Sarah Adams’ Coastal Marvels: A Maas Gallery Debut

The Maas Gallery recently introduced a captivating collection of new artworks by the talented artist Sarah Adams.

This marks her first major exhibition at their new gallery location in St James’s, and it’s a significant milestone, being her ninth solo exhibition in her impressive 16-year journey with Maas.

A Unique Perspective on Landscapes

Sarah’s artistic prowess shines through as she skillfully combines meticulous representation with varying degrees of abstraction. Her latest creations pay homage to the awe-inspiring grandeur and hidden treasures of the Padstow coastline, her cherished home and workplace for the past 17 years.

Sarah Adams' Coastal Marvels: A Maas Gallery Debut

Sarah Adams has carved a niche for herself by infusing an intimate and personal touch into her collections, making each one uniquely surprising. In her latest offering, she invites us into the enigmatic world of Welcombe Arch, a towering natural wonder just beyond the Devon border.

This geological marvel is only fully revealed during an ultra-low spring tide, accessible only after a challenging two-and-a-half-hour trek across rugged terrain. Sarah’s journey to capture this spectacle was meticulously planned over three years ago, and the final masterpiece took two years to complete.

A New Artistic Horizon

Adams also reimagines familiar subjects, which have often been weathered and reshaped by the elements over time. She explores concealed caves, hidden coves, and the dramatic silhouettes of coastal rock formations. Her on-site work occasionally entails being stranded for hours during a neap high tide, providing a unique opportunity to observe the mesmerizing interplay of water and light within the caves, casting reflections on vaulted ceilings and illuminating walls adorned with glistening algae.

Sarah Adams' Coastal Marvels: A Maas Gallery Debut
Arch at Mawgan Porth, Oil on Linen, 150 x 150 cm

In a departure from her traditional medium of oil on linen and board, Sarah introduces a range of mixed-media works for the first time. These innovative pieces incorporate ink, charcoal, conte, and pastel on gesso panels, shifting the focus towards tidal pools that exude an aura of mystery amidst the natural arches and rocky plateaux of the intertidal zone.

Preserving Time and Space

Every painting by Sarah Adams encapsulates a moment in time and space. Each piece necessitates meticulous planning to access the site between tides. She abstains from relying on photographs, instead honing her skills in observational drawing and relying on her impeccable visual memory. This dedication culminates in months of painstaking work in the studio, layering paint in a manner that mirrors the geological processes she portrays.

Sarah Adams' Coastal Marvels: A Maas Gallery Debut
Brea Hill From St George’s Well, Oil on Linen, 100 x 90 cm

Sarah Adams eloquently expresses her motivation, “This environment by its nature is constantly in flux, but it now faces fresh challenges. Painting has always been a source of joy, but in addition, there is an urgency to document what we too often take for granted.”

A Remarkable Exhibition

Rupert Maas, deeply moved by Sarah’s work, remarks, “Looking at caves with Sarah Adams is to marvel with her at the natural cathedral shapes and the textures and patterns of geology, and the play of light over rock and pool. She paints so honestly and intelligently, you can’t help but love her pictures because they are not about her, they’re about what she sees, and she loves it.”

The exhibition boasts an impressive array of 20 artworks, including large oil paintings on linen, smaller oil studies on board, and mixed-media drawings on gesso panels. All these exquisite pieces will be available for purchase, with prices ranging from £3,000 to £32,000.

In this remarkable exhibition, Sarah Adams invites you to embark on a visual journey through the captivating landscapes and coastal wonders that have inspired her artistic genius for nearly two decades. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the magic she unveils on canvas at The Maas Gallery.

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