Slackline World Champion’s Iconic Tower Triumph in Qatar

In a remarkable display of skill and determination, Slackline World Champion Jaan Roose, sponsored by Red Bull, recently accomplished an extraordinary feat in Doha, Qatar.

The talented Estonian athlete completed the world’s longest LED-lit slackline walk, defying all odds to conquer the challenging distance between the Iconic Towers of Lusail City. This incredible event, named “Sparkline,” marks a milestone in both sporting achievements and architectural landmarks.

Slackline World Champion's Iconic Tower Triumph in Qatar

The Iconic Towers: A Marvelous Setting

Jaan Roose’s audacious venture saw him take on the incredible distance of over 150 meters, walking on a narrow 2.5cm-wide line, at an astonishing elevation of more than 185 meters. This daring walk not only secured the title of the longest on a single building but also became Jaan’s second-highest walk to date. As the first athlete to attempt this unparalleled challenge, Jaan Roose displayed unparalleled determination and skill.

The Iconic Towers, owned by Katara Hospitality and home to the prestigious Raffles Doha and Fairmont Doha, stand as striking structures shaped like scimitar swords. These opulent towers add to the impressive skyline of Lusail City, leaving spectators in awe of their beauty.

Slackline World Champion's Iconic Tower Triumph in Qatar

The Fairmont Doha boasts the world’s tallest chandelier and showcases exquisite design, while Raffles Doha offers a luxurious experience with its exclusive suites, personalized butler service, and gastronomic delights crafted by the renowned chef, Enrico Crippa.

A Visionary Collaboration

The event was hosted at the Iconic Towers in collaboration with Qatar Tourism and Red Bull, emphasizing the towers’ significance as a symbol of Qatar’s excellence in hospitality and entertainment. Christian Hirt, the Managing Director of Raffles and Fairmont Doha, expressed his excitement about the extraordinary event that celebrated talents who defy the impossible, aligning perfectly with the spirit of the hotels.

Katara Hospitality, along with Qatar Tourism and Red Bull, expressed immense pride in this unique activation, which showcased the Iconic Towers as a powerful asset to promote tourism and enhance the destination’s allure. The event exemplifies Qatar’s commitment to fostering a culture of athleticism and providing opportunities for athletes to shine on the global stage.

Slackline World Champion's Iconic Tower Triumph in Qatar

With a growing reputation as a hub for international sporting events, Qatar continues to host a series of thrilling events, attracting athletes and enthusiasts from around the world. The Sparkline walk serves as a testament to Qatar’s dedication to sporting excellence and its role as a global destination for sporting enthusiasts.


Jaan Roose’s record-setting walk at the Iconic Towers in Qatar will undoubtedly be etched in history as a remarkable achievement in the world of slacklining. This extraordinary feat not only showcases the athletic prowess of Jaan Roose but also highlights Qatar’s commitment to hosting exceptional global events. As Qatar continues to attract visitors with its sporting legacy and remarkable hospitality, spectators can look forward to more awe-inspiring experiences and memorable sporting events throughout the year.