Ravi Chandran’s Post-Retirement Ventures in Hospitality and Real Estate

Embarking on a journey post-retirement, Ravi Chandran, the esteemed former chief executive of Laguna Phuket, emerges as a beacon of inspiration in the realms of hospitality and real estate.

With 25 years of dedicated service at Banyan Tree Holdings under his belt, Ravi’s transition into a multifaceted role reflects a profound commitment to societal well-being and impactful projects.

In this exploration, we delve into the chapters of Ravi’s life after corporate leadership, tracing his involvement with the Chandran Foundation, his foray into eco-sensitive projects like Urasaya Beachfront Residences, and his pivotal role in reshaping Amora Hotels & Resorts.

This narrative unfolds a compelling tale of purpose, resilience, and the pursuit of positive change in the vibrant landscape of Southeast Asia.

A Call to Purpose: Ravi’s Contribution to Society

Ravi Chandran, former chief executive of Laguna Phuket, has seamlessly transitioned into a new phase of life, driven by a deep-rooted desire to make a positive contribution to society. In an exclusive interview, he shared, “My father, Cpt. Chandran MBE OBE was a passionate campaigner for social housing. Before he passed away, he set up the Chandran Foundation, which focuses on the welfare of young people in areas of education, nutrition, and family.”

Ravi Chandran's Post-Retirement Ventures in Hospitality and Real Estate

Ravi has been serving as a Special Project Manager for the foundation, led by his sister Chitra, for the last 15 months, dedicating his time to meaningful causes.

Reflections on 25 Years with Banyan Tree Holdings

Having dedicated 25 years to Banyan Tree Holdings, Ravi Chandran’s decision to step down was met with curiosity. He expressed his love for the time spent with the company and the honour of working directly with founder KP Ho.

However, after two and a half decades and the challenges posed by Covid, Ravi felt the need to slow down and distance himself from the day-to-day operations. Proud of Banyan Tree’s role in supporting the “Phuket Sandbox” initiative, he emphasized the importance of restarting Thailand’s tourism industry.

The Pursuit of Relaxation: Life After Leading Asia’s Top Resort Destination

Transitioning into retirement presented a unique challenge for Ravi, who, after leading Asia’s premier integrated resort destination, had to redefine his routine. He shared, “For six months, I travelled, exercised, and ate well. Living in Phuket, I took long early morning walks every day, helping me refocus. Surprisingly, I wasn’t bored. I enjoyed this time immensely and had plenty to keep me busy, including spending quality time with my wife and cats.”

Ravi’s return to work was spurred by unexpected opportunities, primarily through connections cultivated over the years. One such venture is the Urasaya Beachfront Residences, an eco-sensitive project at Sichon Beach.

Ravi was intrigued by the project’s focus on providing an escape for those who love Thailand but seek solace away from mainstream tourist areas. He sees potential in Sichon, describing it as a place that feels like Thailand 30 years ago – peaceful, authentic, and natural.

Shaping the Future: Involvement with Amora Hotels & Resorts

Ravi’s involvement with Amora Hotels & Resorts reflects his commitment to aligning with like-minded organizations.

A family-run hotel group with properties in both Thailand and Australia, Amora seeks Ravi’s expertise to transition from a traditional legacy hotel group to a modern hospitality company. Ravi is optimistic about the grand opening of Amora Beach Resort Phuket in February, following a substantial THB 500 million investment.

Venturing into Real Estate: Gardens of Eden

His foray into real estate involves advising on a substantial 73 rai destination-wellness concept, Gardens of Eden.

Ravi was approached by a former colleague, intrigued by the project’s nature-inspired blend of wellness, luxury, and sustainability. Located on Bangtao Beach, this development aims to set a new standard for large-scale projects by retaining 70% of the total area as green space.

As Ravi Chandran finds joy in his current ventures, he emphasizes the freedom to choose projects aligned with positive change. Balancing professional commitments with cherished family time, Ravi looks forward to the future with a sense of contentment and purpose.

In conclusion, Ravi Chandran’s post-retirement journey unveils a narrative of purpose, reinvention, and impactful contributions. From steering the Chandran Foundation towards noble causes to lending his expertise to ventures like Urasaya Beachfront Residences, Amora Hotels & Resorts, and Gardens of Eden, Ravi exemplifies a commitment to positive change.

His reflections on the past 25 years with Banyan Tree Holdings and the subsequent pursuit of a balanced life showcase resilience and adaptability. As he revels in the joy of meaningful projects and family moments, Ravi’s story becomes an inspiring testament to embracing new chapters with passion and purpose, proving that retirement is merely a gateway to fresh opportunities and continued growth.

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