Petaling Jaya’s Speakeasy Bar – 61 Monarchy

Just like a scene from a spy movie, the hidden jewel in PJ Uptown; the speakeasy bar 61 Monarchy can be discovered by identifying a Fleur de Lis emblem.

The familiar smell of Cuban rolls linger in the patio area makes one recall the taste of cigars over whisky, but not for long. 

We will be visiting the magician’s apprentice tonight; so let’s head into the main area. Indirect lighting and warm lights with heavy leather, wood and brass furnishing fill the place with a classy and inviting atmosphere.

61 Monarchy boasts a lavish library of whisky, liquors and aromatics collected from around the world; some for the daily affair and some almost seen as treasures extracted from private vaults.

I am greeted with a warm towel and a glass of water at the bar as Chew asks me for my choice of poison tonight. Its 11 pm and I am a little tired after work, perhaps stay for an hour to take a few more photos? Let’s go with “Something easy tonight”  

Chew makes a daiquiri the way Ernest Hemmingway liked his after a long day; unsweetened and oversized. With a twist of grapefruit juice, aromatic oils and liquor, the drink has a smooth and silky texture. The slight tingling rum burn sensation down your throat does provide a little kick and perhaps will help me to stay awake a little more to enjoy the evening. 

It is said that Hemmingway had up to 16 of these in one seating… beware, it’s a smooth criminal, sweet and silky but packs one hell of a punch.

As I finish up my drink, to my right was Chris. Chris is Monarchy’s in house whisky master and can be seen here doing his usual rounds of whisky studies. Whether you are a big fan of whisky or have just started exploring, this place will guide you along your journey.

61 Monarchy
Whisky Bar
Jalan SS21/1A,
47400 Petaling Jaya

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