Sailing with Fabergé: ‘Journey in Jewels’ Egg on Seven Seas Grandeur™

In a groundbreaking collaboration, the esteemed Fabergé, renowned as the world’s most iconic artist jeweller, has joined forces with Regent Seven Seas Cruises®, the preeminent luxury ocean cruise line.

The result is the awe-inspiring Fabergé x Regent ‘Journey in Jewels’ Egg Objet, a unique creation that now stands as the pièce de résistance in Regent’s extraordinary 1600-piece art collection, proudly showcased aboard its latest vessel, Seven Seas Grandeur™.

Notably, this exceptional masterpiece marks the first-ever Fabergé egg to find a permanent home at sea.

Sailing with Fabergé: 'Journey in Jewels' Egg on Seven Seas Grandeur™

A Regal Unveiling by Sarah Fabergé

At the helm of this artistic collaboration is Sarah Fabergé, a Founding Member of the Fabergé Heritage Council and the great-granddaughter of the iconic Peter Carl Fabergé.

Regent bestowed upon her the prestigious title of Godmother for Seven Seas Grandeur™. The grand revelation of the ‘Journey in Jewels’ egg took place during the ship’s christening ceremony in Miami, Florida, on the 10th of December 2023.

Sarah, while gracefully fulfilling her Godmother duties at the elegant gala, adorned herself with bespoke Fabergé x Regent Earrings and Ring, both inspired by the exquisite ‘Journey in Jewels’.

Sailing with Fabergé: 'Journey in Jewels' Egg on Seven Seas Grandeur™

These unique creations are set to be auctioned, with the proceeds directed towards supporting the charitable initiatives of the Gemfields Foundation.

“I am honoured to have been chosen as Godmother to this exceptional new ship which, like Fabergé, has been inspired by the past and reimagined for the future,” expressed Sarah Fabergé.

Sailing into Luxury: The Fabergé Spotlight Voyage

As Godmother, Sarah Fabergé is set to curate a Fabergé Spotlight Voyage aboard Seven Seas Grandeur™, embarking on the 1st of July 2024.

This exclusive journey promises to immerse luxury travellers in the enchanting world of Fabergé. The itinerary includes small group master-class programmes, granting exclusive access to unique and intimate shore-side tours, engaging jewelled egg demonstrations, and insightful lectures and screenings.

Sailing with Fabergé: 'Journey in Jewels' Egg on Seven Seas Grandeur™

Crafted with precision in England, the Fabergé x Regent ‘Journey in Jewels’ Egg Objet serves as a testament to the seven seas that Regent’s majestic ships traverse. This maritime masterpiece features a captivating array of colourful gemstones meticulously chosen to evoke the myriad hues of the ocean.

The inclusion of guilloché enamel and ombre lacquering further enriches the design, symbolising not only the depths of the waters but also the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets witnessed aboard Regent’s luxurious ships.

Conclusion: A Seafaring Saga of Artistic Brilliance

The collaboration between Fabergé and Regent Seven Seas Cruises has birthed a truly extraordinary creation in the form of the ‘Journey in Jewels’ Egg Objet.

Sailing with Fabergé: 'Journey in Jewels' Egg on Seven Seas Grandeur™

As it finds its permanent abode at sea, this masterpiece not only enriches Regent’s distinguished art collection but also signifies the harmonious convergence of maritime inspiration and artistic brilliance.

The upcoming Fabergé Spotlight Voyage ensures that enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike will have the opportunity to embark on a journey, not just across the seas but into the heart of artistic craftsmanship.

The ‘Journey in Jewels’ Egg Objet stands as a testament to the timeless allure of collaboration and the seamless blending of art, luxury, and the maritime spirit.

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