Best Places To Live In The US For Sports Fans

There is no doubt that, for many sports fans around the world, the United States of America is one of the best places to live when it comes down to attending live events.

Although those that prefer football (soccer) may be entitled to disagree and would perhaps suggest England because of the level of the Premier League, America can boast some of the best competitive leagues across a variety of different sports that have since become incredibly popular around the world.

American Football and Basketball are just two of those sports that have since gained a huge international following with fans from all around the world cheering on their favourite teams and wishing that they would be able to watch them play a match live in person at one point in their lives, whilst Ice Hockey and Baseball are other major professional sports that continue to see their appeal grow in various parts of the world.

However, for lovers of all of these sports, there are a number of states within the US that make it possible to experience all of them within a close radius, thus making the cities in which they are situated amongst some of the very best in the world.

Let’s take a look at just some of the best cities the US has to offer for sports fans wishing to see live sporting events:

Best Places To Live In The US For Sports Fans


There is no doubt that Boston, Massachusetts, is one of the best sporting cities to live in within America, as the location is home to a number of professional teams that have gone on to accomplish everything possible within their respective competition, thus making it full of history and tradition.

The New England Patriots once dominated the NFL; the Boston Bruins were one of the original teams in the NHL; the Boston Celtics have been hugely successful in the NBA, whilst the Boston Red Sox are known around the world for their accomplishments in the MLB.


Detroit might not be the place that many of the best teams call home, however, it is one that sports fans might just call the best for other reasons.

Of course, teams such as the Detroit Lions, the Detroit Red Wings, the Detroit Pistons, and the Detroit Tigers may represent the city of Michigan comprehensively, however, the city is full of sports enthusiasts. Indeed, it is clear that this is the case as sports betting revenues in Michigan are breaking all records currently, thus showing just how much fun a fan can have in the state!

Best Places To Live In The US For Sports Fans

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is another city that can be considered to be excellent for sports fans to live in, as there are a number of huge franchises that continue to participate in the major professional leagues.

The LA Lakers and LA Clippers compete in the NBA and are known as elite teams, whilst the area is also home to the LA Chargers and LA Rams in the NFL, LAFC, and LA Galaxy in MLS, as well as LA Dodgers and the LA Angels in MLB. There is no shortage of teams to visit and watch here.

New York

New York is a lot like Los Angeles when thinking about the number of different sports teams that compete within the city, as there are multiple teams located within a short radius of each other. The Giants and Jets share a stadium just outside of the city, but the New York Knicks is an option for those who enjoy the NBA. Additionally, the Rangers and Islanders compete in the NHL, whereas the Yankees and the Mets participate in the MLB with the Red Bulls and NYFC in the MLS.