Planning A Workcation In The Bahamas? Here Are A Few Tips

Are you a fan of the tropical weather and seeking a Budget-friendly workcation location?

The Bahamas could be a great place to look, as it offers numerous beaches. Islands surrounded by these beaches always keep you in vacation mode, while you can also spend some time working while staying in the Bahamas.

A workcation in the Bahamas makes sense, as you can visit the beaches early in the morning and late evenings when the weather is relatively more comfortable. Late mornings and afternoons can be spent working, as the sun will be scorching at this time, which is not a great time to be outdoors. 

If the idea of a workcation in the Bahamas seems tempting, here are a few tips that will help you plan this vacation.

1. Pick the Right Type of Lodging:

When looking for a work location, choosing a less noisy space that offers excellent workspaces makes sense. Accommodation should be such that you are not disturbed by the people next door. Usually, hotel rooms have a work area in the corner that you can use for your work.

Another feature you must look for when looking for accommodation is a Wi-Fi connection. Free Wi-Fi connectivity is critical if you plan to work from your home. But be sure to use a VPN to ensure that all of your data remains safe. This will ensure that your work is not interrupted. You also need to look for a place with a small attached kitchen so that whenever you are hungry, you can just hop in and make something for yourself.

Planning A Workcation In The Bahamas? Here Are A Few Tips

This way you can save some money. When you are staying at a place for more than a month, buying meals can get expensive every time you get hungry.

2. Choose a Workspace:

Renting a house or a cabin with a place to work is a must. When you go on a workcation, you must rent an appropriate workplace.

Dedicate a room and make it your workspace when you’re travelling that can become your Home Office away from home. This will help you separate your vacation mood from your work mode.

Also, using a good work table and ergonomic chair will ensure you do not injure your back, shoulder, or neck.

3. Stay Connected to the Internet:

When you are on vacation, you need more than just relying on the Wi-Fi of the accommodation.

You must always carry your own eSIM card with an unlimited data plan to stay connected to the Internet. Also, keeping your phone connected to the data is essential when you are travelling internationally.

You can activate the data plan on your existing eSIM card, get a local eSIM card with a cheaper data plan, or get a dedicated eSIM card with unlimited data.

4. Set a Schedule:

When you take a workcation, the volume of work may be huge, and you may be carried away into giving extra time to your work.

Planning A Workcation In The Bahamas? Here Are A Few Tips

While sometimes it is inevitable, understand that you are paying to stay in a location you wish to explore. Hence, spending all the time just working will not add to any experience.

You need to make sure to have enough time to explore the place. You can also take breaks in between work to go to nearby locations.

5. Stay the Right Amount of Time

Just visiting a location for 4 to 5 days and working alone is not a good idea. You will neither be able to concentrate on your work nor explore the places as it is beyond question in such a short amount of time.

When you plan a vacation, it should be in such a way that at least you can spend 3 to 4 weeks in that place.

This way, you will be comfortably able to work and use your free time to explore all the local areas listed in your itinerary. Plan at least a month of workcation in the location to focus on your work, relax, rest well, and enjoy the local sceneries.


Unlike the assumption made by many people, a vacation along with work can actually make you more productive, as your mind is refreshed by visiting a new place.

It is exciting to work from a new place always, which will, in turn, help you be more and more productive. However, it needs to be planned well, or else it could be otherwise.

Planning A Workcation In The Bahamas? Here Are A Few Tips

The availability of a good Internet connection is a must. The location and the duration also play essential factors in this case. 

A budget-friendly workcation not just refreshed your mind and makes you more productive but also gives you a chance to live like locals in the Bahamas and explore the place at leisure.