Billionaire John Caudwell’s Revived Le Provençal Residences

Le Provençal Residences, a prestigious collection of super-prime homes on the French Riviera, is set to redefine luxury living in the iconic Cap d’Antibes.

This remarkable transformation is spearheaded by billionaire entrepreneur John Caudwell, breathing new life into the historic site that once housed the renowned ‘Hotel Le Provençal.’ In this article, we delve into the rich history, opulent past, and visionary future of Le Provençal Residences.

Le Provençal – A Glimpse into History

Situated on the picturesque edge of a pine forest overlooking the Mediterranean, the original Hotel Le Provençal was commissioned by American magnate Frank Jay Gould.

Billionaire John Caudwell's Revived Le Provençal Residences

Designed in the Art Deco and Néo-Provençal styles by architect Lucien Stable and interior designer David Dellepiane, this grand white-coloured edifice was a testament to opulence. With amenities like a tennis club, fine dining restaurants, and lavish suites, it marked the inception of luxury on the Côte d’Azur.

This coastal haven birthed trends such as sun tanning, and waterskiing, and even inspired the iconic Chanel beach pyjamas. It drew luminaries like Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, Marilyn Monroe, and Pablo Picasso, who found inspiration in its charms. Hotel Le Provençal became a magnet for artists, socialites, and bon vivants worldwide, embodying the style and sophistication of the “années folles,” or the roaring ’20s.

A Haven of Celebrity

The hotel’s legendary bar hosted luminaries like Ernest Hemingway and Sir Winston Churchill. Its grand ballroom witnessed the likes of Edith Piaf gracing its dance floor, and even Charlie Chaplin called it home during a hiatus following the filming of “City Lights.”

Billionaire John Caudwell's Revived Le Provençal Residences

Ella Fitzgerald once serenaded onlookers from an upstairs window, solidifying the hotel’s status as the heart of the celebrated Jazz à Juan festival, Europe’s oldest jazz festival. It became the preferred residence for legendary musicians, including Dizzy Gillespie, Louis Armstrong, and Miles Davis.

Despite its illustrious history, Hotel Le Provençal closed its doors for a major refurbishment in 1977, a renovation that never materialized. For nearly four decades, the building remained stately but devoid of inhabitants, awaiting a transformation.

Le Provençal – The Vision Unveiled

Inspired by the building’s magnificence, British entrepreneur and philanthropist John Caudwell, founder of Caudwell, has embarked on a visionary journey to convert this historic landmark into one of the French Riviera’s most coveted private residences. Le Provençal Residences will feature 35 expansive homes, each offering breathtaking sea views and an array of sensational amenities.

Billionaire John Caudwell's Revived Le Provençal Residences

Affine Design, a Parisian architecture and interior design agency renowned for its work on historic palaces and prestigious hotels, from Hôtel de Crillon to Hôtel Shangri-La Paris, has been entrusted with the restoration. They are committed to preserving the site’s original design heritage and refined aesthetic, ensuring Le Provençal reclaims its rightful place in history as a symbol of effortless grace and elegance.

A Blend of Grandeur and Modern Living

Each residence will be a testament to grandeur and exquisite craftsmanship, seamlessly incorporating modern living expectations. Le Provençal Residences offers a captivating blend of distinctive design, rich heritage, and exceptional amenities that promise to captivate the imagination for generations to come.

Le Provençal Residences enjoy a prime location at the gateway of the Cap d’Antibes, conveniently located just 19 kilometres from Nice Airport. With Cannes’ vibrant lights across the bay and the majestic Alpes-Maritime ridges to the north, future residents can seamlessly transition from beachfront bliss to mountain retreats in just one hour.

Billionaire John Caudwell's Revived Le Provençal Residences

Caudwell’s extensive experience in delivering exclusive real estate developments in the South of France ensures that every aspect of Le Provençal Residences attains the highest standards of excellence. This transformative project is set for completion in the first quarter of 2025, promising a new era of luxury living on the French Riviera.


Le Provençal Residences, born from the legacy of Hotel Le Provençal, is poised to become a beacon of luxury and sophistication on the French Riviera. John Caudwell’s visionary transformation ensures that this historic landmark will continue to inspire and captivate generations to come, setting new standards for opulent living in one of the world’s most coveted destinations.

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