Reviving Rhodes: Lindos Hotels & Resorts Lead the Way

Rhodes, a resilient gem in the Mediterranean, recently reopened its doors to visitors following the recent devastating fires that swept through Greece.

As tour operators and airlines restore their flight schedules to the island, Lindos Hotels & Resorts is extending a heartfelt welcome to guests across its five exquisite properties. This warm reception comes with a pledge – for every new hotel booking, a tree will be planted, contributing to landscape restoration and local community support.

Reviving Rhodes: Lindos Hotels & Resorts Lead the Way

The response of Rhodes’ locals in the face of crisis is a testament to their compassion and resilience. Stranded tourists found helping hands, fires were battled with unwavering determination, and safety was ensured for those in peril. This display of humanity showcases the island’s welcoming and hospitable nature, a charm that beckons visitors to return, enchanted by the spirit of Rhodes.

Kathy Minettos, the Owner of Lindos Hotels & Resorts, expressed heartfelt solidarity, saying, “Our hearts reach out to those impacted by the devastating fires on our beloved island. Our dedicated staff responded swiftly and selflessly, and we extend our gratitude to the Rhodian fire department, firefighters, and countless volunteers who valiantly fought the flames.”

Lindos Hotels’ gratitude extends to their past, present, and future guests, who have entrusted them. As a family-operated hotel group, unity has been their guiding principle in these trying times. This unity, combined with unwavering togetherness, assures guests that cherished memories will continue to be crafted in the embrace of Lindos Hotels.

Lindos Hotels’ collaboration with the Forest Ambassador programme is a beacon of hope for rejuvenation. This noble initiative aims to plant, nurture, and safeguard new trees in the fire-scarred landscape, fostering a harmonious balance between tourism and nature. The recent fires have amplified the need for support, prompting Lindos Hotels & Resorts to enhance their commitment. A tree will now grace the earth for each fresh booking at any of Lindos‘ hotels, particularly in the most affected regions.

Reviving Rhodes: Lindos Hotels & Resorts Lead the Way

Rhodes, a haven of beauty and allure, envisions a resilient revival of its tourism industry. Lindos Hotels offer a diverse array of accommodations to suit every desire, inviting patrons to play a role in the island’s resurgence. The following establishments promise distinct experiences:

Gennadi Grand Resort: Where Wellness Meets Luxury

Step into a realm where luxury finds its voice, where each detail resonates with a distinct character. Gennadi Grand Resort is not merely a destination; it’s an embodiment of extraordinary 21st-century opulence that speaks to the very essence of your desires.

Reviving Rhodes: Lindos Hotels & Resorts Lead the Way

Nestled along the enchanting southeastern coast of Rhodes, Gennadi Grand Resort extends an invitation to experience luxury at its zenith. With a private, idyllic beach that witnesses the tender embrace of the sun and sand, this sanctuary evokes a symphony of harmony that dances on the horizon.

Enveloped within lush, manicured gardens, Gennadi Grand Resort is a testament to luxurious eco-living. State-of-the-art facilities seamlessly merge with verdant surroundings, crafting an oasis of tranquillity that nurtures both body and soul.

Gennadi Grand Resort redefines hospitality through the lens of an “infinite lifestyle.” It’s a concept that blends the stunning natural vistas with upscale services, cocooning guests in a rejuvenating journey of self-discovery. As you traverse this realm of well-being, you’ll find the boundaries between the external and internal worlds gently blur, igniting a symphony of rejuvenation.

The facilities of Gennadi Grand Resort are a testament to impeccable design harmoniously aligned with the natural landscape. Each element converges to create an ambience that caresses the senses, offering a haven of personal pampering and relaxation. Here, every corner is a canvas, every space a sanctuary.

Reviving Rhodes: Lindos Hotels & Resorts Lead the Way

Let the warm embrace of Greek hospitality wrap around you, infusing each moment with authenticity. As you explore the rich agricultural heritage and gastronomic treasures of the island, you’ll be immersed in a feast for the senses. Discover local delicacies that tantalise your palate, letting the Mediterranean’s charm envelop you in a beguiling embrace.

In a world where luxury finds its soul, where nature’s beauty intertwines with opulence, Gennadi Grand Resort awaits your arrival. This is more than a destination; it’s an experience that transcends the ordinary, where each nuance, each breath, and each moment is elevated to a symphony of sensory delights. Indulge in the embrace of Gennadi Grand Resort, where luxury and soul converge in a dance that etches memories upon your heart. Your journey into soulful luxury commences here.

Lindos Imperial Resort & Spa: Creating Family Memories

Step into a world where experiences are the true currency, where every moment is crafted to elevate your senses. Lindos Imperial Resort & Spa beckons, inviting you to a realm where indulgence, adventure, and relaxation entwine in perfect harmony. Nestled along the sun-kissed shores of Kiotari Beach, on the southeastern coast of Rhodes, this five-star haven is a testament to the art of creating lasting memories.

Reviving Rhodes: Lindos Hotels & Resorts Lead the Way

While its idyllic coastal setting is undeniably captivating, Lindos Imperial Resort & Spa offers a symphony of attributes that sets it apart. Enveloped within the embrace of Kiotari Bay’s picturesque seclusion, this sanctuary transcends mere location. It embodies an extraordinary all-inclusive experience that seamlessly weaves together the finest dining selections, an array of exhilarating sports and activities, and an ambience that transforms your holiday into an unforgettable tapestry.

As you step onto the grounds of Lindos Imperial Resort & Spa, the fusion of opulent facilities with the natural landscape becomes evident. A symphony of design meticulously merges with the panoramic backdrop, crafting an environment that radiates warmth and tranquillity. Whether you’re sharing laughter with friends or creating cherished family moments, this haven has been crafted to be your personal oasis.

Lindos Imperial Resort & Spa transcends expectations by offering a synthesis of elegance and relaxation by the shoreline. The beach becomes your canvas, where elegant luxury meets the lullaby of the waves. Amidst this tranquil haven, you’ll discover an eco-friendly resort that thrives on the union of sea and sun, curating an array of enjoyable activities, tantalising culinary journeys, and delightful surprises.

Reviving Rhodes: Lindos Hotels & Resorts Lead the Way

Lindos Imperial Resort & Spa stands as a pledge – a pledge to transform your summer sojourns along Kiotari Beach into an unrivalled experience. Every step you take, every taste you savour, and every encounter you embrace will be etched into the tapestry of your memories. Indulge in a haven where sophistication intertwines with friendly entertainment, crafting an ambience that resonates with laughter, joy, and unparalleled indulgence.

As the sun sets over the horizon, painting the sky with hues of gold and amber, Lindos Imperial Resort & Spa emerges as your gateway to a world of boundless delight. It’s a world where every detail has been meticulously curated, where the line between dreams and reality blurs, and where every second is a celebration of life. Let the essence of Lindos Imperial Resort & Spa embrace you, envelop you, and guide you towards a summer of opulence, sophistication, and unforgettable moments. Your indulgent escape begins here.

Lindos Grand Resort & Spa: An Idyllic Retreat

Immerse yourself in the embrace of opulence at Lindos Grand Resort & Spa, an illustrious 5-star haven exclusively designed for couples seeking idyllic and enchanting summer interludes on the captivating isle of Rhodes. Perched majestically upon a hill overlooking the serene Vlycha Bay, this adults-only retreat is a tapestry of grandeur, inviting you to bask in the splendour of dreamy and romantic moments.

Reviving Rhodes: Lindos Hotels & Resorts Lead the Way

Nestled on the picturesque shoreline, Lindos Grand Resort & Spa stands as a testament to uncompromising luxury. This beachfront gem is an ode to sophistication, a realm where tranquillity converges with panoramic views of the azure expanse of Vlycha Bay. As the sun kisses the waters, an aura of serenity envelops you, setting the stage for an unforgettable rendezvous.

Set against the enchanting backdrop of the iconic Lindos village, the resort embodies the quintessential Mediterranean charm. Its meticulously manicured gardens are a testament to nature’s allure, intertwining with the traditional village in a dance of timeless beauty. It is here that Lindos Grand Resort & Spa casts its spell, inviting you to indulge in a symphony of senses.

Journey into a realm of bespoke opulence within the exclusive rooms and suites, each exquisitely designed to cater to your desires. From private pools that grace most accommodations to an ambience that resonates with relaxation, every facet of Lindos Grand Resort & Spa is a testament to your comfort and indulgence.

Reviving Rhodes: Lindos Hotels & Resorts Lead the Way

Unveil the harmonious fusion of contemporary design and eco-friendly principles that defines Lindos Grand Resort & Spa. Here, luxury and sustainability intertwine seamlessly, setting the stage for an unparalleled experience that respects both your desires and the environment.

Savour the art of gastronomy as Lindos Grand Resort & Spa offers a palette of delectable options. Indulge in a symphony of flavours, where each dish is a masterpiece crafted to tantalise your taste buds. Whether you seek culinary innovation or timeless classics, every meal is a journey of indulgence.

Experience the luxury of tailor-made services that cater to your every whim. Lindos Grand Resort & Spa’s dedicated team is poised to orchestrate a symphony of experiences that reflect your unique desires, ensuring your stay transcends expectations.

Reviving Rhodes: Lindos Hotels & Resorts Lead the Way

As the sun dips beneath the horizon, painting the sky with hues of gold and crimson, the endless sea views of Lindos Grand Resort & Spa become an intrinsic part of your narrative. Each moment is a testament to the allure of the Mediterranean, offering a canvas upon which your dreams unfold.

In the heart of Rhodes, Lindos Grand Resort & Spa invites you to embrace a lifestyle of passion and romance. This modern-day odyssey offers an unparalleled summer holiday experience, where every element, every vista, and every touch speaks to the soul of the Mediterranean. Step into a realm where love blossoms, where dreams awaken, and where memories are etched in the tapestry of time. Lindos Grand Resort & Spa – your passage to an eternal summer of enchantment.

Lindos Village Resort & Spa: Elegance for Adults

Enraptured by the whispers of Greek mythology, Lindos Village Resort and Spa beckons you to a realm where divine beauty converges with unparalleled luxury. According to ancient tales, the radiant island of Rhodes was bestowed upon Helios, the Sun God, as a celestial gift from none other than Zeus himself. Bathed in eternal sunshine, this idyllic paradise became the canvas upon which Lindos Village Resort and Spa was masterfully crafted.

Reviving Rhodes: Lindos Hotels & Resorts Lead the Way

Nestled in a sanctuary of serenity, the resort graces the shores of the enchanting Vlycha Bay, casting an enchanting spell on all who enter. An ode to opulence, this adults-only haven stands as a testament to refined extravagance and exclusivity. A harmonious blend of lavishness and intimacy, it stands as a beacon of resplendence amidst the island’s landscape.

Gaze upon the mesmerising vista of the Aegean Sea, where its cerulean depths extend into infinity, mirroring the boundless horizons of your dreams. As the sun-kissed waves dance in a hypnotic rhythm, Lindos Village Resort and Spa unveils its alluring charms, offering a sanctuary for those seeking refuge from the tumultuous currents of urban life.

Reviving Rhodes: Lindos Hotels & Resorts Lead the Way

Elevate your senses within the embrace of our ultra-all-inclusive concept, where every facet of your experience has been meticulously curated to exude sophistication. Delight in a culinary journey that celebrates locally-sourced treasures and transcendent gastronomic delights, inviting you to embark on a tantalising exploration of flavours.

Amidst this captivating tapestry, our dedicated concierge team stands as custodians of your desires, orchestrating a symphony of bespoke experiences tailored to your every whim. At Lindos Village Resort and Spa, your needs transcend mere service – they evolve into a seamless extension of your desires.

Explore a spectrum of handpicked experiences that offer an immersive encounter with the essence of Rhodes. With a home-away-from-home ethos, your accommodation experience is designed to be an embodiment of comfort and convenience, ensuring that every moment of your stay is imbued with delight.

Whether your heart beats to the rhythm of romantic escapades amidst the shores of Vlycha Bay, or your sojourn is infused with a blend of business and leisure, Lindos Village Resort and Spa stand ready to weave your narrative into the fabric of its storied walls. Trust in the expertise of our resort’s skilled artisans, who are adept at crafting the perfect balance between tranquillity and vibrancy.

Reviving Rhodes: Lindos Hotels & Resorts Lead the Way

As day melts into night, wander through the picturesque alleys that lead you to the historic Castle of Lindos, a relic of antiquity that stands as a silent witness to the passage of time. Amidst its ancient stones, let the embers of romance flicker anew, igniting your journey with moments that will echo through the corridors of memory for a lifetime.

Lindos Village Resort and Spa extends an invitation to journey beyond the ordinary, where every whisper of the breeze, every caress of the sea, and every facet of its offerings converge to create an idyllic tapestry of moments. Embrace the legacy of myth and the allure of luxury, as Lindos Village Resort and Spa weaves a symphony of indulgence, redefining your notion of escapism and rejuvenation. In the heart of this Grecian paradise, a masterpiece of opulence awaits, poised to etch your story into the annals of time.

Lindos Royal Resort: A Journey of Connection

Nestled on the tranquil shores of the captivating Vlycha Bay in Lindos, Rhodes, the exquisite Lindos Royal Resort stands as a beacon of 5-star opulence. With a commitment to delivering an unrivalled all-inclusive experience, this resort has been meticulously crafted to redefine the art of vacationing. Prepare to be transported to a world where luxury, adventure, and relaxation converge seamlessly.

Reviving Rhodes: Lindos Hotels & Resorts Lead the Way

Dedicated to becoming the quintessential holiday haven on the idyllic island of Rhodes, Lindos Royal Resort beckons you to indulge in a realm of unparalleled splendour. This haven is not merely a hotel; it’s a testament to the pursuit of excellence in both accommodation and service. A symphony of first-class amenities and bespoke hospitality awaits every guest, promising an unforgettable summer escape.

Whether you’re embarking on a family expedition, enjoying quality time with friends, or seeking a romantic rendezvous with your beloved, Lindos Royal Resort is poised to exceed your expectations. Prepare to be captivated by a spectrum of offerings that cater to every facet of your vacation desires. Whether you yearn for a thrilling Mediterranean odyssey or crave the tranquillity of authentic Greek repose, the resort’s diverse experiences will leave you utterly content.

Reviving Rhodes: Lindos Hotels & Resorts Lead the Way

Lindos Royal Resort stands as a testament to the marriage of luxury and leisure, where each moment is a cherished memory waiting to be etched into the annals of time. Embrace the allure of Vlycha Bay, bask in the Mediterranean sun, and surrender to the symphony of experiences that await you at this enchanting Greek island paradise. Your journey to opulence begins here, at Lindos Royal Resort.


In the heart of Rhodes, Lindos Hotels & Resorts stand as a symbol of resilience, unity, and hope. As the island heals and flourishes once more, these remarkable establishments offer not only luxurious stays but also the opportunity to be part of a meaningful renaissance. Book your next holiday with Lindos Hotels & Resorts and contribute to the revival of Rhodes, a timeless destination that has weathered the storm and emerged stronger than ever.

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