Perfect Trip from Vienna to Prague: The Ultimate Guide

Have you been having dreams about going on the perfect Europe trip? We know just the right thing for you, then! Navigating from Vienna to Prague can be extremely fun and exciting if you know where to stop, what to see, and how to have the best possible time. We will guide you so that you can plan the perfect trip.

Check If You Need Schengen Visa

First things first, both Vienna and the Chez Republic require Schengen visas. Check the lists to see if one is needed from your country. If so, do not procrastinate and apply for it beforehand. It might take you some time to acquire one, and it will also involve a lot of paperwork that you might not have prepared.

For our American readers, be sure to check out our guide on the real difference between a US Passport Book vs Passport Card to help you to plan your trip without any added stress.

Choose The Best Time to Visit

Deciding when to go on this incredible trip can depend on many things. First, check the weather conditions, tourist flow, and available tourist attractions. We, however, suggest spring or early autumn. The climate is very similar in both cities, and mild weather brings mild crowds. So not only will you not have to suffer the intense sun and heat, but you will also be able to explore more freely, without brushing shoulders with other tourists.

Crispy autumn in Vienna


Once you have decided on the when you should find comfortable transportation, your whole trip will depend on it.

  • If you choose Vienna to Prague train, it will take you four and a half hours to get there, and you will see plenty of beautiful things from the train. It will also not cost you much! The only downside is that you will not get to hop off at any of the stops in between unless you are willing to purchase a new ticket every time.
  • You can also go by bus. It will take you the same amount of time as going by train, but the tickets are a bit cheaper, though you might not have as much comfort as you would on a railway; there is less space for everything.
  • The overall distance from Vienna to Prague is 333 km, which is just a little over three hours drive if you go by car. Of course, you can always rent one, and it will ultimately offer you a lot of freedom with your travels, but that will cost you a bit more than choosing public transportation. However, it will all be worth it because you will get to stop wherever and whenever you want, explore, rest, and go at your own pace.
Train in Vienna

Plan Your Stops

You will be travelling through some fabulous places on the road trip Vienna-Prague. Plan some stops!

  • Romerstadt Carnuntum

Your first stop could be Romerstadt Carnuntum, a museum in Austria, driving in the direction of Prague. The fascinating thing about it is that it was built after Ancient Roman designs. So, yes, you are still in Austria, but at the same time, it feels like you are visiting Italy!

  • Schloss Hof

Schloss Hof is a palace located in Austria, near the border with Slovakia. You will be fascinated by its Baroque style and history. Now the castle is a part of the imperial estates!

Schloss Hof
  • Kutna Hora

Kutna Hora is a city east of Prague, only thirty minutes off the main road. It is famous for the St. Barbara’s Chruch, a beautiful architectural piece of Gothic style. The city itself is charming and calm, so do not hesitate to roam around before arriving at your final destination!

Perfect Trip from Vienna to Prague: The Ultimate Guide

Do you feel more ready for your trip now? We certainly hope so. Follow our guide and plan the most fantastic road trip of your life. The beauty of Central Europe will grip you tight and will not let go!

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