French Delights: Perrotin Exhibition at Bodrum Loft Resort

Bodrum Loft recently announced an exclusive collaboration with Perrotin, a renowned art gallery, and a captivating exhibition for the summer.

Aptly named “French Delights,” this extraordinary exhibition will be open to the public from 1 July to 10 September 2023, inviting guests of the resort and art enthusiasts alike to indulge in a visual feast.

French Delights: Perrotin Exhibition at Bodrum Loft Resort

Curated Selection of Sculptures by Perrotin Artists

Curated by the talented Selcan Atilgan, the French Delights exhibition showcases a remarkable collection of 18 sculptures by esteemed artists affiliated with Perrotin. This carefully chosen ensemble includes masterpieces by Iván Argote, Jean-Marie Appriou, Daniel Arsham, Wim Delvoye, Elmgreen & Dragset, Laurent Grasso, Gregor Hildebrandt, Klara Kristalova, Takashi Murakami, Jean-Michel Othoniel, Paola Pivi, and Xavier Veilhan.

Embracing the richness and complexity of contemporary sculpture, the exhibited works epitomize a diverse array of subjects. From false archaeology and folklore to human and animal worlds, abstraction, and formalism, each sculpture captivates with its unique narrative.

The selection not only encompasses a variety of themes but also showcases an array of techniques and materials. Some pieces pay homage to traditional sculptural practices, utilizing techniques such as modelling, moulding, and material assembly. Others boldly break free from convention, venturing into innovative realms of artistic expression.

Luxurious Nature and Breathtaking Sea Views

Every location within the six acres of Bodrum Loft’s opulent natural surroundings has been thoughtfully chosen to craft a poetic journey for visitors. The exhibition seamlessly blends with the lush landscape and awe-inspiring sea views, amplifying the artistic experience. As guests explore the resort’s grounds, they encounter these enchanting sculptures, forming a harmonious union between art and nature.

French Delights: Perrotin Exhibition at Bodrum Loft Resort

In addition to the immersive exhibition, Bodrum Loft takes pleasure in hosting a Perrotin pop-up store within its premises. This exclusive retail space has been meticulously designed to provide visitors with the opportunity to acquire unique art pieces and mementoes, further enriching their artistic journey.

The Vision of Curator Selcan Atilgan

Curator Selcan Atilgan passionately shares her vision for the exhibition, aiming to ignite visitors’ imagination and foster a deeper understanding of the creative processes behind the sculpture. She encourages exploration, reflection, and interaction with the artworks, emphasizing the diverse ways in which sculptures can be conceptualized, presented, and engaged with.

French Delights: Perrotin Exhibition at Bodrum Loft Resort

The collaboration between Perrotin and Bodrum Loft for this exceptional project represents a significant milestone in the art world, destined to inspire and expand people’s perception of what sculpture truly embodies.

In conclusion, the French Delights exhibition at Bodrum Loft Resort promises an extraordinary artistic experience that merges culture, nature, and imagination. With its curated selection of sculptures, picturesque settings, and the vision of curator Selcan Atilgan, this event sets out to captivate and inspire visitors, unveiling the boundless possibilities of contemporary sculpture. Embark on this enchanting art trail and witness the fusion of French sophistication and Bodrum’s breathtaking allure.