Searcys’ Dry January Elegance: Pentire Mocktails & Wild Idol Sparkle

Searcys, the renowned hospitality brand, has raised the bar for Dry January experiences by teaming up with leading British zero-alcohol drink brands, Pentire and Wild Idol.

This collaboration introduces exclusive botanical mocktails and non-alcoholic sparkling wines, providing a sophisticated alcohol-free option across Searcys’ prestigious venues throughout January.

Pentire’s Botanical Mocktails: A Taste of Coastal Elegance

Incorporating the refreshing spirit of summer, Searcys’ 2024 Dry January Menu features limited-edition Pentire mocktails.

Searcys' Dry January Elegance: Pentire Mocktails & Wild Idol Sparkle

The Pentire Paloma, a delightful blend of sweetness and sourness, and the Pentire Coastal Spritz enhanced with a bracing burst of Cornish salt, promise to tantalize taste buds.

Searcys’ master mixologists have artfully crafted these beverages, elevating the mocktail experience with Pentire’s unique botanical notes inspired by the flourishing flora along the Cornish coast.

Wild Idol: Crafting Excellence in Alcohol-Free Sparkling Alternatives

Searcys proudly presents Wild Idol, an exquisite alcohol-free sparkling alternative to fine wine and champagne. Hand-crafted using traditional winemaking techniques and a superior blend of grapes, Wild Idol ensures the finest aromatics and purest flavour.

As a long-time partner of Searcys, Wild Idol embodies simplicity and purity in its production process, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a New Year detox. Vegan, low-calorie, and gluten-free, Wild Idol offers a sparkling drink of the highest calibre, delivering supreme taste without compromise.

Savour the Pentire mocktails at Searcys Barbican restaurants, including Barbican Brasserie and Barbican Bar & Grill. Other locations include Brigade Bar and Kitchen, The Pump Room in Bath, Carlton Brasserie, Searcys Champagne Bar at 116 Pall Mall, Searcys Brasserie at St Pancras International, and The View at the Royal College of Surgeons.

Searcys' Dry January Elegance: Pentire Mocktails & Wild Idol Sparkle

Meanwhile, Wild Idol takes the spotlight at Searcys Champagne Bar at Battersea Power Station and St Pancras.

Elevate Your New Year with Searcys Sparkling Afternoon Tea

For an unparalleled Dry January experience, Searcys offers an alcohol-free afternoon tea at the iconic Gherkin. Priced at £55 per person, this signature Searcys Sparkling Afternoon Tea, available from 3rd January to 11th February, can be paired with Wild Idol Non-alcoholic Sparkling Wine.

Indulge in delicate cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches, luxurious smoked salmon and caviar treats, and an array of sweet pastries and scones. Searcys ensures that every moment at the Gherkin is filled with glamour and excitement, without compromising on taste.

Searcys' Dry January Elegance: Pentire Mocktails & Wild Idol Sparkle

The Dry January menu, spanning all participating venues, will be accessible until 31st January. Whether enjoying Pentire’s botanical brilliance or sipping Wild Idol’s sparkling sophistication, Searcys invites guests to relish the finest in alcohol-free indulgence throughout the month.

Embrace Dry January without sacrificing style or flavour, as Searcys continues to redefine the boundaries of exquisite hospitality.

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