever the hyper sports car is sold. This can potentially add to the value of the model while also giving the buying customer extra peace of mind that official Bugatti technicians have maintained their Veyron or Chiron. All Bugatti models joining the Passeport Tranquillité plan must first pass a thorough 85-point inspection by a Bugatti service partner.

Although the previous Veyron Loyalty Maintenance Program is no longer available for purchase, existing contracts will remain valid until the original service contract period expires or all applicable services are utilized.


Founded in 1909, the French car manufacturer Automobiles Ettore Bugatti has established its name as one of the top names within the world of high-performance automobiles. Having cemented its reputation as "the brand that combines an artistic approach with superior technical innovations in the world of super sports cars."