Sartoria Studio’s Exclusive Collaboration with BURKINDY

Sartoria Studio, the epitome of avant-garde men’s fashion in Manhattan’s bustling Soho district, recently announced some exciting news.

In a groundbreaking move, Sartoria Studio has unveiled a captivating partnership with the renowned jewellery designer BURKINDY, adding a touch of opulence to their already extraordinary collection.

As the premier Manhattan establishment for cutting-edge styles and unparalleled fits, Sartoria Studio has consistently been the go-to choice for discerning gentlemen seeking refined fashion statements. Now, with this collaboration, they are poised to redefine the realm of luxury men’s accessories and establish their presence in the realm of fine and semi-precious jewellery.

Sartoria Studio's Exclusive Collaboration with BURKINDY

Unveiling a Realm of Craftsmanship and Distinction

Sartoria Studio, celebrated for its distinctive blend of sophistication, grace, and masterful craftsmanship, stands tall as a sanctuary for bespoke elegance. More than a mere boutique, it transcends conventional tailoring by offering a spectrum of bespoke styling services and an impeccably curated assortment of ready-to-wear ensembles and accessories.

Presently, Sartoria Studio’s repertoire includes an array of sumptuous leather goods and fabric accessories. And now, with the artistic union of BURKINDY, an illustrious chapter unfolds as the studio delves into the realm of exquisite fine jewellery.

In the words of Jack Menashe, the visionary founder of Sartoria Studio, “From its inception, Sartoria Studio was envisioned as a haven for introducing character and individuality into the world of upscale men’s fashion. Whether it’s our bespoke tailoring or thoughtfully chosen accessories, we are committed to redefining luxury.”

He passionately asserts, “The distinctive Burkindy fine jewellery collection exemplifies the same dedication to unparalleled craftsmanship and design that we hold dear at Sartoria Studio. We take immense pride in welcoming this esteemed brand as our inaugural partner in the realm of fine jewellery.”

An Artisan’s Journey: BURKINDY’s Remarkable Story

Emerging as a true luminary in the field, BURKINDY has swiftly risen from the artistic cocoon of Brooklyn, earning global acclaim and the coveted Fashion Group International (FGI) 2023 Rising Star Award for Fine Jewellery. His creations, each a testament to his West African heritage, nature’s splendour, organic aesthetics, and tribal motifs, have garnered profound admiration.

Sartoria Studio's Exclusive Collaboration with BURKINDY

At Sartoria Studio, patrons will be enchanted by an extensive array of BURKINDY’s masterpieces, meticulously handcrafted from an array of precious materials, including gold, sterling silver, brass, gemstones, leather, and intricate beadwork. Each BURKINDY bracelet, necklace, and ring boasts rich textures and bold forms, a true embodiment of wearable artistry.

BURKINDY himself eloquently articulates his approach, stating, “The essence of Burkindy jewellery lies in the art of individual creation. Our pieces are not mass-produced; rather, they are nurtured into existence with meticulous care, resulting in limited yet exquisite offerings. Sartoria Studio’s devotion to excellence and its focus on quality over quantity resonate profoundly with our ethos of personal expression.”

Embarking on a Journey of Opulence

The captivating BURKINDY jewellery collection is now poised for admirers to explore and acquire at the prestigious Soho style haven, nestled at 65-69 West Houston Street. This remarkable addition seamlessly intertwines with Sartoria Studio’s carefully curated ensemble of exclusive accessories, sample garments, opulent ready-to-wear attire, rare collectables, and captivating fine art pieces.

Distinguished patrons are cordially welcomed to partake in this luxurious experience, with Sartoria Studio extending its hospitality seven days a week. Whether you choose to saunter in spontaneously or prefer the allure of a private appointment, the studio’s doors are open to indulge your sartorial aspirations.

In this enthralling collaboration, Sartoria Studio and BURKINDY fuse their passions, breathing life into an exclusive realm where elegance, craftsmanship, and artistic expression converge. As the world of upscale men’s fashion embraces this artistic liaison, discerning gentlemen are invited to embark on an extraordinary journey of refinement and distinction. The fusion of Sartoria Studio’s avant-garde vision and BURKINDY’s masterful artistry promises an opulent tapestry of style, set to capture the hearts and imaginations of those who seek only the finest.

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