Reasons To Get A HydraFacial According To Pambr

To maintain healthy skin, you will want to be certain to clean your skin twice per day. You’ll want to use a cleanser that’s appropriate for your skin type. You likely have an entire skincare routine full of cleansers, toners, balms, wipes, and more. However, despite following a strict and optimized skincare routine, you could find your skin still lacking the shine you want.

It’s not until you get a Hydrafacial treatment that you will learn how much excess dirt, dead skin, and makeup is still stuck on your skin even after gentle cleansing. The best esthetician performing a Hydrafacial is a great way to deep clean your skin. It gets rid of a lot of bacteria, dirt, and grime that you cannot reach with other cleansers. It’s hard to believe how effective a Hydrafacial is until you’ve used one and looked at the water afterward.

Reasons To Get A HydraFacial According To Pambr

All of the oil, dirt, and other deposits are all collected in this jar where you can see how much was removed throughout the Hydrafacial procedure.

Lymphatic Drainage

This is where your Hydrafacial gets started. The first step is performed with a glass device. This device is gently placed against your skin. It utilizes light pressure and gently strokes your skin. The purpose is to increase the flow of lymph in your body. It’s meant to increase the speed at which your body removes toxins. Lymph is the clear fluid that is primarily made up of white blood cells.

These white blood cells rest in your tissues. Your entire lymphatic system is an essential component of a healthy body because it’s meant to ward off infections and bacteria. By activating the lymphatic system and draining it, viruses and bacteria can be effectively removed from your body.

Reasons To Get A HydraFacial According To Pambr

Helps With Under Eye Puffiness

There are plenty of different symptoms that you will notice by looking at one’s eyes. You can generally tell if someone is getting sufficient quality sleep. You can also tell if someone is stressed out or tired. The majority of people in the world will deal with unwanted under eye swelling at some point. A lot of people will have it daily. This condition can result from not getting enough sleep or even just being tired. The muscles surrounding the eye can become weak and it can result in the skin sagging.

This can result in gaps opening in the tissue. This can result in your lymphatic fluids entering these gaps and inflaming the area. This can result in puffy eyes. With the right amount of pressure point stimulation and by draining the lymphatic system, a Hydrafacial can do wonders for decreasing undereye swelling. 

Reasons To Get A HydraFacial According To Pambr

Clear Out Pores

Acne is the direct result of bacteria buildup. When bacteria build up in your pores, it can lead to inflammation. The more bacteria on the skin, the more acne will show. Anything can clog your pores. This can include sweat, makeup, comedogenic solutions, and even dirt. All of these things can build up inside of your pores and result in inflammation.

Unfortunately, cleaning your face isn’t going to do much to prevent this. You could use any cleanser you want, once the pore is blocked, you have an inflamed pimple. You won’t be able to reach down and suck out the clogged pores with anything but a Hydrafacial. 

A Hydrafacial works wonders at reducing clogged pores because it opens your pores up and preps your skin for deep suctioning. The procedure utilizes exfoliation with salicylic acid. Therefore, your skin ends up getting softened up and prepped for cleaning. The Hydrafacial process involves the use of a deep suction tool that will suck out the dirt and other grime from your pores and effectively cleanse your skin by removing it.

Reasons To Get A HydraFacial According To Pambr

Good For Getting Rid Of Acne

You can get acne whether you have acne-prone skin or not. This is true whether your skin is dry or oily by nature. All that is required to get acne to show up is clogged pores. Once your pores get clogged, inflammation crops up. There are various types of acne that you can experience. One of them being whiteheads. These are the acne that gets inflamed. If you’ve ever had an inflamed pimple, it’s a whitehead. There are also blackheads.

These are the acne that doesn’t get nearly as inflamed, but they look like black dots on your skin. A Hydrafacial is an effective solution for reducing the appearance of acne regardless of the type.

Deep Hydration

One of the best benefits of a Hydrafacial is the hydrating effect it can have on your skin. As its name implies, a Hydrafacial is deeply moisturizing and hydrating. There is a step in the procedure where a special hydrating solution is applied. These are customizable serums that can be full of various helpful vitamins. The serum is designed to give your skin what it needs to glow and look healthy.

The serum is applied through the applicator during the treatment. Because the applicator can help the serum penetrate the skin easier, it’s even more hydrating that using the serum by itself and applying it by hand.

Reasons To Get A HydraFacial According To Pambr

Deep Skin Peel

Getting skin peeling treatments is one of the best ways to slop off the dead skin cells on the outermost layer of your skin. These peels can exfoliate the skin and keep the skin looking younger and newer. Not only that, but it can promote your body to naturally speed up the exfoliation process to keep getting rid of dead skin cells. It’s also a good way to ensure that all of your skincare products in your regimen aren’t wasted. The less dead skin you have covering your newer skin, the better your skin care products will work and absorb. 

Both the second and third components of a Hydrafacial work to peel and extract older skin. That way, you can achieve much younger-looking skin that will also be better primed for skin care products. The products you use will be that much more effective on freshly peeled skin.

Reasons To Get A HydraFacial According To Pambr

Personalized Skin Care

While the majority of our clients look to have regular Hydrafacial treatments monthly, some of them prefer to have a more personalized routine. You can book a consultation with one of our skincare professionals and they will be able to prepare a personalized treatment plan using Hydrafacial treatment.

With this personalized routine, you’ll get a treatment plan designed and laid out ranging anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks in duration. You can then figure out what special products you want to add to your personalized routine based on your skincare goals.

Younger Looking Skin

There are plenty of different ways this type of procedure can deliver you a youthful appearance. Hydration and moisturization are two of the most important things for keeping your skin looking young and healthy. With all of the optimized hydration you get with this treatment, you are going to get newer and fresher-looking skin that glows. Maintaining a routine of exfoliating your skin can reduce dull-looking skin and help to increase cell renewal rates.

This can keep your skin looking younger and fresher. You will also start to notice more benefits from all of your skin care products that you are applying to your skin daily and nightly. With the lymphatic drainage that occurs, you can decrease puffiness under your eyes and remove a lot of the toxins that might otherwise cause acne breakouts and more issues.

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