Paul Smith Spring Summer 2020 Collection

The Paul Smith Spring Summer 2020 Collection is a striking pastel-coloured menswear collection which celebrates tailoring in all its glory.

Paul Smith is tailoring. There is no beating around the bush. Many brands move away and return to tailoring as the trends blow but there are a few exceptions. Labels like Paul Smith, however, has never really never left it behind.

During the last season’s collection, we saw quite a bit of tailoring throughout in shows like Louis Vuitton but this season, the popularity of tailoring is in absolute full swing. That’s right gents, chuck out the jeans and get out the tailored trousers.

The Paul Smith Spring Summer 2020 Collection, their eighty-second show, is a celebration of everything tailored. The collection sees everything from the pin-stripe to the double-breasted suit.

When we say that it’s all tailoring, we really mean all tailoring. The influence of tailoring has even stretched through to the casual and streetwear pieces. Another strong trend that is prevalent throughout is pastel colours. The mix of soft pastels with bright pastel colours creates a funky yet retro look that is an edgy blend of elegance and dare. The Paul Smith Spring Summer 2020 Collection is styled with contrasting pants, mono-colour dressing and fitted shoulders with elongated and baggy silhouettes.

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