Rothschild Masterpieces Auction: A Historic Triumph

The Rothschild Masterpieces auction series recently opened with a resounding success, captivating the art world with its exceptional offerings.

The evening sale surpassed all expectations, achieving a staggering total of $43,237,900. This article delves into the highlights and extraordinary results of this historic event, where the Rothschild Collection unveiled its treasures to the world.

A Triumph in Art Auction History

In a remarkable turn of events, the Rothschild Masterpieces auction exceeded all predictions, boasting an incredible 245 per cent hammer price above the lowest estimates. An impressive 95 percent of the lots found new owners, a testament to the enduring appeal of these remarkable artworks.

Rothschild Masterpieces Auction: A Historic Triumph
Pair Of French Ormolu Chenets

The Rothschild family, known for their discerning taste and centuries of collecting, presented a treasure trove of artworks, decorative arts, and jewels, in what was the first-ever dedicated North American sale of their holdings. This event showcased the quintessential Rothschild taste that has transcended generations, drawing admirers from all corners of the globe.

The crowning jewel of the evening was Gerrit Dou’s “A young woman holding a hare with a boy at a window,” a captivating masterpiece that fetched an astounding $7,068,000. This exquisite piece not only demonstrates Dou’s mastery but also reflects the enduring allure of Dutch Golden Age art.

Another remarkable highlight was the “Dutch School, circa 1650, The Triumph of David.” This monumental series of painted and embossed leather panels achieved an impressive $4,406,000, exemplifying the timeless appeal of historical art.

Louis Delanois, an 18th-century French furniture maker, left a significant mark on the auction. A pair of late Louis XV giltwood and white-painted fauteuils reached a remarkable $6,221,000, showcasing the enduring demand for elegant and historically significant furniture. Additionally, a pair of late Louis XV gilt walnut fauteuils à la reine realized $4,406,000, reaffirming the appreciation for French craftsmanship.

Rothschild Masterpieces Auction: A Historic Triumph
Maiolica Oval Dish

A Roman sardonyx cameo portrait of Emperor Claudius, once part of Christie’s collection in the 19th century, returned to the auction, garnering an impressive $2,107,000. This intriguing historical journey of a piece’s provenance adds an extra layer of fascination to the event.

The auction also featured a Dutch silver-gilt mounted nautilus cup from Delft, dating back to 1607, which realized a remarkable $1,502,000. A Hispano-Moresque earthenware blue and lustred armorial charger, with its rich history, was sold for an impressive $1,033,200.

Cécile Verdier, President of Christie’s Paris, noted the auction’s liveliness and active participation of collectors. The competitive spirit among bidders, both in the room and internationally, highlighted the enduring appeal of the Rothschild collection.

Rothschild Masterpieces Auction: A Historic Triumph
A Pair Of Italian Ormolu Three-branch Wall-lights

Jonathan Rendell, Deputy Chairman of Christie’s Americas, shared his excitement for the evening, emphasizing the active engagement from collectors, institutions, and the trade. He also expressed his delight at witnessing objects acquired at Christie’s over a century ago returning to the New York rooms.


The Rothschild Masterpieces auction series set the stage for a historic art event that will be remembered for years to come. With its remarkable sales, exceptional pieces, and a touch of history, this auction reaffirmed the enduring relevance of the Rothschild collection. As the event continues, the world eagerly anticipates what further treasures will be unveiled in the captivating realm of art and antiques.

Images: Christie’s

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