Plus-Size Clothing For Summer: 5 Trendy Looks

The summer season is full of options for looking bright, feminine, and appealing, and the right plus-size clothes are sure to help you achieve that goal. We have compiled 5 universal styles that will keep you comfortable even on the hottest of days, allowing you to look elegant, as well as to emphasize the smooth curves of your figure, while easily blending into current Summer trends.

Classic Shirt With An Airy Skirt

Plus-Size Clothing For Summer: 5 Trendy Looks

A shirt with a classic silhouette is a base from which you can create an image for any occasion. In order for it to fit well on the figure, the fabric must be dense enough and keep its shape. A straight cut and a minimum of accessories are the key signs of an actual thing that will serve you for more than one season.

For summer, light shades are best, but do not get carried away with pastels: pure white, cream or grey look more expensive and will fit easier into a wardrobe. Alternatively, you can choose a plus-size shirt with an unusual detail: for example, with graceful buttons, a stand-up collar, or an original print. At the same time, the general mood should remain restrained – too catchy models will quickly disappear from fashionable radars.

There are endless choices on how to wear a shirt, but this summer you should try to wear it with an airy skirt just below the knee or ankle length. A light flare or a hint of pleating will look especially good – this skirt can be found in the wardrobes of every fashionable woman this season, from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to Kate Middleton. A set with a shirt will allow you to play on a combination of textures, saving the image from excessive frivolity and the softness of lines.

Plus-Size Clothing For Summer: 5 Trendy Looks

Slip Dress And Loose Jacket

The slip dress has not left the fashion charts for several seasons. Not surprisingly, it is difficult to come up with a more universal and at the same time beautiful thing. A silk slip dress can be worn in the office without a strict dress code, and in the evening, go on a date or meet with friends in a trendy bar. Give preference to A-line models of midi length or slightly below – this is the most complementary option to the figure.

If you want to create a more romantic look add an oversized jacket. It will give the look fragility, especially if you tug on the sleeves slightly to expose your wrists. At the same time, you should not get carried away by choosing hyper-volume silhouettes: it is enough for the jacket to sit freely and relaxed.

Linen plus-size jackets will help to save yourself from the heat during the day, and in the evening you can put on a trendy jacket made of matte eco-leather. Complete your look with square toe sandals and you can easily compete with street style fashionistas.

Image In Total Black

Plus-Size Clothing For Summer: 5 Trendy Looks

A bet on black is always a win-win: it looks stylish and suitable for everyone, without exception. Black is good at any time of the year if you know how to style it correctly. The simplest option would be a black floor-length dress, which can be worn with black flip-flops or chunky sandals if you are going for a walk. In the evening, replace your shoes with sandals with thin straps and complement the look with gold jewellery – simple but effective. It is important that the dress has a neat accent on the waist to complement your beautiful curves.

If you are going to the office, instead of a dress, you can wear Bermuda shorts with a straight-cut jacket or a laconic shirt. To keep it cool in black, choose things made from natural materials: silk, thin cotton, linen or chiffon. For artificial fabrics, look for lyocell and modal, which are comfortable due to their breathability.

Puffed Sleeve Blouse With Wide-Leg Trousers

This season, puffed sleeve blouses returned to fashion and immediately became a must-have item. The impression will be enhanced by wide palazzo trousers with a high waist, which must be worn with heels. If the outside temperature is confidently approaching +30, replace the trousers with the same Bermuda shorts and a simple basic T-shirt will be the perfect addition to this image.

Flowing Dress With Accent Waist

Plus-Size Clothing For Summer: 5 Trendy Looks

Evening dresses are the hardest to choose, but if you know some simple rules it will become easier. Rely on minimalism – plus-size clothes with an abundance of decorative elements can look impressive, but at the same time add unnecessary volume. Instead of decor, increase the degree of elegance with fabric: thick silk or linen or premium quality cotton would be ideal.

For the image to be harmonious and proportional, the dress should be fitted, but not tight-fitting. Slightly increased sleeve volume will help create a beautiful X-silhouette while also showing that you are in trend. Choose the length depending on the solemnity of the event: for the wedding of friends in a panoramic restaurant, it is appropriate to wear a floor-length dress with a high slit, and for a presentation or opening of an exhibition, a dress with a mid-calf wrap is better.

By the way, a dress is not the only option for an evening with a cocktail dress code. You can wear a classic suit with a silk top, trousers with a flowing blouse, or a lingerie-style skirt with a jacket – do not be afraid to experiment. For inspiration, check out the Adrift collection of plus-size clothing that looks great on women of all shapes and sizes. It takes experimentation to find your ideal style, and any advice only sets the course.

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