Enhance Wellbeing: Luxury Sleep-Focused Retreats

Sleep tourism is a burgeoning trend, with travellers seeking unique experiences to achieve the ultimate snooze.

Luxury hotels worldwide are now offering sleep-focused stays and programmes, replete with spa rituals and relaxing experiences, aimed at enhancing guests’ sleep and overall wellbeing. Virtuoso®, a leading global travel network, has partnered with several properties dedicated to providing salubrious shut-eye. From exclusive sleep concierges to comprehensive sleep recovery immersions, these hotels offer the perfect retreats for weary souls seeking rejuvenation.

The Sleep Concierge at The Cadogan, A Belmond Hotel, London

At The Cadogan, guests enjoy an exclusive Sleep Concierge service, ensuring a restful night’s sleep. A soothing meditative recording by renowned Harley Street Hypnotherapist and Sleep Expert, Malminder Gill, awaits guests via the hotel app.

Enhance Wellbeing: Luxury Sleep-Focused Retreats

The Sleep Concierge offers a pillow menu catering to individual preferences, weighted blankets, a bespoke bedtime tea, and a scented pillow mist to ensure a tranquil slumber.

Six Senses Sleep Wellness Program, Worldwide

The Six Senses Sleep Wellness Program is available at several Virtuoso properties worldwide. From Portugal’s Douro Valley to Seychelles’ Zil Pasyon, guests embark on a holistic sleep retreat.

Enhance Wellbeing: Luxury Sleep-Focused Retreats

Expert advice from Sleep Doctors is combined with yoga nidra, meditation, relaxing treatments, wellness therapies, nutrition guidance, and low-intensity training for a comprehensive approach to restful sleep.

Sleep Escape at Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence, Switzerland

The Waldhotel offers a comprehensive sleep escape, incorporating massage, guided exercise, and fresh mountain air to alleviate stress and anxiety.

Enhance Wellbeing: Luxury Sleep-Focused Retreats

The day includes a 3-course lunch by Vitality Cuisine, a cryotherapy session, a guided mountain walk, and unlimited relaxation time at the peaceful Waldhotel Spa. Guests leave rejuvenated, with a renewed focus on health and well-being.

360° Sleep Recovery Immersion at Bahia del Duque, Tenerife, Spain

Achieving dream relaxation and soulful calm is the aim of the 360° Sleep Recovery Immersion at Bahia del Duque. A team of professionals guides guests on proper breathing techniques and nutrition benefits for restful sleep.

Enhance Wellbeing: Luxury Sleep-Focused Retreats

Non-invasive neurostimulation treatments improve the nervous system’s function, while meditation sessions and holistic therapies like Ayurvedic and hot stone massages promote inner peace and tranquillity.

Eat, Sleep, Retreat | Chewton Glen Hotel & Spa, United Kingdom

For those seeking tranquillity in the countryside, Chewton Glen Hotel & Spa’s Eat, Sleep, Retreat package is the ideal choice.

Enhance Wellbeing: Luxury Sleep-Focused Retreats

With full access to the award-winning Chewton Glen Spa facilities, a refreshing pool, a 60-minute spa treatment, and a complimentary dinner in the elegant Dining Room, guests can experience a rejuvenating retreat closer to home.


As sleep tourism gains momentum, luxury hotels worldwide are embracing the trend by offering exclusive sleep-focused stays and programmes. With the help of dedicated sleep concierges, comprehensive wellness retreats, and bespoke relaxation therapies, weary travellers can achieve the ultimate snooze and enhance their overall well-being. Whether in the heart of London or amidst the serene landscapes of Seychelles, these sleep-oriented experiences promise a blissful escape for those seeking solace and rejuvenation.

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