Revitalise with COMO Shambhala: Aromatherapy for Restful Sleep

In the bustling landscape of contemporary life, where time zones blur and productivity demands soar, the importance of quality sleep cannot be overstated.

Recognising this, COMO Hotels and Resorts, a renowned global hospitality brand, has joined forces with COMO Shambhala, the luxury wellness arm of the COMO Group, to introduce innovative measures aimed at enhancing the sleep experience for guests.

This collaborative effort, spearheaded by the ‘Sleep Dreams’ initiative, marks a significant step towards prioritising wellness in the hospitality sector.

Revitalise with COMO Shambhala: Aromatherapy for Restful Sleep

Understanding the Power of Quality Sleep

Quality sleep is more than just a period of rest; it is a cornerstone of overall health and wellbeing. From bolstering cognitive function to fortifying the immune system and nurturing emotional equilibrium, the benefits of restorative sleep are multifaceted.

However, in our modern pursuit of productivity, sleep deprivation has emerged as a pervasive threat to our health. Disruptions to our circadian rhythms, the body’s internal clock synchronised with the natural cycle of day and night, exacerbate this challenge, making it imperative to address sleep-related issues proactively.

Introducing the ‘Sleep Dreams’ Initiative

The ‘Sleep Dreams’ initiative represents a holistic approach to sleep optimisation, encompassing both physical and environmental elements. Central to this initiative is the newly launched COMO Metropolitan Singapore, a luxurious 156-room hotel nestled in the heart of Singapore’s vibrant landscape.

Collaborating with interior architect Koichiro Ikebuchi, COMO has curated an atmosphere of serenity and tranquillity, designed to facilitate healthy sleep-wake cycles.

Innovative Technologies for Enhanced Sleep

At the forefront of the ‘Sleep Dreams’ initiative is the integration of cutting-edge technology to augment the sleep experience. The SleepHub® technology, a culmination of over a decade of scientific research, harnesses neuroscience and psychoacoustic sound technology to guide the mind through optimal sleep cycles.

By leveraging natural and healthy sleep patterns, this innovative system enables guests to fall asleep effortlessly, maintain uninterrupted sleep, and awaken feeling revitalised and rejuvenated.

Revitalise with COMO Shambhala: Aromatherapy for Restful Sleep

Hydroxy Mild Hyperbaric Wellness Devices

In addition to technological advancements, guests at COMO Metropolitan Singapore have access to AirPod™ hydroxy mild hyperbaric wellness devices at COMO Shambhala’s flagship wellness premises.

These state-of-the-art devices utilise a proprietary blend of oxygen and molecular hydrogen to create an oxygen-rich environment, aiding in combatting jetlag and enhancing sleep quality. The therapeutic benefits of this technology are manifold, offering guests a rejuvenating experience that transcends traditional wellness practices.

Aromatherapy for Restful Sleep

Complementing the technological innovations are COMO Shambhala’s aromatherapy-based products, specifically formulated to promote restful sleep.

Revitalise with COMO Shambhala: Aromatherapy for Restful Sleep

Among these offerings are the COMO Shambhala Sleep Essential Oil, Balm, and Linen Spray, meticulously crafted from a blend of soothing chamomile and lavender, augmented by notes of sandalwood, cedarwood, and sweet orange.

Available through the COMO Shambhala e-Shop and select COMO Hotels and Resorts boutiques worldwide, these products offer guests a sensory journey towards tranquillity and relaxation.

Nutritious Dining for Better Sleep

Recognising the profound impact of diet on sleep quality, COMO Metropolitan Singapore presents guests with nutritious dining options from the COMO Shambhala Kitchen.

Featuring nutrient-rich selections such as the Green Goddess Soup, this culinary offering prioritises ingredients known for their sleep-enhancing properties. Rich in minerals and designed to promote relaxation, these meals provide guests with a holistic approach to sleep optimisation.

Revitalise with COMO Shambhala: Aromatherapy for Restful Sleep

Eve Persak, a consultant nutritionist with the COMO Group, underscores the symbiotic relationship between nutrition and sleep. In advocating for therapeutic nutritional choices, Persak highlights the role of almonds and cinnamon in promoting restful sleep.

From their ability to modulate neurotransmitters to their calming effects on the nervous system, these ingredients exemplify the therapeutic potential of culinary interventions in enhancing sleep quality.


As we navigate the complexities of modern living, prioritising quality sleep emerges as a cornerstone of holistic wellness.

Through the collaborative efforts of COMO Hotels and Resorts and COMO Shambhala, guests are afforded a transformative sleep experience that transcends the traditional confines of hospitality.

From innovative technologies to expertly curated dining options, the ‘Sleep Dreams’ initiative epitomises a commitment to excellence in fostering restorative sleep and overall wellbeing.

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